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I.T. = Interdimensional Transmissions

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

-- Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
Extended 12" Version
Interdimensional Transmissions 1998
Scientist meets the Space Invaders 1981
Massive Attack feat. Tracey Thorn
:::: Protection ::::
:::: 1994 ::::
massive attack v mad Professor
:::: Wild Bunch Records 1995 ::::

Global Warming + CO2 tax

Rhombic tricontahedron
and golden rhombi: All of 
the faces of the rhombic 
triacontahedron are 
golden rhombi.
Icosahedron with
3 golden rectangles.

In geometry, a golden rectangle is a rectangle whose side lengths are in the golden ratio.
The drawing of a man's body in a pentagram suggests relationships to the golden ratio.
Many of the proportions of the Parthenon are alleged to exhibit the golden ratio.
Michael Maestlin, first to publish a decimal approximation of the golden ratio, in 1597.

Applied Mathematics 
& Electronic Music Equipment Engineering

Doepfer DIY Analog Synthesizer Kit

The DIY synth is a low cost DIY kit to build a full-fledged analog synthesizer. The kit is made of an assembled and tested pc board that includes all that is necessary to build a standard analog synthesizer: 


  • Sawtooth output
  • Rectangle output (with variable pulse width)
  • Four frequency CV inputs (1V/octave with tempco option)
  • Frequency CV summing input (can be used to increase the number of CV inputs if more than four frequency CV inputs are required)
  • Two PW/PWM CV inputs
  • PW CV summing input (can be used to increase the number of CV inputs if more than two PW CV inputs are required)
  • Linear FM input
  • Hard sync input


  • Multimode filter
  • lowpass, highpass and bandpass output (optional low-notch-highpass with external potentiometer)
  • 12dB/oct
  • Two frequency CV inputs (one roughly 1V/octave, one roughly 0.5V/octave)
  • Frequency CV summing input (can be used to increase the number of CV inputs if more than two frequency CV inputs are required)
  • Audio input
  • Audio summing input (can be used if more than one audio input is required)
  • Overdrive/distortion possible
  • Manual resonance control
  • Resonance up to self oscillation


  • Exponential control scale
  • One CV input
  • CV summing input (can be used  if more than one CV input is required)
  • Two audio inputs
  • Audio summing input (can be used if more than two audio inputs are required)
  • Overdrive/distortion possible
  • Audio output


  • Connection for attack, decay, sustain and release controls
  • Connection for range switch (3 ranges)
  • Connection for LED display  
  • Gate Input
  • ADSR output


  • Connection for frequency control
  • Connection for range switch (3 ranges)
  • Connection for LED display
  • Triangle and rectangle outputs

Slew Limiter:

  • Connection for slew control
  • Input
  • Output


  • Input  
  • Summing input (can be used to increase the number of inputs, e.g. to built an inverting mixer)
  • Output  

Remark: The summing inputs (VCO frequency CV sum, VCO PW CV sum, VCF frequency CV sum, VCF audio sum, VCA CV sum, VCA audio sum) can be used to increase the number of CV or audio inputs if the available number of inputs is not sufficient. The additional inputs have to be connected to the sum input in question via serial resistors. The value of the resistor in question defines the sensitivity of the corresponding CV or audio input. Additionally required resistors are not included with the kit !

How To Build A DIY MIDI Controller (2015 Edition)
Doepfer Dark Time Red/Blue

openSUSE Leap 42.2 Box
Handbuch + DVD + Extras

Cecilia is an audio signal processing software that allows users to do sound exploration and music composition, and it is intended for use by sound designers. It can run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Cecilia allows you to create a customized GUI by following a simple syntax. Cecilia has in-built modules that allow users to add sound effects and also for synthesis.
Ajax Sound Studio (ASS)
Open Sound Control (OSC)
is a protocol for networking sound synthesizers, computers, and other multimedia devices for purposes such as musical performance or show control. OSC's advantages include interoperability, accuracy, flexibility and enhanced organization and documentation.

The BeagleBone is a low-cost, high-expansion board from the BeagleBoard product line. It uses the TI AM3358/9 SoC based on an ARM Cortex-A8 processor core using the ARMv7-A architecture. It is similar in purpose to earlier BeagleBoards, and can be used either standalone or as a USB or Ethernet-connected expansion for a BeagleBoard or any other system. The BeagleBone is small even by BeagleBoard standards yet still provides much of the performance and capabilities of the larger BeagleBoards.

  • Bela is an embedded system for real-time audio processing with ultra-low latency. Based on the BeagleBone Black single-board computer and featuring a custom hardware and software environment, Bela integrates audio processing and sensor connectivity in a single high-performance package.
    Bela is an ideal platform for musicians, instrument designers, audio enthusiasts and interactive artists.
    Bela was designed for audio hardware projects, but it doesn't stop there. Bela is ideal for any project that requires ultra-fast processing of multiple streams of data for maximum responsiveness. Bela is the core of many electronic musical instruments, but has also been used for kinetic sculpture, interactive installations, even a game played in an analogue oscilloscope. 
  • Read more @

M-80 midicontroller
for Roland MKS-80. 
The MPG-80 alternative.
Exploring the Commodore MOS Technology 
8580R5 / 6581 Sound Interface Devices

How to Refactor Code in Python:
A Beginner's Guide

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