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"Energy flows where attention goes, therefore It is important to be aware of the problem, its important to embrace and accept the problem, its equally important to bring awareness to and embrace the SOLUTION. Most of us on the surface level want change and freedom but subconsciously are more vested in the safe attachment to pain, misery and stuck-ness. Today you make the decision, if you truly want to shift and expand and change, commit to not feeding the problem by resisting and fighting it, instead commit to non judgement of the problem, and openness to insights towards the solutions, that is what will get you moving forward. Have a pleasant day."  L.S.S. 13.07.2016
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"ДОБРОГО УТРА ВСЕМ И ХОРОШЕГО ДНЯ." ~ Владимир Владимирович Путин
Guten Morgen Deutschland 13.07.2016 6:30 Uhr

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Breaking! Top Democrat Official Assassinated 
In Washington D.C. by Lisa Smith July 12, 2016 
His name is/was Seth Rich. 27 years young/old. 
Thin-film transistor-Display (TFT-Display)
Tau Ceti Compendium = T.C.C. = T.F. = F.T. = F.20.  = 26. = Z. = Zelda
The Tau Ceti Compendium 
is a book that is not 
The Tau Cetians and the Slavic people 
have much in common.
The nature of the 

of the 
Tau Cetians
and the 

Slavic people is to be,
linear-active (Germanic style),
multi-active (loquacious Mediterranean style)
and re-active (Asiatic style) simultaneously.
Thoughts from a Tau Cetian in the U.S. – Jerry Wills:
Question: How do we bring about changes 

in Earth Humans, to help them evolve 
and transform?
Answer: We do it with our actions. 

Jerry Wills says: "If we want to bring out the best 
in others we have to give them our best, 
the best of who we are, each of us…. 
and watch them evolve as a result 
of what we’ve given them. 
And of course, 
be kind to 
The Healers Mantra (excerpt) 

(by Jerry Wills): 

"... I am the image of God finally revealed. 

Look deep within me and 

see yourself as I see you. 

See yourself as I have seen myself, 

one image of God, 

perfect and whole - 

that I am provides a simple, 

yet powerful truth: 

God lives here."
Jerry Wills & Kathy Wills @Arizona, U.S. of America
Jerry Wills loves music & poetry & Kathy Wills & ...

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