Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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J.H.R. = Jupiter Halo Ring

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tori amos = t.a.

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S.U.P. = Sekretarijat Unutrašnjih Poslova
 ((((((((što je nekadašnji naziv za miliciju,
odnosno policiju u doba
"This Graphic is the exact waveform taken by Russian radio astronomers of the signal from HD 164595. Credit: Bursov et al. I just translated the wave form of this graphic from the signal and the intervals are a harmonic as opposed to a distortion. I will make a video of how I did this. Ratio and Frequency remain universal in mathematics as long as resolutions used are very fine. Each wave jump is an interval. I calculated their ratios and converted them to tones. The tone test shows a harmonic between intervals. This is nearly impossible for a random or man made event. If you consider that all modern music scales distort, see video here: and that the Pyramid scale does not distort, whom or whatever sent this signal from space used a harmonic scale. Impossible for humankind at this point to even figure that out.
~ David Sereda 31.08.2016 @facebook
"The Most Pure, Ancient Music Scale tests against the best modern music scales as superior harmonics! Video introduces David Sereda's Meditation and toning course 'Quantum ReGenesis'."
~ 29.01.2016 @David's youtube ch.
:::: The Scale of Life ~ by David Serada ::::

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Everything I Know (entire session 1)

:::: January 20, 1975 ::::

:::: & regarding my video "13 Levels of the unfinished Pyramid + Occult Symbolic Meaning" :::: "The alternative archeologist Klaus Dona discovered many prehistoric ancient artefacts. One of those artefacts is an unfinished pyramid with an eye on the top and it has 13 levels. The eye on the top shines under black light. It is no coincidence that you can find an unfinished pyramid with 13 levels and an eye on the top on the Great Seal of the United States respectively on the one dollar bill of the United States. September 28, 2010 was the day, when I downloaded the Windows Movie Maker and created my very first own video. It is very minimalistic regarding the video effects, because I am a beginner regarding video creation, but I think the message is the more important aspect of this video. I mixed these songs with mixed with NI Traktor in April 2006." --Vladimir Gvozden 28.09.2010 ::::
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"Start, shine and sing their ancient song,
reminding us of where we all belong..."

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A Person from Vojvodina (North Serbia) is
called "Lala" (plural:"Lale") by others in
former Yugoslavia & "Bela" means
"The White One (feminine)"
& Beli is the masculine
form of it.
"Lali bela" (ekavski = srpski) means 
"The White One (feminine) 
to the Lala"
:::: L.A. = Lalibela Africa ::::
:::: Sabali means Patience ::::
Alien Life Form = A.L.F.
Strong signal from outer space catches scientists' attention  @RobertoFerris for CNBC
 Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016
11:01 AM ET 
:::: News ::::

Aliens may have sent a ‘strong message’

from deep in space,

scientists claim


by Andrew Griffin


Scientists hunting for life on other worlds have asked for 'permanent monitoring' of the star, in the hope of other messages
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R.S. ~ A.I.
The Alien Agenda/Agendy