Monday, August 29, 2016

Neuron Synapse Art = N.S.A. = Nova Srpska Analitika :::: Scientists Find ‘Hidden’ Language In Human Genetic Code: The Key To Activating Our DNA 29. August 2016 by Gary Lite

Richard Smoley interviews Tobias Churton on a wonderful book:
New Dawn Magazine 28.08.2016

:::: Gnostic Mysteries of Sex ::::
Tobias Churton+Miguel Conner
Aeon Byte upload 17.09.2015
"By their texts, the Gnostics are seen as puritans with wild minds. By their opponents, the Gnostics were seen as libertines with wild appetites. What is the truth? The latest research reveals that the Gnostics were likely practitioners of sexual magic while still being lofty mystics. They hid ancient sensual mysteries in their works and myths, forging an undercover tradition from the Sethians to the Troubadours, from the Valentinians to William Blake—borrowing from the heretical movement of their apparent founder, Simon Magus. We explore clandestine sexual that go beyond any other tantric sect, revealing the astral map to becoming a god in the flesh."
~ Miguel Conner ~
Astral Guest — Tobias Churton, author of Gnostic Mysteries of Sex.

IRAN = IRA+N = I.R.A.+N = I.R.A.+14 = Irish Republican Army+14

They’re not saying it’s aliens, 
but signal traced to 
sunlike star 
sparks SETI interest 
:::: by Alan Boyle ::::
29. August 2016 
Yahoo Tech = Y.T. = T.Y. = Thank You

:::: 29. August 2016  ::::
:::: Message from Benjamin Fulford ::::
 Germany makes game changing move,
 prepares for war 
to defeat the 
:::: Germans call for increased vetting of army recruits as it emerges SIXTY jihadists may have joined the country's military to act as sleeper agents ::::
by Patrick Lion for Mail Online
:::: 29. August 2016 ::::
:::: ::::
  • German military found 64 suspect Islamists were in the ranks of its army
  • There are fears they could use defence training to launch a terrorist attack 
  • Probe also found 268 suspected right-wing and 6 left-wing extremists
  • The armed forces now wants new applicants to undergo tighter checks

:::: Ein Mann und drei Trommeln
in einer Kirche in Lalibela
 Äthiopien ::::

Scientists Find ‘Hidden’ Language 

In Human Genetic Code ::::+-::::

The Key To Activating Our DNA

The Galactic Chakras & Terrestrial & ET Home Worlds
"There are 12 positions in this chart flowing down through dimensions/densities from the 13th position - the Omni-Galactic Source. This is how the ET's fit into this picture of the Galactic Chakras - Humans, Pleiadans, Sirians, etc. are living on home worlds that are Chakras in the Galactic Body. The reason life abounds on these worlds is because Kundalini life force flows continually through them from the Crown of the Galaxy, to the Muladhara of the Galaxy and back again. This is the Galactic Tree of Life. The ET's are aspects of the Universal Human Adam Kadmon Template expressing at different dimensional levels. They are truly our Brothers and Sisters. This chart shows the Three Pillars on a Galactic scale - the Divine Feminine on the left, the Divine Masculine on the right and the Divine Children in the middle."
~ Scott Merovee Maurer ~

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