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ShaRia #noV.ost+i&8& Scotland's Century, 1590-1710 & I.S.I.S. = = 56. = = T.O.O.F. = The Origins Of Freemasonry ::::: S.E.R.B.I.A. = Seven Esmeraldea Ray Birdlike Inglewood Andromedans ::::

The Indigenous
Wisdom of Scotland+Ireland
can lead to healing+transcendence.
:::: 23:33 Uhr am 5.8.2016 ::::
:::: G.A. :) = Guten Abend :) ::::
:::: Es spielen gerade der
1.F.C. Kaiserslautern
:::: & ::::
Hannover 96 :D
:::: 20:45 Uhr ::::
:::: 5.8.2016 ::::
TOOoor :D Eins zu Null für 96 :D
Scha Lala La La
Schalala LA!!!
... :D
ole ole
oleo le oleo
LeoLeoLeo LEee :D ... 
:::: 21:21 Uhr :::: 
Halbzeit & immer noch Eins zu Null für 96 ...
21:33 Uhr & TOOoor YEAH Tor!!! 
Die Zweite Halbzeit hat gerade erst angefangen &
21:50 Uhr
TOOOOoooor :D
83. Minute :D
...& AUch der EndsTAnd IN DER
90. Minute ::::
4:0 für Hannover 96 :D

:::: Excerpt from her first book Edge of Wonder ::::
:::: #SHAsha R.N. =  #S.s. Ria Novosti ::::
:::: ShaRia #noV.ost+i ::::
:::: News (english) = Nachrichten (deutsch) ::::
:::: Nachrichten (deutsch) = Novosti (ruski i srpski) ::::
Die Ajanta-Höhlen liegen in der Nähe der Stadt Ajanta (Marathi अजिंठा, Ajiṇṭhā), im Nordosten des indischen Bundesstaates Maharashtra, ca. 100 km nördlich der Stadt Aurangabad. In einem steil durch den Fluss Waghora in den Fels eingeschnittenen, U-förmigen Tal findet man zahlreiche in den Fels getriebene, große Höhlentempel. In einer Höhle kann man sehr gut erhaltene Wandmalereien mit Szenen aus dem Leben Buddhas besichtigen. Die gesamte Anlage ist im Dezember 1983 zum Weltkulturerbe erklärt worden.

:::: Inhaltsverzeichnis ::::

:::: Ajanta C.C.C. = A. Caves  Cathedrals Churches ::::
fr.OM AbraCADaBRA 2 A & a 2 aBRAcadAbra
:::: S.i.n.+C.E. YestErDaY I'm camPing in Mardorf (Neustadt am Rübenberge) again after being in Hannover (Wülfel+Döhren & Oststadt) for a few days & by chance I met a nice old man from Tabarz (Thüringer Wald) here today & sin+C.E. iLove fLAgs & CoatS Of ArmS Of Any kinD I feLL iN LoVe WitH tHis OnE tOdAy :) Check I.T. out YO :D A gr8 C.O.A. ::::++:::: Das Wappen Von Tabarz (Thüringer Wald), Thüringen, Deutschland, E.U. ::::


:::: Esoteric Astrology ::::

A Treatise On The Seven Rays, Vol. 3

"The science of esoteric astrology is said to be the basic occult science of the future. This book describes astrology as the science of relationships, a science which deals with those conditioning energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within it."
Published June 1st 1982 by Lucis Press (first published January 1st 1971)
Original Title
Esoteric Astrology: A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. 3
ISBN 0853301204  
ISBN13: 9780853301202
Edition Language :::: English

:::: T.O.O.F. = I.S.I.S. :::: 

:::: Scotland's Century, 1590-1710 ::::

T.O.O.F. = The Origins Of Freemasonry
by David Stevenson
"The origins of freemasonry are traced to Scotland in this account of the creation of an international movement through a blending of medieval mythology and late Renaissance intellectual influences."
Paperback, 270 pages

Published March 2nd 2015 
by Cambridge University Press (first published 1988)

Original Title

The Origins of Freemasonry:
Scotland's Century, 1590-1710

ISBN 0521396549 (ISBN13: 9780521396547)

Edition Language


:::: Middle East Forum ::::
:::: Turkey's Tradition
of Murdering Christians
:::: I.S. = Islamic State
by :::: I.S. = R.J. = Robert Jones

"Aynaz 'Anni' Cyrus is a 32-year-old Iranian-born woman who rejected Islam and fled Iran to America in her teens. She came to the United States after years of persecution, torture, and imprisonment. Now she works to protect and defend the rights of women and girls under the oppression of Sharia Law and fights to raise awareness through informative videos, radio interviews, blog posts and on her “Live Up To Freedom” website.

She'll tell her story of life in an Islamic gulag and we detail what life is like for women under Sharia Law. We also discuss what the Quran really says about women and the claim that Islam is a religion of peace. Later, Annie shares her view on western feminists and liberals who are welcoming Islam and so called refugees into western nations. She'll also tell why she supports Trump."
~ Radio 3Fourteen :::: 
Anni Cyrus ::::
Women Under Sharia
+ Listen here:

:::: Veröffentlicht am 30.07.2016 :::: 
:::: Dive = D. (english) = Tauchen = T. (deutsch) = RoniTi = R.T. (srpski) ::::
:::: Russia Today News = R.T.N. = R.T.L.2. ::::

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