Sunday, December 25, 2016

E.J.S.1 & M.Tablet & #KA171 & Olin From Iceland @gNILgEig & Science Alert Scenes 3&8&...

Elektron Jam Session 1:
Analog Four, Octatrack,
Machinedrum & Monomachine
M. Tablet = Met. Tab. = Metal T.
This Metal Tablet has
spurred extreme controversy. 
"Will we ever know what it says?" -- A.E.
:::: giEgLINg = gNILgEig ::::
Der Nil ::::
arabisch النيل / an-Nīl ::::
von altgriechisch Νεῖλος / Neilos ::::
latinisiert Nilus + altägyptisch Iteru / Gery ::::
koptisch Piaro / Phiaro :::: ist ein Strom in Afrika. ::::

Heiko Laux :::: Haulin' Ass
#KA171 7th April 2016
A1 :::: An Elephant In The Silverbox
A2 :::: Haulin' Ass
A3 :::: Lil 7
B1 :::: Onyx
Olin ~ From Iceland #GieglingApril2016

6 more mysterious 

radio signals have been detected coming from outside our galaxy

They're all coming from 
the one place.

Donald Trump selects Elon Musk
to serve as strategic advisor
15.12.2016 by Katie Medlock
Xmas A. Q8 C.D. 2017
& A. Q6 E-T. 2018 &
M.B. Gen.EQ 2019.
"I did not design this game; 
I did not name the stakes. 
I just happen to like apples;
and I am not afraid of snakes." 
— Ani DiFranco

Yes, I know it's Xmas & a reason
 to celebrate Love & Family &...
...& iLove cars from Germany :D
Audi Q8 Concept Detroit 2017:

Audi Q6 E-Tron (2018):
Elektro-Automobil von
Generation EQ
Audi Q8 Concept Detroit 2017.
Das sind die ersten offiziellen
Design-Skizzen vom Audi Q8.

Der Dritte Raum
Live in Kassel 15.05.1996
@Stammheim/Aufschwung Ost

The disaster of the 

Russian military Tu-154 

– a few short first thoughts

:::: 25.12.2016 ::::

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