Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Luchsembrügge "M=5+0+0+8"

Die Flagge der Luchsembgge

"... if they knew what profound inner pleasure await those 
who gaze at the heavens, then France, nay, the whole of Europe, 
would be covered with telescopes instead of bayonets, 
thereby promoting universal happiness and peace."
~ Camille Flammarion, (1880)
 French Astronomer & Author ~
D.D. BiH = Dacia Duster BiH

9+STZ+70 = 79+65 = 144

Hillary Clinton 4 Pr.
Hailey Clauson 4 President!!!

Weder eine Sozialistin noch ein 

Exzentriker werden die USA 

zugrunde richten

Dienstag, 08.11.2016, 13:23 · von FOCUS-Online-Expertin

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