Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jacques de Molay & The 18th March 1314

On This Day In History: 
Knights Templars’ Jacques de Molay 
Burned At The Stake On 
18th March 1314

... & now some personal stuff: I live in my tent in the woods near the Vättern lake right now. The Vättern is the second largest lake in Sweden & it is too cold to take a bath in it. At least for me & at least in March when it is 1 degree Celsius outside. The official camping site in Varamon opens in May & it's a fucked up situation for me, because a Hotel would be too expensive & only at a real camping site you can take a shower & wash your stuff. Damn, I have to wait until April & then some money will arrive. I am sitting in the "Espresso House" in Motala right now, because someone told me that they have free WiFi. Snow is falling right now at 16:50 and they will close at 17:00 o'clock, but it was good to check the internet for the first time after 3 days.
Vladimir Gvozden
18.3.2017, Motala, Sweden.


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