Thursday, August 4, 2016

56:12 of 1:55:45 >>>> Moon's Largest Plain Is Not An Impact Crater :::: The Term = T.T. = PX = XP iconography comes from the 2 Greek words εἰκών ("image") & γράφειν ("to write") ::::

56:12 of

115:45 or 1:55:45 :::: iPosteD DaVid WilCock's preSentatION YesterDay oN mY bLog hEre & iWatchED I.T. ToDay & I.T.'s gR8. Join David in this epic two-hour tour-de-force of highly classified insider information revealing the true multi-million-year cosmic history of our solar system. A battle rages on between the forces of good and evil and it is still playing itself out in today's headlines :::: 

YesterDay iMet aGuy from Rathenow, Brandenburg, Germany, who lives iN Hannover now & he told me that his small city was bombarded in WWII mainly because of the fact that SubMariNes WeRe proDuceD there. Later iCheckeD the C.O.A. of Rathenow & iLove I.T. & you'll finD I.T. oN tHiS bLoG Post beLow A Photo of Romano Prodi :)
D.R.+Prodi Icke  = David Romano+P.I.
:::: David Icke = D.I. = Digital Iconography :::: 
52ND Prime Minister oF Italy Romano Prodi iN Nova Gorica
Das Wappen Von Rathenow = D.W.V.R. = V.W.V. = 22.23.22. = 45.22. = 67. = A.S.H.T.A.R., Brandenburg = Bra. , De. = Deutschland, Eu. = Europa, P.E. = Planet Erde, U.S. = Unser Sonnensystem, G.M. = Galaxie Milchstraße, L.M. = Lokales Multiversum, ...
Rathenow ist eine amtsfreie Stadt an der Havel, etwa 70 Kilometer westlich von Berlin und Verwaltungssitz des Landkreises Havelland in Brandenburg. Das heutige Stadtgebiet ist identisch mit dem von 1992 bis 2001 existierenden Amt Rathenow. Seit dem 13. Mai 2013 führt die Stadt offiziell, auch auf den Ortseingangsschildern, die Zusatzbezeichnung „Stadt der Optik“.
:::: Rathen. Branden. Deutsch. ::::
:::: Dreifaltigkeitskirche iN Hannover ::::
Ecke Friesen- & Bödekerstraße iN Hannover's Ortsteil Oststadt,
Niedersachsen, Deutschland, EU. 
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