Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned To Spring Equinox

"In books I have traveled, 
not only to other worlds, 
but into my own."
-- Anna Quindlen
Ancient Sacred Sites 
Aligned To Spring Equinox

Unslaved Podcast: Ayn Rand, The Truth (Selfhood Explored)
Episode 19, Hour 1
The difference between Selfhood & Ego, 

Narcissism & Self-Esteem, Self-Murder & Self-Love.
Who was Ayn Rand and what did she teach?

"The highest purpose of your life is to be
yourself to the best of your ability 
and live each moment 
as fully as possible."
-- Bashar
That's me, Vladimir Gvozden 13.04.2012
More information about me 
& how I see the world, 
you will find at the
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