Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Peacock Society

"Time passes in moments ... moments which, rushing past define the path of a life just as surely as they lead towards its end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path, to see the reasons why all things happen, to consider whether the path we take in life is our own making or simply one into which we drift with eyes closed. But what if we could stop, pause to take stock of each precious moment before it passes? Might we then see the endless forks in the road that have shaped a life? And, seeing those choices, choose another path?
-- FBI special agent Scully @ The X-Files
One Goddess Vortex = O.G.V. = V.V.
M.G.V. (Many Goddess Vortices):
These beautiful peacock feathers 
look like symbols for 
I read the G.V. (German Version) 
of this book in spring 2008.
It's fantastic & I highly 
recommend it.
Controversial 'Heretic King'
Of Egypt Who Believed In One God
Mays Fünf-Fronten-Kampf beginnt
Das schottische Parlament hat sich für
 eine neue Volksabstimmung über die
 Unabhängigkeit von Großbritannien

Supermassive black holes 

give birth to stars, 



Mysterious Triangle “UFO” Monitored Nuclear Facility, Newly Released Documents Show
Âme - Live @ The Peacock Society 2017
:::: 13 Levels of the unfinished Pyramid ::::
:::: Occult Symbolic Meaning ::::
That's a short video that I created & uploaded on 28th September 2010. You will find more information about my perspective on the world we live in at the following link:

They Lie About Everything
uploaded @ David Icke's Youtube channel today
US Air Force Officials
  Investigate Claims of  
Secret Navy Space Program
Officials from a highly classified U.S. Air Force space program that operates a space surveillance system around the Earth, are seriously investigating whistleblower claims, especially those stating that the U.S. Navy has secretly developed a parallel space program with kilometers-long craft belonging to eight battle groups capable of deep space operations.

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