Friday, December 16, 2016

The Sorcerer Supreme = T.S.S. = S.C.I.E.N.C.E. = E.M.E.R.A.L.D.

:::: 16th December 1773 ::::
:::: The Boston Tea Party ::::

Get Ready for a Gold-Backed

Cabal-Free Global

Financial System

:::: 15.12.2016 @ ::::
An alliance has been created to legally take down the 
central banking cabal and create a new gold-backed 
global financial system to transform the world using 
the global collateral accounts.
"I have been a seeker and still am, 
but I stopped asking books and the stars. 
I started listening to the teaching of my soul."
~ Rumi ~
Dr. Steven M. Greer
:::: The Cosmic False Flag ::::
:::: November 13th 2016 :::: Full Film ::::
What Will Be Covered: What technologies have been developed since the 1940s that enable para-military Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) to affect consciousness, stage false Alien events and plant the seeds of fear to justify a scripted Armageddon. How man-made UFOs, hollywood-style staging and very advanced electronic warfare systems enable USAPs to stage abductions, mutilations and other false-flag events - and how these have conditioned and prepared the world through the fear of Aliens for the coming hoax of an official Alien Threat New Official Air Force whistle-blower testimony confirms the false flag plan and the intent to achieve it The emergence by 1956 of advanced electronic warfare technologies that affect consciousness- and how these pscho-tronics can give the target (victim) ANY experience that is scripted What you need to know to differentiate between the hoaxed versus actual ET presence.

Ein Vernichtungskrieg mitten in Deutschland – Jetzt geht es ums Ganze!
David Wilcock & Corey Goode :::: Endgame II
The Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins/ Cabal Rescue Plan
:::: Part 1 & Part 2 ::::
Allegory of the Nile 80x80cm
acrylic on canvas #HeliopolisSalon
Sonnenstadt Heliopolis 
:::: Heliopolis ::::
altgriechisch Ἡλιούπολις 
war bereits seit dem frühen Alten Reich eine altägyptische Stadt in Unterägypten nordöstlich des heutigen Kairo, in welcher der bedeutende Atum- und Re-Harachte-Tempel sowie das „Haus des Benu“ stand. Als „Herr von Heliopolis“ wurde der Schöpfungsgott Hu verehrt. Aus dem Pyramidentext 477 geht hervor, dass im Fürstenhaus von Heliopolis gemäß dem Osirismythos jene mythologische Gerichtsverhandlung stattfand, in der Seth des Mordes an Osiris angeklagt und von den göttlichen Richtern für schuldig befunden wurde. Heliopolis ist heute ein Ruinenfeld und eine archäologische Ausgrabungsstätte.

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