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War Before Civilization

:::: Owl+Dog = 50+26 = 26+50 = God+Lion ::::

:::: Das dritte Jahrtausend ::::
:::: Zukunftsvisionen von Ervin Laszlo ::::
:::: Frankfurt am Main+Suhrkamp Verlag, 1998 ::::
Ich habe dieses Buch seit 1999 
und es ist sehr empfehlenswert.
MfG Vladimir Gvozden 8.8.2016
Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon. Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more information you shoul check out his latest blog post ((((((((( & all his other posts + he started his blog in late March 2012 )))))))) 

:::: Geometry and Frequency ::::

:::: The Fabric Of Life ::::

:::: 16.3.2016 ::::


Chaos Computer Club H.S. = C.C.C.H.S. = 3.3.3.H.S. = 9.H.S. = I.H.S.
& 888 means: H.S. = Holy Spirit ~ in biblical numerology ~
Vidzeme (deutsch: Livland) ist eine Region in Lettland. Die lettische Bezeichnung stammt von den Worten „vidus“ (deutsch Mitte) und „zeme“ (Erde, Land)  
ab, sie bedeutet somit „Mittelerde“ (englisch:
  Middle Earth) oder auch „Mittelland“
The Flag of Wenden  (Old German name
for the town Cēsis) in present-day 
The Lusatian Serbs/Sorbs were/are also 
called Wenden by Germans just 
like other Slavic tribes 
in German areas.
~ Wends ~
The Flag of Mardorf (Neustadt am Rübenberge) 
Lower Saxony, 
Die von Peter Jackson geschaffene Kinotrilogie 
"Der Herr der Ringe" nach dem gleichnamigen 
Werk von J. R. R. Tolkien besteht aus 
den folgenden Teilen:
White Dragon Society = W.D.S. + Tokyo, Japan :::: Benjamin Fulford = B.F. :::: August 9, 2016 :::: Khazarian mafia offer ASEAN, Japan and Korea to China :::: Benjamin Fulford 09.08.2016 W.D.S. Tokyo, Japan: "An official who reports to Chinese President Xi Jinping told a representative of the White Dragon Society last week that Hillary Clinton had offered to hand over Korea, ASEAN and Japan to help create a 'United States of China', if the Chinese supported her bid to become President of the United States. Clinton also told the Chinese that a short sharp war with the US military would be needed to put this plan in place and establish China as the world’s number 1 superpower. For this reason China supports Clinton, the official said. The WDS representative told the Chinese that Khazarian gangsters like Hillary tell people what they want to hear but always betray them as soon as they get a chance. He was also told that no matter how many times the US military ran simulations of an all-out war with China, the result was always 90% of the world’s population dying and the Northern hemisphere of the planet becoming uninhabitable. It was further explained to the official that, according to British Intelligence, when George Bush Sr. went fishing with Vladimir Putin in 2007 he invited Putin to join a plot to destroy China. The scenario Bush painted was for the US and Russia to start a new cold war. This would give Russia, the US, Europe and Japan an excuse to re-arm. During this cold war, Russia would pretend to be China’s friend. However, in the end NATO, Russia, Japan and Korea would all attack China and divide it into six countries so that China would never rise to be a threat to Western power. The official was also told that Clinton was part of the Bush Nazi mafia so whatever promises she was making were only to buy time and get money from the Chinese so that they could carry out this plan. As a result of this conversation, the Chinese official agreed China should not support Clinton. The other thing the Khazarians did was to force their puppet the Emperor of Japan to announce his resignation on August 8th, an auspicious day for China. The Chinese were told this was to get crown Prince Naruhito on the throne so he could help with the plan to unite Japan with China. Naruhito is married to Masako Owada who is the daughter of Rockefeller slave and world court judge Hisashi Owada. Again the Chinese were told this was just a Khazarian attempt to bribe China by offering to hand over their puppet government in Japan. Furthermore, the imperial family would never willingly accede to such a plan and so it was just a Khazarian lie. The emperor is resigning because of poor health and because he does not want to get involved in the ongoing fight over the gold bunkers in Japan. In conclusion, the WDS explained very clearly to the Chinese this was a Khazarian trick designed to fool the Chinese into war with the US.The WDS and the Chinese also discussed the future of the US dollar and the global financial system. The Chinese delegate said China’s plan was to replace the US dollar with ..." ~ Ben.F.09.08.2016 :::: Source :::: 

Презентация книги профессора антропологии Семира Османагича «Все пирамиды мира. От Гизы до Боснийских пирамид»

12 Aвгуста 2016 в 19:00, Невский пр., д. 46 by NASA JPL Ca.lte+ch

M.S. Album by L.K. ~ iBought this C.D. 

iN spRiNg 1992 &i 

LoVe I.T. :)

... or L.A.te 1991 ... 

iAm not sure a+n.y.+more, 

but iThiNk I.T. wAS in 

eaRLy 1992 ... 

A+N.Y.ways ...

... Das Leben ist wie Achterbahn,
mal wird einem schlecht,
dann will man noch
mal fahr'n ... .

:::: TED Can Hold a Grudge ::::

New Graham Hancock TEDx Talk Pasted with Disclaimer About 'Counterfactual Assertions'

~ 5. August 2016 ~

 :::: 6. August 2015 :::: 

CRASH! BANG! RUMBLE! Do you hear those sounds? Faintly? In the distance? Just audible over outraged yells and howls of protest? Those are the sounds of the house of history collapsing and the furious yells and howls are from the archaeological establishment trying to drown out the truth with their noise.

The latest hint that archaeologists have completely misled us about the origins of civilization – and that their ‘house of history’ is built on foundations of sand -- comes from a team of marine scientists and geologists diving in the Sicily Channel in the Mediterranean. You can read the full report, and get a clearer view of the sea-floor scans and photographic record, here:

Embarrassingly, the scientific team’s report has been published in a mainstream, peer-reviewed archaeological journal, but predictably archaeologists are already up in arms describing and seeking to dismiss the discovery as ‘whimsical and void of scientific meaning’. I’m not surprised that the establishment that has misled us for so long is doing its utmost to shout-down this extraordinary discovery which, in brief, includes the remnant of a giant megalithic site at a depth of 40 meters, including one 12 meter long menhir (now broken into two parts – see photographs), that is conservatively estimated to weigh 15 tons and to have been submerged by rising sea levels more than 9,000 years ago. How many thousands of years it was standing on the spot before the seas rose has not yet been established but the possibility must be seriously contemplated that it is the work of the same mysterious culture that created the giant stone circles of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey more than 11,600 years ago. It also raises increasingly disturbing questions about the age of other known megalithic sites around the Mediterranean – the oldest of which, such as Gigantija in Malta – have long been believed not to exceed 6,000 years in age. Yet all the known sites have been exposed to the presence and intrusions of later cultures that left their organic materials on-site and thus skewed the radio-carbon record to give falsely young dates. Where we have intact, undisturbed sites with no wriggle room for archaeologists to rest their case on carbon-dating of falsely-young, intrusive organic materials, then the picture of our past suddenly becomes very different and much, MUCH, older. Thus we can be sure of Gobekli Tepe’s age because it was deliberately buried by its makers more than 10,000 years ago and then left undiscovered and untouched until excavations began in the 1990’s. Likewise this newly discovered megalithic site off Sicily has been under water for more than 9,000 years and is therefore, undisputably at least that old.

I suggest that these discoveries, and parallel work at Gunung Padang in far-off Indonesia (that I have reported on extensively here over the past couple of years) require us to look again at the so-called “established” ages of megalithic sites everywhere. More than that, these discoveries require us to consider seriously the possibility attested to by myths and traditions from all around the world that we are indeed -- as I have been saying for 20 years -- a species with amnesia and that a lost civilization of the last Ice Age lies hidden in our collective past. This is the possibility that I explore in the greatest depth in my forthcoming book “Magicians of the Gods” that will be published in the UK on 10 September and in the US on 10 November. Further information about the book, and links through which you may pre-order your copy, can be found here:

I will be on tour in the UK in September/October, and in the US in November/December giving presentations about Magicians of the Gods. The schedule of US events is still being worked out, but you can find details of most of the UK events here:
~ 6. August 2015 Graham Hanckock ~
Y.O.D.A.+GAIA a.k.a. Graham Hancock = G.H. = O. = E.E.E. = Emerald Earth Elder

Released on Sept 27th 2013,
"Seasons Of Your Day" is the 4th Studio Album
by Mazzy Star, their first in over 17 years.

22 years ago Live 
on MTV ~ Mazzy Star 
"Fade Into You" 1994 ~ 


T. T. = The Theory
of the
"Energy of Life"
Stop Worrying = S.W. = R.A.W. = W.A.R.
:::: We Are Renegades = R.A.W. ::::

"The myth of the peace-loving 'noble savage' is persistent and pernicious. Indeed, for the last fifty years, most popular and scholarly works have agreed that prehistoric warfare was rare, harmless, unimportant, and, like smallpox, a disease of civilized societies alone. Prehistoric warfare, according to this view, was little more than a ritualized game, where casualties were limited and the effects of aggression relatively mild. Lawrence Keeley's groundbreaking War Before Civilization offers a devastating rebuttal to such comfortable myths and debunks the  notion that warfare was introduced to primitive societies through contact with civilization (an idea he denounces as 'the pacification of the past'). Building on much fascinating archeological and historical research and offering an astute comparison of warfare in civilized and prehistoric societies, from modern European states to the Plains Indians of North America, War Before Civilization convincingly demonstrates that prehistoric warfare was in fact more deadly, more frequent, and more ruthless than modern war. To support this point, Keeley provides a wide-ranging look at warfare and brutality in the prehistoric world. He reveals, for instance, that prehistorical tactics favoring raids and ambushes, as opposed to formal battles, often yielded a high death-rate; that adult males falling into the hands of their enemies were almost universally killed; and that surprise raids seldom spared even women and children. Keeley cites evidence of ancient massacres in many areas of the world, including the discovery in South Dakota of a prehistoric mass grave containing the remains of over 500 scalped and mutilated men, women, and children (a slaughter that took place a century and a half before the arrival of Columbus). In addition, Keeley surveys the prevalence of looting, destruction, and trophy-taking in all kinds of warfare and again finds little moral distinction between ancient warriors and civilized armies. Finally, and perhaps most controversially, he examines the evidence of cannibalism among some preliterate peoples. Keeley is a seasoned writer and his book is packed with vivid, eye-opening details (for instance, that the homicide rate of prehistoric Illinois villagers may have exceeded that of the modern United States by some 70 times). But he also goes beyond grisly facts to address the larger moral and philosophical issues raised by his work. What are the causes of war? Are human beings inherently violent? How can we ensure peace in our own time? Challenging some of our most dearly held beliefs, Keeley's conclusions are bound to stir controversy."

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