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M.J.12 @ätÄT@ T.V. :::: New Thoughts on the First Farmers ~ A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America ~ Friday, July 15, 2016 :::: I.S.I.S.+Esmeraldix @ÄTät@ Little Fox (english) = Kleiner Fuchs (deutsch) = Mala Lisica (srpski) :::: XP = PX = T.T. = Topics Today >>>> Origin hypotheses of the Serbs & R.S. rad at night & M.M. = Much More &...

Yes, the Gnostics Practiced Sex Rituals (get over it)+July 18, 2016 by M. C.
M.J. 12 = Maxwell Jordan 4+4+4
@ätÄT@ The Vatican = T.V.
"As you begin to walk out
on the way, the
way appears."
~ Rumi
New Thoughts on the First Farmers  
~ A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America  ~ 
:::: Friday, July 15, 2016 ::::
The Sun And Planet Earth = T.S.A.P.E. = 56+E. = I.S.I.S.+Esmeraldix
Little Fox (english) = Kleiner Fuchs (deutsch) = Mala Lisica (srpski)
:::: XP = PX = T.T. = Topics Today ::::
:::: Origin hypotheses of the Serbs  ::::
& R.S. rad at night 
& 10th Anniversary of the Saxon Hornjoserbšćina Flag :::: 
"Chaos everywhere as current world order
continues to collapse while 
new age begins" 
~ Benjamin Fulford, Tokyo, Japan, July 19, 2016 ::::
 "Hrajna doba z rekordom" póndźela, 18. julija 2016 ::::
Sieb Sieben 38 (deutsch) = Filter Seven 34+4 (english) ::::
:::: Die Teutonen & Die Kimbern ::::

:::: Bajaga i Instruktori ~ Tišina ~ Live Arena Beograd 2006 ::::

:::: Shirabyoshi Dancer by Katsushika Hokusai ::::
:::: Equestrienne Tang Dynasty ::::
:::: Guardian China Tang Dynasty 690 to 750 CE ::::
 Emmanuel Dagher = E.D. = D.E. = C.C.C. = Chaos Computer Club 
C.C.C.+1+1+1 = C.C.C.C.
:::: The stones of Stenness, Orkney, Scotland, 1906. ::::

B.T. = Before The
S.S. = Slavic Serbs
came 2 the balkans
the celtic tribe with the name "Scordisci" founded what we know today as Belgrade (Σινγίδουνον) in the first half of the third century B.C. & nowadays Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. The word SRB is an old Slavic root word & simply means "Kinsman+Ally".
Belgrad serbisch-kyrillisch Београд 
Beograd, übersetztWeiße Stadt“
 daher der altertümliche Name: Griechisch Weißenburg.
Das Gebiet am Zusammenfluss von Save und Donau war seit der Mitte bis späten Paläolithikum kontinuierlich besiedelt. Spuren der neolithischen Vinča Kultur die zwischen dem 6. und 3. Jahrtausend v. Chr. im Bereich der mittleren Donau ansässig war sind nach einem Belgrader Vorort benannt worden. ... + Das Erscheinen der Kelten an der Savemündung datierte der Historiker Iustinus (1. Hälfte des 3. Jahrhunderts) nach der Rückkehr aus Delphi:
„Die Kelten die den Krieg gegen Delphi unglücklich geführt haben, bei dem sie eher die Macht Gottes als der Menschen zu spüren bekommen haben, sind, nachdem sie ihren Führer Brennus verloren und geschlagen wurden, teils nach Thrakien und teils nach Kleinasien geflüchtet. Von hier sind sie auf dem selben Weg wie beim Feldzug zurück in ihre Heimat gekommen. Eine Gruppe von diesen hat sich an der Savemündung niedergelassen und begann sich Skordisker zu nennen.“
Iustinus: Epitome XXXII 3, 6-8 
Weiß+Russland = W.+R. = White+Russia

Origin hypotheses of the Serbs

The Serbs trace their history to the 6th and 7th-century southwards migration of Slavs. The Serbs, as the other South Slavs, absorbed Paleo-Balkan peoples and established various states throughout the Middle Ages; Serbian historiography agrees on that the beginning of Serbian history started with the forming of Serbian statehood in the Early Middle Ages. In the 19th century, various scholars provided several theories about the origin of the Serb ethnonym. Some researchers claimed that the ethnonym, and thereby ethnic origin, dated to ancient history. The theories are based on the presumed connection to various Roman-era ethnonyms (tribes) and toponyms. These theories remain largely unproved and controversial.


R.S. = Reamonn Supergirl 
:::: Zastava Postoji Sad Deset Godina ::::
:::: 10th Anniversary of the New Upper
S.S. Flag  = Sorbian Saxon F. ::::
:::: since 2006 ::::
"Chaos everywhere as current world
 order continues to collapse while
 new age begins"
:::: July 19, 2016 :::: Benjamin Fulford ::::
"The world situation is becoming increasingly chaotic with major events taking place in Turkey, France, Japan, the United States, China and elsewhere. The events are all linked to the ongoing collapse of the global structure that was put in place at the end of World War 2. Chinese government analysts believe the entire current world architecture will suffer a total systems collapse by the year 2018 after which a new, improved, structure will replace it. For this reason they expect accelerating global turmoil between now and then. Let us start with a look at the attempted coup d’etat in Turkey last week. Mossad sources tried to pin the attempt on Russia and added “this was just round one”. However, Pentagon sources say jets piloted by Israeli trained Saudi Arabian pilots flying out of the NATO airbase in Incirlik dropped a bright flashing but not very damage causing low grade nuclear weapon in front of the Turkish Parliament building during the attempted overthrow of President Recep Erdogan.
The Pentagon sources suspect Erdogan used light shows like that as part of a staged the coup attempt against himself in order to give him an excuse to purge the Turkish military and law enforcement agencies of rivals. One Pentagon source said that “because Erdogan renewed ties to Mossad and may steal US nukes at Incirlik to arm ISIS, the coup is far from over. Chinese government sources, however, had a very different interpretation of events in Turkey. They say the Turkish government was attacked because it was moving away from NATO and towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The Turkish government is also negotiating with the Iranian government to create a Sunni/Shia Muslim alliance and renew the Caliphate. The Khazarian mafia front organization ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is trying to stop this by creating a fake Caliphate and acting in disgusting ways designed to make everybody hate Muslims. What is at stake is the $2 trillion in oil and gas money coming out of the Middle East every year. With such high stakes, Erdogan is now a high priority assassination target and we can expect a lot more trouble in the Middle East before the dust settles. However, if Turkey is working in tandem with Iran and mending fences with Russia and Egypt as well, they appear to have the strongest hand. Now let us take a look at what is happening in France. Here we have a wildly unpopular government staging fake terrorist attacks in order to extend martial law. The government is doing this because the Italian banking system is collapsing and will take the French banking system down with it. So, in order to distract the French people from the financial troubles they need to create a fake external enemy to unify the country around. Videos of the aftermath of the attack in Nice where a truck supposedly killed 84 people and injured another 200 appear to show a trail of real bodies (gathered up from hospitals around the country?). However, a friend working at the Japanese national broadcaster NHK’s news desk says NHK reported for about 4 hours that the truck in Nice was full of weapons and hand grenades. However, a CNN reporter on the scene reported the weapons were all fake, after which CNN, NHK and others dropped the “full of weapons” meme from their coverage. Then there is the fact the impoverished alleged killer sent $100,000 to his family before the incident. Also for some reason, the corporate media decided to completely ignore what looks like a spectacular attempt to blow up the Eiffel tower on the same day. Maybe there were too many witnesses to the fakery there so they decided to just pretend that little stunt never happened. A video of this incident has now been deleted from the net, but a photo can be seen here:
No matter what though, the French fascist’s Gladio operations are not going to stop the revolution that is unfolding in that country. In any case, both the French and Turkish smoke and mirrors shows distracted from far more important events taking place in the Asia. We can confirm from our own CIA and Chinese sources what Neil Keenan has reported about UN Secretary General Bank Ki Moon and David Rockefeller going begging and not getting anything.
We can also add new information about the Emperor of Japan’s announced resignation: Ban Ki Moon was in Korea and China trying to find gold to keep the Rockefeller’s UN Corporation in business and to ask for the job of President of South Korea. He was told to buzz off. After that David Rockefeller phoned his “old family friend” Emperor Akihito and asked for gold. Akihito told Rockefeller that ..."  
~ Benjamin Fulford,
July 19, 2016

Hrajna doba z rekordom ~ póndźela, 18. julija 2016
"Olsenowa cwólba NSLDź so rozžohnuje – klětu pak ju na Budyskim hrodźe znowa wuhladamy. Na wčerawšim poslednim za rjadowanju hrajneje doby je tež bubnar skupiny Floppy dolls Diego Carlos Seyfarth Budyšinej božemje prajił. Wón so dźakowaše a rjekny, zo njeje sej w Němskej tak lochko měł, w serbskim wobswěće pak je so jara derje čuł. Foto: SN/Maćij Bulank Olsenowa cwólba NSLDź so rozžohnuje – klětu pak ju na Budyskim hrodźe znowa wuhladamy. Na wčerawšim poslednim za rjadowanju hrajneje doby je tež bubnar skupiny Floppy dolls Diego Carlos Seyfarth Budyšinej božemje prajił. Wón so dźakowaše a rjekny, zo njeje sej w Němskej tak lochko měł, w serbskim wobswěće pak je so jara derje čuł. 
Foto: SN/Maćij Bulank
Tež serbske dźiwadło Budyskeho NSLDź zhladuje na dobru bilancu
Budyšin (SN/CoR). Z wčerawšim poslednim předstajenjom 21. lětnjeho dźiwadła je so zdobom hrajna doba Budyskeho Němsko-Serbskeho ludoweho dźiwadła 2015/2016 zakónčiła – a to samo z dwójnym rekordom.

Tak je ze 36 963 wopytowarjemi telko ludźi kaž hišće ženje do toho w stawi­znach NSLDź lětnju inscenaciju pod hołym njebjom dožiwiło. Kóžde z dohromady 37 předstajenjow wot intendanta Lutza Hillmanna na zakładźe woblubowanych danskich filmow spisaneho a inscenowaneho krucha „Olsenowa cwólba a wulki pozadnik“ bě wupředate. Tež wjedro je k dobremu wuslědkej přinošowało, wšako njetrjebaše ani jedne předstajenje wupadnyć.

Dobre ličby lětnjeho dźiwadła wuskutkuja so tež pozitiwnje na powšitkownu hrajnu dobu NSLDź. Tak je dohromady 160 164 ludźi 958 zarjadowanjow Budyskeho dźiwadła wopytało – rekord tež tole. To je 10 000 wjace hač w sezonje do toho."

:::: wozjewjene w: Kultura ::::

Photo taken @ 3:33 AM
m.+I.T. m+ein.e+m Huawei P9 MobilTelefon 
~ Vladimir Gvozden um 3 U.hr u+N.D. 33 Min.u+ten 
@Mardorf, Niedersachsen, Deutschland, Europa, Planet Erde, ...

"Aufteilung des Fränkischen Reiches im Jahre 843. Das Siedlungsgebiet der Sorben (gelb, oben) grenzt an das Ostfrankenreich von Ludwig dem Deutschen (hellbraun)." ~ Quelle:
"Helm (Rekonstruktion) eines Fürsten (vermutlich König Raedwald) aus Sutton Hoo (British Museum). Der Helm basiert zwar auf dem Spangenhelm, ähnelt aber den Helmen aus der Vendelzeit in Schweden. (2008)" ~ Quelle: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelsachsen 
:::: German Empire+Prussia+Saxony+1871 ::::
:::: Das Wappen preußischen Provinz Sachsen ab 1918 ::::

:::: Alle Sachsen :D
müssen jetzt angeln gehen :D ::::
:::: Georgskreuz bzw.
Flagge der Angelsachsen,
die sich heute Engländer nennen ::::

:::: Deutsche Flagge mit Adler ::::
:::: Serbische Flagge der Sorben ::::
:::: The Flag Of The Austrian State 1934-1938 ::::
:::: #FILTER (english) = #SIEB (deutsch) = #SITO (srpski) ::::
TradCatKnight Radio 16.07.2016 Interview w' L.L.Z.
... rad at night adio ...
:::: Work (english) = Arbeit (deutsch) = Rad (srpski) ::::

:::: Electronic Neuroweapons SI.TO. Americans ::::

Die sorbisch-evangelische Michaeliskirche in Bautzen
Die Teutonen (lateinisch: Teutones oder Teutoni, griechisch Τεύτονες) waren nach römischen Quellen ein germanisches Volk der Antike, das ursprünglich im heutigen Jütland (heutige Thy, altdän. Thythæ sysæl) lebte. Die Teutonen wanderten um 120 v. Chr. gemeinsam mit den Kimbern aus Jütland aus und zogen bis nach Italien (siehe Kimbernkriege).



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