Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Red Stripes

A dagger was found inside the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun in 1925. It was discovered lying next to the right thigh of the boy king's mummified remains. The dagger reveals the sophisticated metal working skills. The researchers say the iron blade shows particular mastery compared to other iron objects from the time made using metal obtained from meteorites. The iron used to make the blade came from a meteorite called Kharga, which was found in 2000 on the Maras Matruh plateau in Egypt, 150 miles west of Alexandria. A similar iron meteorite was found in Nangan China.
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Richard Gray 
:::: June 1, 2016 ::::

Tutankhamun had a space dagger

Blade found beside ancient 

Egyptian boy king's mummy 

was made from a METEORITE

Daimler Benz Time Traveler Mercedes = D.B.T.T.M. = S.R.B.I.J.A. 
#59 = #10+#49 = #5+#5+#7*#7
:::: Σοφíα ::::
Sophia's Greek meaning I.S.+is Wisdom
>>>> Coptic τcοφια (tsophia) is+I.S.
A major theme, along with Knowledge 
(Greek γνῶσις gnosis+Coptic sooun),
among many of the early 
Christian K.T. 
((((Ch. Knowledge Theologies)))) 

Merkel to miss vote 

as Turkey pressures Germany 

not to recognize Armenian genocide

June 1, 2016

King Tutankhamun's Dagger 

Was Literally Out Of This World

June 1, 2016 @ifl science

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