Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Crop Circles, UFO's, Ancient Mysteries and Scientific Speculations was created for the purpose of spreading of information, exchange of views and discussion of perspectives, in a civil and mature manner in anything related to Crop Circles, UFO's, Ancient Mysteries and Scientific Speculations. Any show of humor, jokes and creativity concerning the above are also welcome. However, postings and remarks which are spiteful, insulting, degrading, abusing, spreading of hatred, ridiculing or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Neither shall cyber bullying, harassment, or any form of antisocial behavior be allowed. The administrators reserve the right to delete such postings/comments within our sole discretion, without any notice or entertaining to further query from the owner of such postings or comments. Users are encouraged to stop the spread of such negativity by using the "Delete" or “Flag” button whenever you encounter such garbage in this FB and report this to the administrators." 

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