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#humint+#osint & Kompakt CD52+北海道 Nordmeerbezirk & Massive Alien Fleets seen by NASA satellites orbiting the Sun & Hexagon@KA167 & The Elephant House &...

Season 6, Episode 16
:::: human intelligence #humint ::::
open source intelligence #osint
Kompakt CD 52 ~ Total 7 *Various ‎Artists
2 × CD Compilation
21. August 2006 *Germany
Electronic, Techno, Minimal, Tech House
1-01 – Kontrast -- Grey Skies To Blue 7:07
1-02 – Triola -- Leuchtturm (Wighnomys Polarzipper Remix) Remix – Wighnomys* 5:34
1-03 – Gui Boratto -- Arquipélago 6:08
1-04 – Justus Köhncke -- Love And Dancing 6:50
1-05 – Thomas* / Mayer* -- Sweet Harmony 7:24
1-06 – The Modernist -- Pearly Spencer 4:06
1-07 – SCSI-9 -- When She Said Goodbye 6:43
1-08 – Superpitcher -- Tonite 7:46
1-09 – DJ Koze -- Getreide-Phunk 6:29
1-10 – Wighnomy Bros.* -- Wombat 6:10
1-11 – Mikkel Metal -- Ulyt 5:39
1-12 – The Rice Twins -- For Penny And Alexis 4:38

2-01 – Gui Boratto -- Like You (Supermayer Mix) Remix – SuperMayer & Vocals – Luciana Villanova 7:38
2-02 – Wassermann -- In Tyrannis 2006 4:14
2-03 – Robert Babicz -- Sonntag 6:44
2-04 – Steadycam -- Knock-Kneed 7:13
2-05 – Jürgen Paape -- Take That 4:40
2-06 – Hug -- The Happy Monster 6:09
2-07 – Axel Bartsch -- Redlight 7:18
2-08 – Reinhard Voigt -- Tranceformation 5:31
2-09 – Thomas Fehlmann -- Saft 4:58
2-10 – The Field -- Over The Ice 6:55
2-11 – Oxia -- Domino 7:15
2-12 – Jonas Bering -- Melanie 5:08

Massive Alien Fleets seen

by NASA satellites

orbiting the Sun

Michael Tsarion :::: Revelations

Sapporo (japanisch 札幌市-shi, aus Ainu sat poro (pet), dt. „trockener, großer (Fluss)“) ist mit 1,9 Millionen Einwohnern die größte Stadt von Hokkaidō, der nördlichsten der vier japanischen Hauptinseln. Sapporo ist der Verwaltungssitz der Präfektur Hokkaidō sowie der Unterpräfektur Ishikari. :::: :::: Hokkaidō (japanisch 北海道 ‚Nordmeerbezirk‘ bzw. entsprechend einer englischen Richtlinie des Vermessungsamtes als Hokkai[-]dō ‚Präfektur Hokkai‘/‚Nordmeerpräfektur‘) ist die mit Abstand flächengrößte Präfektur Japans, die hauptsächlich aus der gleichnamigen Insel besteht, nach Honshū die zweitgrößte Insel Japans. Deckungsgleich mit der Präfektur bezeichnet Hokkaidō auch eine Region in Japan. Die größte Stadt und zugleich Sitz der Präfekturverwaltung ist Sapporo. Hokkaidō zählte Ende 2005 etwa 5,7 Millionen Einwohner, darunter etwa 25.000 der indigenen Minderheit der Ainu. Bei den Ainu heißt die Insel Aynu Mosir (アィヌ・モシㇼ ‚Land der Ainu/Menschen‘). Die in Hokkaidō geborenen Japaner nennen sich Dosanko (道産子, dt. etwa In Hokkaidō geborenes Kind).

Light Mandalas tools, emit sacred geometric fields of coherent light through the

crystal lattice structure, producing uniquely resonating

bio-compatible photonic fields.

Pleiadian Technologies
:::: Heiko Laux 
Kanzleramt #KA167
:::: 2 × Vinyl 12" Album 
December 2014 Germany
:::: E.T. = Electronic Techno
A1 Brace :::: A2 Hexagon
B1 Fernweh :::: B2 Neutron
C1 There There :::: C2 Shimmer

D1 Rowing :::: R2D2 Align

anti-Trump chant 

The US punk band turn their song Bang Bang 
into an anti-Trump anthem at the American Music Awards 
in Los Angeles.

Alex Collier's Webinar#23

December 16, 2016 #VOD

:::: on December 19th, 2016 ::::
E.H. = Elephant House
:::: Tesla Speaking ::::
:::: Nikola Tesla Explains God Interview ::::
:::: Unslaved Postcast ::::
Power of the Templars
Secrets of the Knights Templar
Newly Formed Crop Circle
In the UK Amazes
:::: 22.12.2016 ::::
The enigma
of Italy's ancient Etruscans
is finally unravelled
DNA tests on their Italian descendants
show the 'tuscii' came from Turkey. 
John Hooper + Rome, Italy.  
10:47 BST 18.06.2007
Trump’s chain will be jerked if he tries to stop the takedown of war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Fulford

Queen Elizabeth 

Placed Under ‘House Arrest’ 

After Christmas Message ::::

Queen Elizabeth has been placed under “house arrest” by the Royal Family and has not been allowed to appear in public after attempting to expose a global network of “the darkest forces” during the recording of her 2016 Christmas Message, a BBC insider claims.

Clearly troubled, the Queen listed names of establishment figures who are guilty of “the most heinous crimes against our most vulnerable, our children.” The Queen asked for forgiveness for not exposing them sooner, and asked her subjects to understand that the Royal Family simply did what was necessary to ensure it’s own survival. Senior BBC production staff and palace advisors scrambled to cancel the take, but not before the Queen expressed dark fears that 2017 will be a “year of slaughter the likes of which we haven’t seen since World War 2“, because malevolent forces, the global elite, are set upon war to achieve their goals.
BBC staff stunned
The Christmas Message take was canceled at this point, the insider says, and BBC production staff were urgently addressed by the director. He said he had been warned by BBC executives that the Head of State had been “shooting her mouth off a lot lately” and that “we must all delete from our memories everything we just heard and get on with it.”
He said there wasn’t going to be a scandal on his watch.”
Senior Palace staff contacted Prince Charles and the heir to the throne said he would “solve the problem.” It is understood that solving the problem involved placing Queen Elizabeth under Royal “house arrest”, in effect banning her from public appearances until she can be trusted not to speak openly again.
Elizabeth’s heirs place her under ‘house arrest’
Hours later, after lunch, the word on the production set was that Queen Elizabeth would comply and record a “clean” second take of the Christmas Message.
Since the recording of the speech, Queen Elizabeth has been absent from all her traditional public appearances, citing “a cold.”
In the United Kingdom and on the Internet, broadcast of the Queen’s Christmas message is embargoed until 3:00 PM GMT on Christmas Day. In other parts of the Commonwealth, the message is first broadcast in New Zealand at 6:50 PM local time by Television New Zealand, in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at 7:20 PM local time, and in Canada by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time, which is the same as 3:00 PM GMT.

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