Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Ochelli Effect: J. Maxwell & B. Fulford

Jordan Maxwell Exposes his 
detractors along with other darkness
:::: The Ochelli Effect @ April 6, 2017 :::: 
Benjamin Fulford On David Rockefeller's
 Passing & the Power Vacuum Created. 
The Ochelli Effect @ April 6, 2017

BRICS Issues Joint Statement:

Illegal Military Intervention in Syria Is Unacceptable

The Meaning & History of Taoism

Peace Meditation Report

How Did the Gnostics View the Crucifixion of Jesus?

@ April 13, 2017 by Miguel Conner

Physicists Have Found A Metal That

Conducts Electricity But Not Heat

Directed by Sacha Barbin 

Cinematography by Simon Noizat 

© Beats in Space Records

Trentemøller: ‘Complicated‘ Live in Berlin


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