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The Domino Effect & Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio & The Demiurge
:::: Kompakt Total 7 Track 23 ::::

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer = W. D. 2 T.
Cinematic Reveal  = C.R. ~ #E3 2016 [US]
E.B.M. = Egyptian Bes Mask
C.E. = Cryptex Error
Veröffentlicht am 1. Aug. 2012 @StreamL1neV5 #YouTube channel
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English Anger / Deutsch Wut / Srpski Bes

John Trudell's Thanks Giving Speech 1980 
:::: J.Trudell Take back the Earth ::::
Black Elk (Heȟáka Sápa) was/is/will be
a famous wičháša wakȟáŋ
(medicine man & holy man)
of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux).
He was a cousin of
Crazy Horse:

:::: Lovers of Nature ::::
~ The Lakota loved the Earth
and all things of
the Earth ~
Lovers of the Soil they sat or reclined on the ground
with a feeling of being close to a Mothering Power.
This is why Old Ones still sit upon the Earth instead of
propping themselves up and away from Earth's
life-giving forces.
To sit or lie upon the ground, for them, is to be able
to think more deeply and to feel more keenly;
to see more clearly into the mysteries of life and
come closer in kinship to other lives about them.
Kinship with all creatures of the Earth, Sky and Water ~
a real and active principle in true brotherhood.
Oglala Lakota ~ Chief Standing Bear
Artist: R C Gorman, 'Reunion'
E.T.+H. = Explosion Tree+Hands
Cryptosophical Cryptexmoon Matrix Laboratory
:::: M.D.som ::::
:::: by CrYpTeX ::::
:::: B.I.S.hop #BONbon presents ::::
:::: The Glitch Hop Community ::::
Moonday 5.12. Laboratory = M. 17. Lab.

Math Works = M.W. = M.C.E.O.
Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order
MATrix LABratory
The Language of Technical Computing

:::: F.A.Q. >>>> W.I.A.M.? = What Is A Matrix? :::: 
"A Matrix is a mathematical calculation model to describe systematically determined dynamic and/or static Vectors. Vectors are SpaceTime PointDescribers/Pointers of MatterWaveRealities and/or other Theoretical Systems. Multidimensional VectorSystems respectively Matrices help Engineers & Physicists & Mathematicians & other Scientists to describe the Nature of
(E.F.)ElectromagneticFields & 
(Q.E.D.)QuantumElectroDynamics & 
(T.G.F.P.)TheoreticalGavitationFieldPhysics of our 
(H.M.)HolographicMultiverse &...&...&... 
... - 
Matrices are also very often used by 
SoftwareEngineers & 
ComputerScientists & 
InformationTechnologyExperts & 
in many areas of Science+Engineering in general."
~ Vladimir Gvozden + Summer 2015 ~
Das Labor für Regelungstechnik der HsH 
(früher: FHHhat/hatte 
8 verschiedene Versuchsanordnungen
Das  MATLAB Programm, welches während meiner Diplomarbeit 2007 entstanden ist wird/wurde, soweit mir bekannt ist, seit dem Wintersemester 2007/2008 in 3 der 8 verschiedenen Versuchsanordnungen eingesetzt, da diese 3 Versuche die gleichen National Instuments PCI-Messwerterfassungskarten im Einsatz haben/hatten, die codekompatibel zu MATLAB sind. 

Das Thema meiner Diplomarbeit 

mit Kolloquium am 

8.8.2007 war:

:::: PC gestütze Messwerterfassung

und -auswertung mit MATLAB ::::

Nachrichten- und Kommunikationstechnik Wahlpflichtfächer:

1.) Analyse digitaler Signale  (Mathematisch Analytische DSV)
2.) Digitale Filter (D.F. wurde später umbenannt in 'Digitaltechnik')
3.) Rhetorik und Präsentationstechnik (R. u. P.)
4.) Laboratorium Elektrische Messtechnik (III)

Pflichtfächer im Nachrichtentechnik (NT) Hauptstudium (HS):

1.) Theoretische Elektrotechnik (T.E. bzw. THE)
2.) Kommunikationstechnik (I & II)
3.) Hochfrequenztechnik (I & II)
4.) Industrieelektronik (I & II)
5.) Mikroprozessortechnik (CPU Hardwaretechnik)
6.) Elektrische Messtechnik (II)
7.) Regelungstechnik (I)
8.) Softwaretechnik (Intel 8086er CPU Assembler)
9.) Digitale Signalverarbeitung (DSV)
10.) Kommunikationssysteme (Theoretische NT)
11.) Betriebswirtschaftslehre (BWL)
12.) Laboratorien
Kommunikationstechnik (I & II & III), 
Elektrische Messtechnik (II), 
Digitale Signalverarbeitung.

EEIT Diplomvorprüfung im Grundstudium (GS):

1.) Höhere Mathematik (I & II & II)
2.) Physik  (I & II & II)
3.) Elektrotechnische Grundlagen (I & II & II) 
4.) Werkstofftechnologie (I & II & III)
5.) Bauelemente der Elektrotechnik 
6.) Konstruktion und Mechanik (I & II & III) 
7.) Grundlagen der Informationstechnik (I & II & III) 
8.) Elektrische Messtechnik (I) 
9.) Laboratorien: Physik & Elektrische Messtechnik (I)

:::: Praktikum im Rahmen der Diplomvorprüfung :::: 

01.09.2003 bis 29.02.2004 bei VW Nutzfahrzeuge in Hannover im Bereich Fabrikinstandhaltung :::: Aufgabengebiet >>>> Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme eines Prüfstandes für Schraubsysteme + Anbindung der Schraubsysteme an eine SPS-Steuerung über Interbus + Installation eines Parametrier-PCs und eines Datenservers + Installation eines PC-Netzwerkes + ... 

:::: Das Praktikum im Rahmen des Hauptstudiums :::: 28.02.2005 bis 31.08.2005 bei ContiTech Luftfedersysteme in Hannover im Bereich Forschung und Entwicklung :::: Aufgabengebiet >>>> Programmierung/Erstellung einer Steuersoftware mit LabVIEW +  Inbetriebnahme der Steuerelektronik an einem Dichtheitsprüfstand für Luftfedersysteme + Entwickeln/Erstellen(Löten) einer elektronischen Schaltung für die Steuerelektronik des Dichtheitsprüfstandes + ... ::::

:::: In beiden Zeugnisen (VW Nutzfahrzeuge & ContiTech Luftfedersysteme) wurden mir gute Fachkenntnisse und hohe soziale Kompetenz mit  vorbildlichem Verhalten gegenüber Mitarbeitern und Vorgesetzten bescheinigt :) ::::
Independence Day Mix 2015
:::: Sven Väth @BBC Radio1 Essential Mix on July 4, 2015 ::::
1. Minilogue - Atoms With Curiosity That Looks At Itself And Wonder Why It Wonders
2. Guido Schneider & André Galluzzi - Mario 
3. UNER - Monamen 
4. Dana Ruh - If You Don't Know A Name 
5. Sascha Dive - Werewolf 
6. Traumer - Kiraf
7. Boys Noize - Adonis
8. Ilario Alicante - Thera (Steve Rachmad Remix)
9. Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut - Intuition
10. Tom Demac - Axel Foley 
11. Phil Kieran - Wasps Under My Toyboat (Planetary Assault System Remix) 
12. Alex Bau - On Synth 
13. Daniel Stefanik - Acid Track 
14. Dast - Paranormal Effect 
15. Alan Fitzpatrick - Truant 
16. Gregor Tresher - About A Good Place 
17. Sven Väth - Ritual Of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix) 
18. Luca Ballerini - Impressions Of A Dawn (Alba In 4/4)
19. Tim Green - Eclipse
:::: T.D.E. = The Domino Effect ::::

Benjamin Fulford Update 

December 5, 2016


The dominoes keep falling, Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy down, Xi, Putin, Abe and Merkel now targeted

"Despite strenuous efforts by the Rothschilds and the bloodline families, the Khazarian mafia dominoes keep falling one by one. The resignations or announced resignations of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President Francois Hollande, European Parliament President Martin Shulz, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and the defeat of Khazarian drug dealing gangster Nicolas Sarkozy are the latest falling dominoes.
There is now a major campaign unfolding to remove remaining senior Rothschild agents like the so-called “Vladimir Putin” of Russia (the real Putin died long ago), Chinese strongman Xi Jinping, Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Hitler daughter Angela Merkel in Germany, according to multiple sources in China, Russia, the US, Japan and elsewhere.
The shockwaves caused by the fall of Italy’s Renzi will be the biggest for now, because it paves the way for the election of a Five Star Movement government that promises to leave the Euro. There will be a “world of hurt” in the Italian banking system as a result that will only speed up either the re-introduction of the Italian Lira or else lead to the possible creation of a new Mediterranean currency, P2 Freemason sources say. A Mediterranean currency would co-exist with a revived Deutschemark that would take over the rump of the Euro in Northern Europe, the sources say.
The Rothschilds and the bloodlines are fighting back hard and are pulling all the stops they can to try to prevent US President Elect Donald Trump from taking power with their big push for vote recounts in the US, sources in the US Green party, the Rothschild family and CIA all agree. The push is headed for “a hard and fast 13 December deadline mandated by Title 3, U.S. Code, Section 5 that each of the individual American States must have concluded all controversies related to their voting and submit their Electors for the 19 December Electoral Collage vote to install that nations’ next leader,” CIA sources say.
This push will fail because the bloodlines do not have any real backing in either the US military or the agencies, Pentagon and CIA a sources say.
The white hats in the military and the agencies are fighting back with a major push to expose very real pedophilia and human sacrifice being carried out by the bloodline families.
An insider in one of the bloodline families sent a horrific photograph of a cannibalistic event. This writer hesitated to publish the photo, which was sent shortly after Thanksgiving but, decided to do so in order for people to understand what we are fighting against. The picture will be made available to subscribers only for now and can be seen below
(HORRIFIC PHOTO – Cooked Human Body on a Kitchen Table, with live children tied up to a chair) 
The photograph is real as far as I can tell. Notice, for example the white cloth or paper around the fingers, they seem to be there so that people have something to hold on to as they rip them off. Also, notice the tied up children, who are most likely designated as “desert.” We are sworn to avenge this woman and her many fellow victims.
Former Khazarian sex slaves in Europe are also sending us credible evidence of hunting of 14 and 16 year old boys and girls by members of the European royalty.
This is what a CIA source with extensive knowledge of the situation had to say;
“It’s about time this so called pizza-gate and the global underground pedophile rings are being exposed. It has been going on secretly since the late 50’s early 60’s in America in the entertainment industry. Most likely before then as well…the main reason Walt Disney built Disneyland, finished in 1955, was to have a central location for his close friends to come pick up children and have a good time. Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, even the Shah of Iran made visits to his children’s fantasy playground to enjoy more than just a walk in the park. Walt Disney was a well know pedophile amongst his inner circle of friends. Do you know how many children go missing every year at Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo? This is a part of the global children trafficking cartel. Then there was the Mickey Mouse Club TV series which started in 1955, with the famous Mouseketeers. That is a whole different story in itself”."

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