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Pioneer 10 Spacecraft & Intel 4004 CPU & R.A. = A.R. = Anthony Rother & D.J. Hell & Siddhartha Gautama & L.I.O.N. = O.W.L. = Y.Y. = Yunasai Yews & Russischer Orden des Heiligen Georg & Georgskreuz

“He who has let go of hatred

who treats all beings with kindness
and compassion, who is always serene,
unmoved by pain or pleasure,
free of the "I" and "mine,"
self-controlled, firm and patient,
his whole mind focused on me ---
that is the man I love best.” 

:::: Saturday 3.12.2016 ::::
:::: EEIT History Lesson ::::
1971: Intel 4004 (4-bit CPU) 
The very first microprocessor 
on the public market was originally 
designed  for use in a Busicom scientific calculator,
but Intel engineers realized very soon that the design of the chip afforded a multi-purpose use too - thus the microprocessor was born. The 4004 contains 2300 transistors with 10 micrometer t.t. (transistor technology = t.t.). The Intel 4004 found widespread use, including being used on the Pioneer 10 Spacecraft launched in 1972. The Intel 4004 CPU was the first commercially available single-chip microprocessor in history. The  4-bit CPU was designed for usage in calculators, or, as we say now, designed for 
"E.A. = Embedded Applications". WTC7
Clocked at 740 kHz, the 4004 executed 
up to 92,000 single word instructions per second WTC2
& could access 4 KB of program memory WTC1
& 640 bytes of RAM. 

:::: p.s. = post scriptum ::::
If you are interested in this topic you can find
more information on the Intel 4004 wikipedia page
+Melchizedek+Cl.+Emerald Or.
Siddhartha Gautama

in Sanskrit Siddhārtha Gautama सिद्धार्थ गौतम 
bzw. in Pali Siddhattha Gotama
laut der (umstrittenen) korrigierten langen 
Chronologie geboren 563 v. Chr. in LumbiniNepal 
gestorben 483 v. Chr. in KushinagarIndien
 lehrte als Buddha (wörtlich der Erwachte siehe Bodhi
den Dharma (wörtlich die Lehre
und wurde als solcher der 

:::: Y.Y. = Yunasai Yews ::::
"The Root of All Religions"
~ Jordan Maxwell ~

"Beneath the Orthodox narratives lies the true identity of Jesus Christ. In reality, he was a Samaritan magician who brought a mystical dispensation that made humans divine on earth. His name was Simon Magus. This revelation is supported by the Gnostic texts that also expose the arcane rituals of a movement possibly originating with John the Baptist—and as well supported by historical records such as the writings of Josephus and others. We mine the New Testament, Nag Hammadi library and edited history to find the life and fate of a spiritual Messiah. And why Simon’s message was so radical the Jews, Christians and Romans of his time had to censor and instead give the world a sanitized savior for crowd control."
~ M.C. = Miguel Conner ~

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