Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Emerald Earth Elders & Astral Projection & Telepathy & Winter Solstice Meditation & Fade 2 Black Radio & Ancient Texts &...

Astral Projection & Telepathy
& Winter Solstice Meditation &
Fade 2 Black Radio & Ancient Texts &... 

Ancient texts reveal: 

Earth was ruled for 241,000 years

by 8 kings who came from heaven

"I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails to always
reach my destination."

~ Jimmy Dean ~
"Any planet
that has a money system
is a controlled/prison planet ..."
~★ Corey Goode ★~

The Hamilton Mixtape #released December 2, 2016
And The Other Topics Today Are
Lunar Eclipse
Lateralus Tool
The Eye of the Storm 
The Galactic Alignment Closing 
Jonas Rathsman Remix
Blondes Have More Fun

The Grudge 0:00
Eon Blue Apocalypse 8:38
The Patient 9:41
Mantra 17:00
Schism 18:08
Parabol 24:56
Parabola 28:00
Ticks and Leeches 34:04
Lateralus 42:14
Disposition 51:38
Reflection 56:24
Triad 1:07:33
Faaip De Oiad 1:16:22
:::: Lunar Eclipse #20122016 ::::
The Eye of the Storm #21122016

:::: The Eye of the Storm :::: 12:21:16 ::::

:::: The Closing of the Galactic Alignment

1No Fantasy Required4:33
2Make Me Fall In Love
Featuring – Jake Shears
33 Rules3:02
4Having So Much Fun2:56
5Tell Me Your Secret4:28
Featuring – Paranoid London
7Planet E
Featuring – Hudson Mohawke
10Don't Break My Heart3:49
11Blondes Have More Fun

Tiga :::: No Fantasy Required :::: Part Three >>>> Truth ::::

by Richard L. Tierney
is the author's magnum opus:
"An epic alternate history dark fantasy Cthulhu Mythos novel that featurs Tierney's most famous characters, Simon of Gitta and John Taggart. Set in the Holy Land during the time of the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, Simon of Gitta is on mission to avenge the deaths of his parents, seeking revenge in blood against the Roman officials who commited the murders. As he travels the Holy Lands with his mentor Dositheus, and their student Menander, they become entangled in a complex plot designed to call down a monstrous alien entity to herald a new aeon on Earth. John Taggart, the time traveler from Tierney's THE WINDS OF ZARR becomes involved with Simon of Gitta, as their separate quests converge toward a common goal of saving the very Earth. This novel should appeal to fans of fantasy and sword & sorcery fiction, in the vein of Robert E. Howard, and the elements of the Cthulhu Mythos will satisfy the many fans of H.P. Lovecraft." ~ ~
36 Hours in Hyderabad, India

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