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Rex The Dog Prototype = R.T.D.P. = SCIENCE = EMERALD :::: Jan Hammer & Crockett's Theme & H.D. = Hannover Deutschland & Miami Vice Omega & Isis: Goddess of Egypt & India ~ Paperback March 4, 2016 by Chris Morgan (Author) @www.amazon.com

Tesla's Sum+mon mon oui oui ja ja da da :::: 
Underground City In The Grand Canyon Was Documented In 1909 :::: 
#HongmenSealGuangdong = #HSG = #NSA = #NovaSrpskaAnalitičarka ::::
"On India's south-western or Malabar coast is situated an ancient Hindu temple devoted to the famous god Shiva and his consort the fearsome Kali. But an earlier dedication was to the Buddhist/Jaina goddess Pattini, whose mortal husband was tried and killed in a series of brutal events still commemorated in the temple's ritual year. And before this the story gets even stranger, as there are said to be the remains of a secret, underground shrine, the home to a mystery cult dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis. Greek, Roman & Near Eastern merchants travelled to India after a regular, if epic, sea journey of two thousand miles across the Arabian Ocean, making their first landfall at a port known in the ancient world as Musiris. The story begins on the banks of the Nile when Isis and Osiris were the beating heart of Egypt's most popular religion. I will trace their origins to the Egypt's pyramid age in the middle of the second millennia bce and even earlier. A great deal of this book is devoted to describing what is known about their cult from Egyptian records. This, I shall argue, is the basis for what comes later in the time-line, when Greek and Roman Empires dominated the Mediterranean world. Now Isis and Osiris become the focus of a global religion and the basis of the most popular of all classical mystery cults."
~ Chris Morgan ~
Author of: 
Isis: Goddess of Egypt & India
Paperback. March 4, 2016 
"Disney hijacked real tales, called them fairytales & sold them off. The truth is the original tales are full of valuable life lessons & metaphors. Just remember to look deeper into things, research & see the underlying hidden messages & meanings before passing it off."
~ Horus' Reincarnation a.k.a. Sarah Rachel Adams ~

You Can Now 'Summon' 

The Tesla Model S 

Like An Obedient Pet

Written by

Jon Christian

Underground City

In The

Grand Canyon

Was Documented

In 1909

 Mali Moj Magi Mmmmm = M.M.M.M. = 52 = BEOGRAD ::::
Triaden >< Die Drei Harmonien Gesellschaft ::::
The Triadic & Tetradic Blessings ::::

Isis Sophia = I.S. = N.G.G. = Never mess with Girl Gangs, 
because they are ready to fuck shit up!!!!!!!!!! 
 the blessing of the Ankh+the Djed and the W3's sceptre 
~ from the White Chapel, Karnak.
:::: The Triadic & Tetradic Blessings ::::
The grouping of the hieroglyphs of the Three Powers: the Ankh, the Djed & the W3's sceptre & its expansion to a tetrad when preceded by the s3 hieroglyph that is a symbol of the protection of the Great Goddess.
19th Century Guangdong 
~ Guangdong = 90 = Maxwell = Yunasai ~
:::: Hongmen Seal = H.S. = S.H. = Schwarze Hand  ::::
Traditional Chinese 洪門
Simplified Chinese 洪门
Literal meaning Hong Gate, Vast Gate, Floodgate

:::: Tiandihui :::: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiandihui
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 天地會
Simplified Chinese 天地会
Literal meaning Heaven and Earth Society
:::: Sanhehui
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese Thiên Địa Hội
Traditional Chinese 三合會
Simplified Chinese 三合会
Literal meaning Three Harmonies Society

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