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Medical Jane 2.9.1. = M.J. 12. = Maxwell Jordan B.I.A. :::: Life Beyond Earth presents Jay Weidner, Ancient Societies & Alchemy 14.06.2016 on YouTube :::: Oswald Spengler = O.S. = S.O. = N.S.A. = Nova Srpska Analitika :::: P.+S.S. = P.S.+S. = Partner+Städte Sonntag

The Emerald Flower of Life  
The Luciferian Flower of Death 
>>>> Short & Simple ((((((((((yes it's more complex than that)))))))))) The Rockefellers are not Luciferians, but they also promote some evil shit & btw: The Rothschilds are Luciferians & Jordan Maxwell would say: "Do your homework." :) <<<<
Jay Weidner talks about ancient benevolent Anti-Illuminati & thereby Anti-Luciferian groups. Most Luciferians are only interested in power & money & they want to keep the masses in the dark about what's truly going on. It's the only way they can maintain their power & that's why I do not like Luciferians at all. Ancient benevolent groups want quite the opposite, but they know that it's a slow process. We all deserve to know about the spiritual nature of reality, but some people simply do not want to know what is going on & ... for more information listen to the interview below the 8 days old AFR interview with Jordan Maxwell. It's called "Jay Weidner, Ancient Societies & Alchemy" & btw: One of these ancient benevolent Anti-Luciferian groups is the M.C.E.O. (Melchizdek Cloister Emerald Order) & ... enjoy your Sunday & Rihanna's + Sting's music :)
:::: Sting :::: Das sagt die 
Wissenschaft über
 seine Musik ::::
19.08.2016: Sting ließ sein Gehirn scannen. Der
 mittlerweile 64-jährige Star traf sich
mit dem Erkenntnispsychologen
Dr. Daniel Levitin in Montreal,
um herauszufinden, wie 
sein Gehirn Musik

:::: Milica Jowowitsch = M.J. = J.M. = Jovović Milica  ::::
Милла Йовович (russisch kyrillisch
Milla Jovovich (a.e. = amerikanisches englisch)
Milica Jowowitsch (ukrainisch)
Milicia  Jovović (serbisch)
ist die Tochter
einer russischen Schauspielerin aus der Ukraine und 
eines serbischen Arztes aus Montenegro. 
:::: AFR August 13, 2016 ::::

Life Beyond Earth presents:
Jay Weidner, Ancient Societies & Alchemy.
Uploaded 14.06.2016 on the YouTube channel Life Beyond Earth.
"Jay Weidner has been called an “authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions,” and is a renowned filmmaker, author and scholar. Considered to be a ‘modern-day Indiana Jones’ for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind’s spiritual destiny via ancient societies and artifacts, his body of work offers great insight into the circumstances that have led to the current global crisis. Weidner disclosed how finding a book, The Mystery of the Cathedrals by an enigmatic author called "Fulcanelli," helped shape his current worldview on the reality of alchemy. In the book, Fulcanelli proposes the gothic cathedrals of Europe were built by a secret society attempting to change the psychic landscape of the continent, Weidner reported."
Thanks to Andrew Fisher at Nature of Reality

The weapons of the beasts of prey are natural, but the armed fist of man with its artificially made, thought-out, and selected weapon is not. Here begins “Art” as a counter-concept to “Nature.” Every technical process of man is an art and is always so described–so, for instance, archery and equitation, the art of war, the arts of building and government, of sacrificing and prophesying, of painting and versification, of scientific experiment. Every work of man is artificial, unnatural, from the lighting of a fire to the achievements that are specifically designated as “artistic” in the high Cultures. The privilege of creation has been wrested from Nature.“Free will” itself is an act of rebellion and nothing less. Creative man has stepped outside the bounds of Nature, and with every fresh creation he departs further and further from her, becomes more and more her enemy. That is his “world-history,” the history of a steadily increasing, fateful rift between man’s world and the universe–the history of a rebel that grows up to raise his hand against his mother.This is the beginning of man’s tragedy–for Nature is the stronger of the two. Man remains dependent on her, for in spite of everything she embraces him, like all else, within herself. All the great Cultures are defeats. Whole races remain, inwardly destroyed and broken, fallen into barrenness and spiritual decay, as corpses on the field. The fight against Nature is hopeless and yet it will be fought out to the bitter end.

Olympiasieg für Chinas Frauen

3:1 im Finale gegen Serbien

V.S. = Volleyball Silber

:::: 3. Platz für Serbiens Frauen >>>> Basketball :::: 

:::: Frankreich >>>> 63:70 <<<< Serbien ::::

"The Warrior archetype is just as connected to the female psyche as to the male. Women have long been defenders of their families, and the Amazon tribe of Warrior Women has become legendary because of their ability to engage in fierce battle--even sacrificing part of their female physique to facilitate warfare. Loyalty to the family and tribe is among the Amazon's notable characteristics, along with nurturing their young and transmitting lessons of power and self-defense." 
~ C.M.M. ~ = ~ Carolyn Myss Mehr ~
:::: In The Year 2525 ::::

:::: Television Records ::::

:::: Ural 13 Diktators ::::


Hiroshima's Städtepartnerschaften

~ August 2016 Author of the Month ~

:::: Living With Radiation 

Heal and Protect

A Nuclear 



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