Monday, June 20, 2016

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High Frequency News  
Graham Hancock
"If you are at Glastonbury Festival this weekend please come along to The Common on Saturday 25 June where I have the honour to speak on stage at 3pm, immediately following Dr David Nutt, Professor of Neuropharmacology at Imperial College. David was the former UK government drug adviser who was fired from his post for stating publicly that alcohol is FAR more harmful and dangerous than cannabis, and that MDMA is MUCH safer than horse riding. David's talk starts at 2pm. The title is 'Psychedelics: The Past, Present and Future'. My talk begins at 3 pm and the title is 'Do Psychedelics Matter?' Naturally I think they do! The venue for both talks is The Temple in the Common, and full details of the events can be found by scrolling down through this link ..."



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