Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Animal Liberation Front = A.L.F.

"Reclaim experience!
Do not dwell in the mistakes of the past.
Do not lose yourself in the castles of the future
and do not give your authenticity away
to experts, gurus, government commissions,
bosses, wives, mates –
take back your mind and your body
and begin to engage with the fact that you are alive,
you are going to die,
nobody knows what being alive is
and nobody knows what dying is.
You’re involved in a mysterious engagement
where every living moment presents you with
mystery, opportunity and wonder.
There is no mundane dimension, really.
If you have the eyes to see it, it’s all transcendental.
Every object, a leaf, a bird, a pebble,
everything leads back to the basic questions.
Everything is the stone.
The stone is present.
It’s a matter of you being present for the stone."
~ Terence McKenna ~

It is 
that behind 
the perception 
of our senses, 
worlds are hidden 
of which we are unaware.”
Albert Einstein

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