Thursday, October 27, 2016

The new Opel electric car Ampera-e :::: Arrival 24.11.2016 I know why they are here+P.C. Today :::: Language Lessons of the Heart :::: p+a.rt 10 >>>> Finding your Lion Heart <<<< ::::: Dragon Wars ~ by Michael Tsarion+The War of the Gods ::::

The new Opel electric car Ampera-e
Ein Hügelgrab in Langenhagen (((((((( Altes Rittergut ))))))))

:::: ARRIVAL ::::
I Know Why They Are Here
:::: Ab 24.11.2016 im Kino !!! ::::


RA = 2+7+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 10+9 = S
27+10+2+0+1+6 = 37+9 = 46 = SOL

:::: Annunaki History ::::


"In 2371BC the cupbearer of the king of Kish overthrew his master and took the Akkadian throne name of Sharrum-kin meaning 'legitimate king'. He is more commonly known as Sargon, the Old Testament form of his name, borne by a later king of Assyria. Sagon attack the cities of Umma, Ur and Lagash. Everywhere he was victorious,and he tore down the wall of every town, and wash his weapons in the lower sea (Persian Gulf). He founded a new capital Agade, whose locations is still unknown. His official inscriptions are in Akkad. His dynasty he founded is known as Dynasty of Akkad."

#MondialAuto 2016 | Opel Press Conference |
@Paris Motorshow | Ampera-e world premiere

:::: 5-Meter Tall Human Skeleton

Unearthed in Australia !!! ::::

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