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Feline Magic = F.M. = Frequency Modulation

Magic Dominates the World


Jordan Maxwell

21 Books 

Every Woman Should Read By 35

Because Reading Keeps You Young (Sort Of)

Little Lion + Lioness = L.L.+L. = 36 = M.C.E.O.

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Secret Societies
"Magic Dominates the World was presented at the Ancient Earth Mysteries Conference in 2003 in Nevada. Jordan Maxwell talks about the ancient systems of commerce and theology and how these ancient systems provide the basis for our modern day banking and judical system. Also included is the Bay Area interview, part 2- a frank discussion with Jordan about the symbols, words and terms which gave birth to Nazism, Communism, Fascism and how these same words, terms and symbols are now being used all over the world." -- P.D.

P.D. = Product Description 

P.D. = Police Department

P.D. = Plausible Deniability

Gnostic Themes in Movies Part 2
:::: Month September :::: Year of our Demiurge 2015 ::::
"If art imitates life, then the most popular medium for art these days reveals a civilization that has become increasingly fragmented, out of touch with deeper realities, and struggling to find individuation. Beyond the apparent rise of Gnostic-themed movies, the great cultural films, actors and directors of our era lift a mirror to humanity exposing a desperate struggle to survive in a postmodern world—a paranoia of modern achievements & institutions, and a fear of an empty universe ruled by dark powers. Yet the mirror also hints at the possibility of an alchemical initiation that begins a journey of man’s return to his spiritual source, hidden deep in the wastelands of schizophrenic narratives. From the nihilism of Hitchcock to the existential Logos of The Matrix, from the desolate Kenoma of Western Cinema to the bleak renditions of Johnny Depp, we seek that spark of Gnosis from their Jungian warnings." -- M.C
Astral Guest – Jason Horsley,
Author of
The Secret Life of Movies:
Schizophrenic and Shamanic Journeys in American Cinema.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blood Moon events turn out to be Vatican and Rothschild theatrics

September 29, 2015
Blood Moon events turn out to be Vatican and Rothschild theatrics
Although the big Vatican/Rothschild love-fest at the United Nations is continuing even as this weekly goes out, it is already clear that the hopes for massive changes in how we run this planet have not been realized. What we saw instead was theatrics, the reopening of old wounds and vague promises to do good things by 2030. The biggest insult to the intelligence of people around the world was Chinese President Xi Jinping’s promise to spend $1 billion a year until then on fighting poverty. On a global scale this is less than chickenfeed and amounts to about 0.0003 cents per day for the world’s poorest people. Then there was the agreement announced by so many countries, including China, the United States and Russia, to take action against “global warming.” This made it clear the “global warming” Rothschild faction was on the ascendant and the perpetual “war on terror” Bush/Netanyahu/Neocon faction was losing the cabal power struggle. Another sign the Bush/Neocon/Netanyahu Zionazi faction is losing was the fact Bush/Netanyahu allies such US House Speaker John Boehner and “ISIS tsar” General John Allen were both forced to resign last week. Boehner was told by Pope Francis to resign because he sponsored the trip in March by war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu to speak to the Congress, according to CIA sources. General Allen was forced to quit because he was “cooking intelligence,” “sabotage,” and supporting ISIS with airdrops, according to Pentagon sources. The White Dragon faction supports the removal of these individuals but believes the military industrial complex needs to take much bigger, bolder action on behalf of the people of the planet. Marine General Joseph Dunford was sworn in last week as top military honcho and is expected to give the WDS a big boost in its efforts to take control of the financial system, and thus the world’s future, from inbred families and return it to the people. If the new leadership at the Pentagon takes action against the Federal Reserve Board criminals, they can return $300,000 in stolen funds to each and every man, woman and child in the US and have plenty for the rest of the world too. The WDS will be happy to explain exactly how this can be done. For now though, the most visible and dramatic changes continue to take place in the Midde-East where Israel is being liberated from Zionazi fascist control. Last week war-criminal Israeli leader Benyamin Netanyahu and a delegation of generals went to Russia to seek protection and reassurances. ... Read more @

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

S.S.T.M.2+0+1+5 = Sesame Street Trentemøller Mix 8

Invisible Spiritual Science = I.S.S. = 47 = RADIO
350 Mysterious artifacts found in Ecuador 

and a Pyramid that depicts Orion’s constellation

Serpent Dove Indigo = SDI = 32 = PP = 32 = WI = Wise

Be Wise As Serpents And Harmless As Doves

 – The Story Of The Serpent People And Their Guidance
"In many roles I saw these Lords of Light  
who came to show me the Creation of All.
They asked me to join them in creation 
as I once had before.
I became one with the Light. 
And then I knew ..."
-- Someone Else
Cobra :::: Meditation for Europe Report
Meditation for Europe was a great success. Masses of people have responded very quickly to the call and together we have managed to stabilize the energy in Europe to a great extent. It is interesting to note that response was the greatest in countries most affected with refugee crisis: Germany and Hungary. Although the source of the refugee crisis (the Cabal) has not been removed yet, our vigilance and rapid action can counteract the consequences of their actions to a great extent. Therefore the Light forces have requested that we keep holding the focus and do this meditation daily at the same time (7 pm Central European Summer Time) until the situation is stabilized further.

Those who feel guided to participate can find instructions here: 

Time zone converter for you to find the exact time of the meditation for your location is found at the same link.

Also, there is a very simple technique to strengthen the Goddess vortex in Syria that the Archons are trying to suppress. Simply visualize this piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria/Iraq region, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region:

This piece of Halafian pottery, made 7000 years ago, contains sacred geometry codes that activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from all four directions.

The energies in the second part of September are quite intense and they are triggering suppressed shadow aspects of personalities of people on the surface of the planet. The Light forces have requested that especially within this time frame people work on integrating their personalities and that they do NOT project their shadow side by attacking others, but rather focus on creating something positive. Also, the Light forces are waiting that September 28th mass Ascension / blood Moon tetrad eclipse / asteroid impact / end of the world / NWO inauguration meme collapses as nothing extremely drastic will happen on that day, and then they will give me green light to release quite much substantial intel.

Victory of the Light!

Royal Isis = R.I. = 27 = S.H. = Schwarze Hand

E.Q. = 22 = V
AlbertEinsteinQuote= A.E.Q.=23=W.=Wisdom
23+9+2+0+1+5 = 32+2+0+1+5 = 32+8 = PP+8 = SM+8 = XP
2+3+9+2+0+1+5 = 14+2+0+1+5 = 14+8 = V
XP+V = 62 = MASON

Mikael Simpson

:::: Dubby Lennon ::::

:::: Trentemøller Edit :::: #‎J‬*#L ::::

2015 Trentemøller Mix for ElectronicBeatsRadio

9 = 3+3+3 = C.C.C. = ChaosComputerClub  

 :::: 8 :::: = :::: 2+0+1+5 :::: = :::: 8 ::::

1. Bruce Springsteen "State Trooper" (Trentemøller Unofficial Remix)
2. Crash Course In Science "Flying Turns" (Trentemøller Mix Edit) From Jupiter
3. Suicide "Girl" Red Star
4. We Fell to Earth "Lights Out" In Stereo
5. Trentemøller "Sycamore Feeling" (Trentemøller Remix) In My Room
6. & ... & ... & ...
+ Singapore Sling "Overdriver " Hitt
+ Beck "Black Tamborine" Interscope
+ Rolling Stones "Get Off My Cloud" Decca
+ Lars and the Hands of Light "Me Me Me" (Trentemøller Remix) Crunchy Frog
+ Vampire Hands "Safe Word" Peppermint Coffins & Modern Radio
+ Angelo Badalamenti "The Pink Room" Warner Bros.
+ Black Angels "Science Killer" Light In The Attic
+ & ... & ... & ...

& b.t.w.: I'm a big BIG BIG Trentemøller fan since 2005

& I have many of his records 

& remixes 

& I've seen his live show in 2005 here in Hanover :D

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“Health is the greatest gift,
contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.”
– Buddha

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