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Murphys Gesetz (englisch Murphy’s Law) ist eine auf den US-amerikanischen Ingenieur Edward A. Murphy jr. zurückgehende Lebensweisheit, die eine Aussage über menschliches Versagen bzw. über Fehlerquellen in komplexen Systemen macht.


 #TBT5 = #BBWT = B.B.W.T. = Boris Becker Wadenbeißer Tennis
Born 22 April 1724 Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia)
Died 12 February 1804 (aged 79) Königsberg, Prussia
Residence Königsberg, Prussia
Nationality Prussian
Education Collegium Fridericianum
Alma mater University of Königsberg
(MA, 1755; PhD, 1755; Dr. habil., 1770)

Era 18th-century philosophy
Region Western philosophy
Institutions University of Königsberg
Main Interests
Notable Ideas

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:::: 1996 ~ Best of Dead Doctors Don't Lie ~ Part 1 :::: 
:::: religija sprdex = r.s. + Bill Maher = B.M. = M.B. = M2 :::: 
The Pink & The White & The Green Tiger Societies & The Law of Melissa Murphy 
"What defines the ego? Everything that you identify with that aren’t inherently awareness/existence. The Body. Every identity you may make of your body is part of the ego. That includes gender, skin color, physical appearance, abilities, disabilities, and so on. All of these may change throughout a single lifetime. Bodies are born and bodies die. The nature of awareness/existence, however, is formless. When you cling to any particular form as “me,” that is ego–mistaken identity. The Mind. Judgments and perceptions also shape your ego. Who/what you consider yourself to be shapes who/what you see others and the world as being, and vice-versa. The mind is a tool for understanding our role in the world and enacting that role. However to mistake yourself to be defined by that role is ego. All roles are temporary. And when the mind’s use in judging, defining, and perceiving becomes fixed, then you create a prison out of your own thoughts. The Story. Your story of your life situation is not you either. Where you come from, what struggles you have faced and are facing, your dreams and ambitions for the future. All of that is a nice story but it is ultimately meaningless. A blade of grass has no such story yet it is no less alive than you are. Past and Future will dominate the minds of people whose egos are largely defined by their stories. The present only seems to exist for them as a means to an end and it is largely covered up with labels.  The Pain. Every experience of suffering, fear, and pain that you have undergone but haven’t forgiven forms together into the ego. This comprises what triggers you into certain emotional states of fear and suffering. Forgiveness is a virtue not merely because it is noble but because it frees you from the ego’s triggers. Early childhood and romantic relationships seem to play into this strongly, as well as traumatic experiences. The Anxiety. A constant background of being ill-at-ease is a symptom of egoic consciousness. No matter how much you get or achieve, something seems to be lacking, even if only slightly. There is always something to worry about, something to need, something to achieve."
 ~ The Lazy Yogi ~

Dr. Wc+allah

:::: Best of Dead Doctors Don't Lie :::: Part 1 ::::

Recorded 1996,  
this the lecture that made Dr. Wallach famous. Nominated for a Noble Prize  and he personally sued the FDA seven times.

Sturmtruppen Arbeiter

ÄTät@@ Religija Sprdex

  Could Nasa announce aliens exist TODAY? Major development in Kelper mission due

NASA will today make a big announcement about its search for alien life... leaving conspiracy theorists convinced it will confirm extra terrestrials HAVE been visiting the planet. ... R.M. = Read More

Minhwa :::: Korean folk painting
“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” 
breakout John Boyega &
“Diary of a Teenage Girl” star
Bel Powley made their debut 
@ Cannes last night, receiving this year’s Chopard Trophy from the hands of Juliette Binoche & Variety Vice President & Executive Editor Steven Gaydos. ... read more:

The flag commonly presented as the Newfoundland Tricolour, or the "Pink, White and Green", is an unofficial flag popular in some portions of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador and is incorrectly believed by some to have once been the Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador, or more usually, of just the island of Newfoundland. Its colours are green, white and rose. Its proportions are 1:2 with three pales of equal width coloured green (hoist side), white, and rose. Originating in the 1880s as the flag of a Roman Catholic fraternal group in St. John's, Newfoundland, it is one of the very few and perhaps one of the oldest popularly recognized flags in the world to use the colour rose.


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