Friday, November 25, 2016

Velika tajna vode @ÄTät@ Rainbow Gathering = R.G. = 18.7. = 18+7 = 5x5. = 25. = Y. = Yunasai

The big secret of water (english)
Das große Geheimnis des Wassers (deutsch) 
Velika tajna vode (srpski)

CNN accidentally airs 30 minutes of non-stop hardcore porn

Photo taken today 25.11.2016 in Manchester, U.K.

Why is this Fleet of UFOs 

Leaving the Moon? 

Are they Harvesting Something?

[+7 BONUS Lunar Theories]

James Holden
A Break In The Clouds
R.T. = T.R. = Technocracy Rising
The Trojan Horse of Global

Everyone who can now see 

your entire internet history,

including the taxman, DWP

& Food Standards Agency

En. Mihalik = Eniko Mi.

Miss De. 2016 ❤️ = Mi. December 2016 ❤️

2 Löwen Entertainment A.
2 L.E.A.
:::: A. Q2 = Audi Q2 ::::

Ancient Astronaut Inanna = A.A.I. = I.A.A. 
feat. Ronny Jordan
& D.C. Lee
No Time To Play

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