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Formel Eins 13.05.1986 >>>> R.R. mit K. von D. <<<<< Die Polizei in Hannover informiert Sie heute über: La vita è bella ~ Hannover APP+Y ~ The Eagle's Eye News On Saturday 09.07.2016 ~ Occult Mimicry of Alien Contact 07.07.2016 ~


Füchse (deutsch) plural & Fuchs (deutsch) singular = Lisice (srpski) plural & Lisica (srpski) singular
:::: Handschellen (G. = German) = Lisice (S.S. = Serbian Slang) ::::

:::: Celebrity Eclipse = C.E. = Collective Evolution ::::

:::: Profile Photo = P.P. of "The Pursuit of Happiness" ::::
~ Das Leben ist schön ~ La vita è bella ~
ist ein italienischer Film von Roberto Benigni aus dem Jahr 1997.
:::: Đorđe Balašević ::::
 Serbian Cyrillic: Ђорђе Балашевић
born 11 May 1953 is a prominent Serbian and former Yugoslav singer-songwriter.

Only 14 Days Left = On. 14 Da. Le. = O. 14 D. L.
:::: Inelia Benz  23.07.2016 iN Girona, Spain ::::
Yep... B.I. = Benz Inelia & Not... M.I. = Mercedes Inelia 

  The Eagle's Eye News On Saturday 09.07.2016

NATO Summit Approved Buildup Against Russia Unseen Since Nazi Era

  G.U.S. = Gemeinschaft Unabhängiger Staaten

(((( Содружество Независимых Государств (СНГ), 

 Sodruschestwo Nesawissimych Gossudarstw (SNG),

 im russischen Sprachgebrauch: Sodruschestwo )))) 

& Vojvodina's Hottest Fox News09 072016 
& Гyc Gus by  Бyc Bus
& Gus Gus perfom "Arabian Horse"
:::: Live @ÄTät@ R.I. = Reykjavik Iceland ::::

& G.U.S. 2008 >>>> 8 
:::: Julilana Britto Schwartz News :::: 27.04.2016 :::: 
J.B.S. is a Latina feminist writer & campaigner based in the Bay Area, California.
+++ Indigenous Movement Stops Construction Of Brazilian Mega-Dam +++
:::: Ruski akademik predviđa šta čeka Srbiju  ::::
~ Srna 08.07.2016 13h 55min ~
:::: Gnostic Themes in Fight Club :::: by M.C. ::::
Digitalism >>>> Electronic Music Duo from Hamburg, Germany >>>> Occult Mimicry of Alien Contact :::: 7.7.2016 ::::

  :::: Sputnik News = S.N. = N.S. ::::

NATO Summit Approved

Buildup Against Russia

Unseen Since Nazi Era

++++ 05:49 09.07.2016 (updated 07:15 09.07.2016) ++++

The NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland fanned dangerous tensions in Europe and approved military exercises against Russia unparalleled in scale since the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, former CIA analyst and whistleblower John Kiriakou told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Kiriakou gained international recognition as the only person the US government sent to prison for exposing the President George W. Bush administration's torture program. ...

Resistance Movement @ = R.M. @ =

Mercedes S.L. = M. Sub Lotus
& hey it's not "Sub Rosa" anymore &...
Arabian Horse by Gus Gus
Live iN Reykjavik, Iceland.

Fuchs Nachrichten (deutsch) = Lisica Novosti (srpski)


Le F L A B A 😈 = Le V 😈

Le F L A C A 😈 = Le W 😈
Digitalism are a German electronic music duo formed in Hamburg in 2004, consisting of Jens "Jence" Moelle and İsmail "Isi" Tüfekçi. The duo are signed to French label Kitsuné, as well as Virgin Records and Astralwerks in other parts of the world. Digitalism have remixed tracks for The Presets, Tom Vek, The Futureheads, Daft Punk, Tiga, Klaxons, The White Stripes, Monk, Depeche Mode, Cut Copy and many others, including a re-edit of "Fire in Cairo" by The Cure (entitled "Digitalism in Cairo"). Their tracks and remixes are played by DJs such as Erol Alkan, Soulwax, Boys Noize and Justice. Digitalism have made appearances at festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, South by Southwest, Rhythm and Vines, Electric Picnic and Ultra Music Festival as well as various clubs worldwide.Moelle has two solo releases on Kitsuné; "I Ragazzi Del 1982" as Palermo Disko Machine and "Wired" as Jence. He has since released "Vesuvia/Theme of Palermo Disko Machine" as Palermo Disko Machine on Vulture Music.
R.M. @ÄTät
:::: Dallas+Atlanta = Da.+At. = Da At = D.A. = #DA = #DAda ::::

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