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The Soul Connect iOn N.et+work & Tofalaria: How people and deer coexist in the Siberian taiga

:::: Tofalaria ::::

How people and deer 

coexist in the Siberian taiga 

:::: July 25, 2016 ::::


:::: Topics Today = T.T. = PX = XP ::::
:::: Lusatia Lausitz = L.L. = X = H8H = 8H8 
:::: Goddess of Peace ~ A.E.M. 
 July 22, 2016 to August 22, 2016 
@SNL = #SNL = #SiNL = S. iN L. = Sun iN Leo 
:::: Mardorf & Lausitzer Serben & Mehr... ::::

:::: Polska 992-1025 (polish language) = Poljska 992-1025 (serbian language) ::::
:::: Domowina Symbol of the Lusatian Sorbs = Domovina Symbol of the Lusatian Serbs ::::

:::: Anthem of the Lusatian Serbs/Sorbs ::::

:::: Rjana Łužica ::::
Upper Sorbian Language
Rjana Łužica,
sprawna přećelna,
mojich serbskich wótcow kraj,
mojich zbóžnych sonow raj,
swjate su mi twoje hona!
Časo přichodny,
zakćěj radostny!
Ow, zo bychu z twojeho
klina wušli mužojo,
hódni wěčnoh wopomnjeća!

:::: Rědna Łužyca ::::
Lower Sorbian Language
Rědna Łužyca,
spšawna, pśijazna,
mojich serbskich woścow kraj,
mojich glucnych myslow raj,
swěte su mě twoje strony.
Cas ty pśichodny,
zakwiś radostny!
Och, gab muže stanuli,
za swoj narod źěłali,
godne nimjer wobspomnjeśa!

Sorbs (Upper Sorbian: Serbja; Lower Sorbian: Serby; German: Sorben), known also by their former autonyms Lusatians and Wends, are a West Slavic people of Central Europe living predominantly in Lusatia, a region on the territory of Germany and Poland. In Germany they live in the states of Brandenburg and Saxony. They traditionally speak the Sorbian languages (Wendish, Lusatian) – closely related to Polish and Czech officially recognized and protected as a minority language of Germany. They are linguistically and genetically closest to Czechs and Poles. Due to a gradual and increasing assimilation between the 17th and 20th centuries, virtually all Sorbs also spoke German by the late 19th century and many of the descendants of Sorbs no longer speak the Sorbian languages. They are predominantly Roman Catholics and Lutherans.

:::: Russian Tsardom 1547–1721 Царство Русcкоe ::::
Territory of Russia in       1500,       1600 and       1700.
:::: Russian coat of arms 1667 ::::

:::: Russian Navy Flag from 1668
until 1697 ::::
:::: Mainstream Admits Hitler Never Killed Himself, 
Was Allowed to Escape — Died an Old Man 
@thefreethoughtproject.com  ::::
:::: July 18, 2016 ::::
:::: Red Rot Crveno ~ Version der Flagge von Österreich+Ungarn ::::
:::: Green Grün Zeleno ~ Flag of Russia 1668-1693 +First Russian Flag ::::
:::: Blue Blau Plavo ~ That's A Timeless Version of the German Flag ::::

Cosmic Disclosure Season 5 - Episode 9: 

Anniversary Special - Summary and 

Analysis | Corey Goode and David 

Wilcock ~ July 25, 2016

 T.Y.T.C. = The YouTube Channel

Not In Our Name presents:

:::: Marketing The New Age  :::: The

  Buying And Selling Of 


As Truth 


:::: uploaded July 24, 2016 ::::

Frida Kahlo's Mosè o Nucleo Solare o Nascimento dell'Eroe, 1945.
Lusatia ist:

"Get ready for a roaring good time! The Sun is moving into larger-than-life Leo from July 22 to August 22, and the world is about to become more fun, creative and romantic while the loving Lion rules."
~ 21.07.2016 ~
:::: #SNL = #SiNL = S. iN L. = Sun iN Leo ::::
"Mardorf's Nachrichten Dienst Tag 
aM Dienstag deN 26.07.2016 um
 0 Uhr und 52 Minuten."
~ Vladimir Gvozden ~
00:52 Uhr 
& btw:

Ich hab' meinen Rechner hier gerade iN Strandnähe an und lauter 
Insekten belagern mich schon seit es dunkel
geworden ist (: wie man auf diesem
Foto hier auch sieht :)  
:::: Die Flagge von Mardorf ohne Wappen (Neustadt am Rübenberge) & Die 
Flagge der Lausitzer Serben
 oder auch Sorben i.m. 
Vergleich :D  ::::


Flag of Egypt = F. of E. = E. fo F. 
E. fo F. = = 5. fo 6. = 5.6.fo   
:::: &8&8&8& ::::
Diese Flagge Ägypten's 
wurde am 4. Oktober 1984
o.a.  =  offiziell angenommen

The Benjamin Fulford Report
by Benjamin Fulford
July 26, 2016



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