Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bombing of Coptic Church in Egypt

"This week’s blog may be appropriate for Galactic warriors and gridworkers who have been clearing and transiting out dead light and demonic entities from the planetary black magic fields that have been conjured in black magic ritual. If you are feeling weakened and exhausted by recent influx of chaotic energies, please avoid immersing yourself in this content. This week take a break because we are discussing black magic systems and demonic energies. For those working with transmuting these dark forces, during these times of great transition and chaos it may be helpful to have a greater understanding of how black magic ritual is designed to run feedback loops on reversal energy that is generated within the collective consciousness, and how these feedback loops imprint the nervous system and brain of the masses to amplify these distortions to run throughout the anti-life networks that are placed in the planetary body. There are many energy harvesting stations that have been placed in the planetary body in order to siphon human and planetary energy in a variety of ways. These harvesting structures are undergoing massive collapse or reconfiguration, therefore this adds to the forces of chaos and disruption in the planetary field when these networks are demolished or moved into another grouping or timeline. Many of these harvesting networks are set up to be encrypted with occult based ritual practices, that have been infested with negative forms and demonic essences to which the ritualist is either unable to discern its energetic quality or is conjuring black forces for material power and control. This is a difficult topic to summarize, however for a greater comprehension of how extremely depraved actions like pedophilia and rampant sexual abuse are supported in the black force feedback loops within the black magic grid, we need to bring up the Thothian grid network and the Qlippoth that power up the Black Tree of Life.
As the Thothian network is collapsing ..."

Syrian Christian leader tells West: 'Stop arming terror groups who are massacring our people'

Alternative historian and author, Michael Tsarion is an expert on the occult history of Ireland and America. Born in Ireland, he has researched mythologies of the world, as well as his own country's magnificent and mysterious Druidic history. Michael's work considers the consequences to civilization of extraterrestrial involvement and answers many of the quandaries that have puzzled other "visitation" experts. It clarifies the disinformation about Atlantis and the lost continents of pre-history and it shows that the orchestrated chaos of today's world has roots in ancient times. Looking ahead, Michael offers profound solutions for the future.

Ayn Rand @Unslaved Podcast pt.1&2

Day is over, night has come. 
Today is gone, what's done is done. 
Embrace your dreams, through the night, 
Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

The Multicplicity of Reality in a

Quantum-Based Consciousness

Aus Wut über Donald TrumpHacker stellen NSA-Daten über Spionagemethoden ins Netz

Die "Shadow Brokers" haben sich zurückgemeldet. Unzufrieden mit der Politik von Donald Trump machen die unbekannten Hacker NSA-Daten publik, die Einblicke in die Arbeitsweise des Geheimdienstes geben.  9. April 2017 um 12:51 Uhr


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