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Pека Бојана & Mayan Cosmogony & Nanas @A.S. = Anonymous Srbija & Three Templars = T.T. @Enya & Agent & #C.G.Jung = #CarsGanjaJ. @Bees And = B.A.+@H. = Honey @ScullyAndMulder#FBI :::: The E.U. Crisis 2016 @SundayExpress And Armenia :::: UK vs. China 1985-2015 Gross Domestic Product :::: Into The Trees = I.T.T. = Information Technology Templars @ätÄT@ St. Peter S.S.S. Line :::: Contemplation Power Sunday with Nouvelle Vague & O.B. = Other Bands ::::

2,000 Year-Old Book of Giants 

Describes How the Nephilim 

Were Destroyed

 Disko B ‎–+ DB83
I-f +- The Man From PACK (((((((( Vinyl Album ))))))))

A1 Secret Desire (Vox) 4:57
A2 Theme From PACK 4:37
B1 The Getaway Scene 4:20
B2 Moonbase Next To G 4:20
C1 Rage Of Aquarius 4:48
C2 The Man From PACK 5:12
D1 Midnight-Connection To Mars 4:32
D2 Il Tramonto 2:52
Vitamin B1 = Vitamin BA = Vitamin C
:::: Tupac i Šipak i Šiptar ::::
t.y.+p+e if yo+u
The "Nanas", three sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002) set up in Hannover, the Capital of Lower Saxony in Germany, in the mid-1970s, were restored in a complex process using Hahlbrock fibre-reinforced plastics.
Boja u igraćim kartama je simbol koji određuje pripadnost karte određenoj skupini. Sve karte s istim simbolom pripadaju istoj skupini, odnosno istoj boji.Boja u kartama se razlikuje od boje u likovnom smislu. U standardnim kartama postoje 4 boje, koje imaju i svoje nazive, ovisno od vrste karata.Kod karata s francuskim likom, nazivi boja su:

Simbol boje SuitClubs.svg SuitSpades.svg SuitHearts.svg SuitDiamonds.svg
Hrvatski Tref Pik Srce Karo
Njemački Kreuz Pik Herz Karo
Francuski Trèfle Pique Cœur Carreau
Engleski Clubs Spades Hearts Diamonds
U uobičajenoj izvedbi, simboli tref i pik su crni, a srce i karo crveni.
Kod nas su također rasprostranjene karte s njemačkim likom ("Mađarice"), a nazivi boja u njima su:

Simbol boje Eichel1.png Laub1.gif Herz1.gif Schellen1.gif
Hrvatski Žir List Srce Bundeva
Njemački Eichel Laub Rot Schelle
@&P9&=G.&.C.&.M.2.@=Ganja & Cars & More 2day@
:::: A+R.M. Enya @ätÄT@ Kars & Ganja & Ganjamen & Cars ::::
 :::: AGENT ARM = 47+ARM = A.R.M.+47 = A.R.+M.E.N.+I.E.+N. ::::
Enya interview: Ireland's most successful solo artist on being stalked, living in a castle, and why she's single 
Wednesday 18 November 2015
Edinburgh University 1827
Old College ~ University of Edinburgh

:::: Pan+Flu+T.E. = E.T.+ulF+naP ::::
X = A.E.R. = An English Raven I.S.+is A German Raabe = A.G.R. = Z. = Zeldalink
max raabe konzert = m.r.k. = m.k. raven

:::: Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus ::::

Yesterday 2.7.2016 iBought A Huawei P9 & iLove I.T. :D

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a period (quarterly or yearly). Nominal GDP estimates are commonly used to determine the economic performance of a whole country or region, and to make international comparisons. Nominal GDP, however, does not reflect differences in the cost of living and the inflation rates of the countries; therefore using a GDP PPP per capita basis is arguably more useful when comparing differences in living standards between nations. @ätÄT@
"A 2nd century map of Germania by the scholar Ptolemy has always stumped scholars, who were unable to relate the places depicted to known settlements. Now a team of researchers have cracked the code, revealing that half of Germany's cities are 1,000 years older than previously thought.

The map shows that both the North and Baltic Seas were known as the "Germanic Ocean" and the Franconian Forest in northern Bavaria was "Sudeti Montes." The map indicates three "Saxons' islands" off the Frisian coast in northwestern Germany -- known today as Amrum, Föhr and Sylt.

It also shows a large number of cities. The eastern German city that is now called Jena, for example, was called "Bicurgium," while Essen was "Navalia." Even the town of Fürstenwalde in eastern Germany appears to have existed 2,000 years ago. Its name then was "Susudata," a word derived from the Germanic term "susutin," or "sow's wallow" -- suggesting that the city's skyline was perhaps less than imposing.

This unusual map draws on information from the mathematician and astronomer Ptolemy, who, in 150 AD, embarked on a project to depict the entire known world. Living in Alexandria, in the shadow of its monumental lighthouse, the ancient scholar drew 26 maps in colored ink on dried animal skins." ~ B.L.

:::: History is wrong ::::

3 advanced discoveries made

thousands of years ago

in Ancient India
“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”
~ Heraclitus ~

Nouvelle Vague

~ Nouvelle Vague ~

00:00 "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Division  

03:18 "Just Can't Get Enough" Depeche Mode 

06:26 "In a Manner of Speaking" Tuxedomoon 

10:23 "Guns of Brixton" The Clash 

14:29 "This Is Not a Love Song" Public Image Ltd. 

20:18 "Too Drunk to Fuck" Dead Kennedys 

22:30 "Marian" The Sisters of Mercy 

26:24 "Making Plans for Nigel" XTC 

29:56 "A Forest" The Cure 

33:36 "I Melt with You" Modern English 

37:37 "Teenage Kicks" The Undertones 

39:52 "Psyche" Killing Joke 

44:05 "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" The Specials  

48:28 "Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)" A Flock of Seagulls

Euro migrant crisis an 'inside job' planned to bring about EU super state, says David Icke

MIGRANTS have been allowed to come into Europe as part of a plan to gain support for the creation of an EU superstate, an arch conspiracy theorist has sensationally claimed. 

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