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South Korea & Military ET Encounters @Coast To Coast AM July 9, 2016 :::: B.U.F.C.L.I.N.C. = Benevolent U.F.O. Invasion Q. & #FordCorbraLexus = #FCL & 7 Eleven 2016 & Norse #Mythology & New Sun = N.S. + #Unity &...

Nikola Tesla ~ south korea = serbisch kyrillisch ~ Никола Тесла
Military ET Encounters @Coast To Coast AM July 9, 2016
"A coincidence is what you have left over
when you apply a bad theory."
Percy Williams Bridgman
The Fukushima disaster happened, because the western shadow government planted a bomb into the seabed, because Japan is a very powerful economic global force and these idiotic Luciferian assholes thought they can do their evil shit forever & ever & ....  SMH!!! ... one faction of the egomaniacal Luciferian Cabal in the western world is the Rothschild family & ... "Do your homework." ~ Jordan Maxwell

:::: March 3, 2011 was NOT a natural disaster! Period. ::::
"Brexit economic shock equivalent to natural disaster,
says OECD" 
July 11th, 2016
"The multilateral organisation has been forced to suspend the publication of its monthly economic indicators, explaining that the Leave vote has created disruption similar to that in the wake of Japan's devastating 2011 earthquake."


 Belgrade's Underground Ford Corbra Lexus Insider News Channel 
 :::: B.U.F.C.L.I.N.C. = Benevolent U.F.O. Invasion Q. ::::
'Тео би цваки да има живот оваки
Да буде криминалац - Порше, Кавасаки
Ово прави је гангстерај, опусти се и певај ...
Boss Odin = B.O. + Thunder God Thor's 28th
Earth Born Day :D Yeah :) >>>> Seven Eleven 2016 = S.E. 2016
& The XFaçtor2016 &... <<<< wait damn Faç Tor Fuçk :) Yeah :D
THOR 2016 #FuçkThor2016 & M.C.'s 50 Eleven Kids iN ChiçaGO
:::: Beogradski Sindikat ::::
:::: Svedok Saradnik = S.S. ::::
Diskretni Heroji 2010 :::: S.R. = Serbian Rap
 "I don't always post about sports on my wall, 
but when I do it's because Força Portugal!"
 ~ Miguel Conner with roots in Lissabon
& his home sweet home in Chicago. 
:::: ++++ @ÄTät@ ++++ ::::
k.i.s.y.h.P+A+T.e.m.+erin = nire+m.e.T.+A+P+h.y.s.i.k.
#ReisenUngarn = #RU = #UR 
Urlaub iN Ungarn = Ur. iN Un. = U.N.U. = I.S.I.S.
 Beogradski Sindikat = B.S. = Balaton Sound @BAba LAla TONton SOso UNun Dd 
Economic News >>>> The Future of Planet Earth & #PFW2016+The Mothership Connection 1976
:::: P.F.W. 2016 = Parliament Funkadelic Week 2016 :::: 3+han+14+EL Eco+nom+ic Ne+w+s
27.04.2016 k+ANAL I.S.+is GERmaN 4 CHANnEL :)
k.i.s.y.h.P+A+T.e.m.+erin = nire+m.e.T.+A+P+h.y.s.i.k.

:::: The Future of Planet Earth ::::

David Icke + Jordan Maxwell

Veröffentlicht am 27.04.2016

Kanal >>>> Economic News

 White Cyrillic P Letter = W.C.P.L. = L.P.C.W. = iLove Personal Computer Wisdom

I'm a N.O.W. aNd I hAvE An Altar wITh a pHOTo oF M.I.+CH+A+EL TS+A+rio.N eVeRyWhErE iGO :D & iStiLL h+I.M. w+I.T.+h mY S.M.all seCT of & wE dO obEY aLL tHE L.A.w+s o+F se+C.R.+E.T. C.U.L.T.  :D hahaha 
:) just kiddin' 
 ... & b.t.w.: 
>>>> C+U+L+T=56=I+S+I+S
 ... but ... honestly N.O.W. ... iLove w+ORK & U+S.H.ou.L+D CH.e+CK I.T. o.U+T ... & hEY :) iStill ViVidLY reMemBer ThaT iWas wITh mY dAd iN HiS CaR oN ThE moTORway frOM BUDApESt tO VieNNA iN HUNgaRY wHen wE heARD thE Sad nEWs oN ThE radIO ThaT KurT CObaIN iS DeaD. I wAS wITh  mY fAthEr iN BOsnIA fOr a fEW WEeeKS aND wE weRE oN oUR wAY baCK hOMe To hanNover. Yes iWas oNly 16 YeaRS oLD/yOUNG iN spRING 1994 & fROM TimE To TimE iStill LISTen To NirVaNa's MuSiC sinCE iLovE IT SINce 1991 whEN iBOugTH thEIr ALbum NeverMInd. I wAS VerY oFTen iN tHe Rock'N'Roll Club RöhrE iN HannoVeR BetWEen 1991 aNd 1993 ... & btw: I aM tHE biGGest David Icke & Jordan Maxwell FaN iN HANnOVER :D F+U.C.K. Y+E.A.+H iEVEn boUGTH+rEAd OnE oF DaviD iCKe's bOOks iN SPring 2008 :) +
Hannover's Blaulichtmilieu informiert heute über Zeitreisen ins Jahr 1967 und ... 
"Love from Paris." ~ L.K. = K.L. = Karl Lagerfeld
"Stay tuned as we unveil our Fall-Winter '16
campaign."  ~ K.L. = L.K.
:::: Time Travel To 1967 Bay Bee Boyzzz'N'Girlzzz :D ::::
:::: Isis Meditates = I.M. = M.I. = Military Intelligence ::::
 CD+7GG7GG7 = G+7N7N7 = G+G*7 = ISIS = SI SI
The Two Egyptian Goddess Isis Portals 888&777
Spiritual Ecology Moon Day 2016
MK Ultra Australia
Church of All Saints in Prague
Prague is the most Gothic city on earth 

“As the world grows more and more out of balance, we urgently need to regain a relationship with the planet based upon the understanding of the world as a sacred and living whole, and to reclaim a consciousness that is centered in that understanding. Only if we redeem the problem at the root can we hope to heal and come back into balance with our environment.”
— Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth

Steve McMurray interview 

 :::: MK Ultra Australia :::: 

Mind Control Down Under ~  Part 1

++++ Panslavic Svastika = P.S. = #PS = #35 ++++
:::: Força S.S. & Força P. ::::
I'm so happy for all the Portuguese people worldwide today.
:::: Congratutalions :D ::::

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