Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mysterien & Das Unbekannte & Kommunalwahl 2016 :::: A.K. interview & Civilizations of Extreme Antiquity :::: Aeon Byte & The First M. :::: M. = Mythology :::: #JesusTheAlchemist 8.8.2014 #AeonByteGnosticRadio

:::: Behind The Scenes  ::::

Part I & II & II & IV & ...



Alien life, or noise? Russian telescope 

detects 'strong signal' from 

sun-like star

:::: Signal detected a year ago from HD164595, only 95 light years away and with at least one planet, but Seti scientists are scanning the area and have yet to find it ::::
:::: Mysterien & Das Unbekannte & Kommunalwahl 2016 ::::

Wenn man Grillen-Geräusche verlangsamt entdeckt man etwas Unerwartetes

:::: 17. August 2016 ::::


:::: Bottom Of My Heart 2 ::::

Nigerian Nollywood Movie


The theoretic position of Mu
The Lost continent of Mu 
by James Churchward

Civilizations of Extreme Antiquity

:::: uploaded 13.04.2016 @newearth youtube channel ::::
:::: T.I.T. Pyramid = Theeye In The P. ::::
:::: Willy Wonka = W.W. = L.O.S. = S.O.L. ::::

Jesus The Alchemist 8.8.2014 
upload by thegodabovegod.com 
@ÄTät@ Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

"Evidence suggests that Alchemy might be far more than the precursor of chemistry or a pursuit for spiritual transformation. Alchemy is ritual of a primordial religion, an arduous process that harnesses the powers of nature and the cosmos to create materials that in essence can make a human into God. It was a lore than ancient man understood and practiced, coding this Alchemy in the form of myth and holy scripture. Although this secret to immortality thrived in the Egyptian Mysteries, it was later handed to other faiths, Mystery Religions, and Secret Societies. And one of these were perhaps the early Christians and the Classic Gnostics. When seen through the eye of the Alchemist, the teachings of Jesus, especially in the Gnostic Gospels, are full of hints and instructions on how to recreate the true Philosopher's Stone - the powder that makes man literally divine as the gods have always wanted."
~ Miguel Conner ~
:::: Astral Guest :::: Al Sylvester, author of The First Mythology ::::
:::: E.L. = L.E. = Latest Epidode ::::
Uploaded August 30, The Year of Our Demiurge 2016.

Murray Perahia plays


Moonlight Sonata

3rd Movement [HQ]


:::: Teutonic Zionism ::::

Jordan Maxwell & Alex Jones


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