Saturday, February 11, 2017

C.G.Jung on Redemption & The Alchemist

:::: Steve Quayle's Antarctica Videos ::::
What's Going On In Antarctica?

5-Meter Tall Human Skeleton
Unearthed in Australia

Germany Gets the 'Wrong Suitcase' While Repatriating Its Gold Reserves From US

11.2.2017 @ 

Here’s What Happens When You Give Psychedelic Drugs To Spiritual Leaders

Researchers are working with religious teachers to better understand the healing potential of hallucinogens. 

The True Science of Parallel Universes


Scientists state parallel worlds EXIST

and even interact with our World

Tesla’s Battery Revolution
Just Reached Critical Mass

Three new plants in California show how
 lithium-ion storage is ready to power the grid.
25+ Extremely Beautiful Minerals And Stones
Oliver Koletzki meets 
HR Sinfonie Orchester
Mückenschwarm Live
#Drina is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the Balkans, maybe even in #Europe. It is 346 km long and it's the longest tributary of the #Sava River. Besides for its outstanding beauty, the river Drina became world famous thanks to the Nobel Prize for Literature winner Ivo Andrić and his book "The Bridge on the Drina". 

:::: How To Make Fire With A LEMON ::::

Divi-Divi-Baum (Caesalpinia coriaria)
Aruba liegt außerhalb der Orkanzone und genießt ganzjährig Sonnenwetter und kühlende Passatwinde. Die Landschaft erhält durch die üppigen Kakteen, Aloepflanzen und die unverwechselbaren Silhouetten der Divi-Divi-Bäume (Caesalpinia coriaria) einen besonderen Reiz. 

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