Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seth's Tao Of The Dao & The most Gothic city on earth >>>> Prague

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The Tao of The Dao

How the autonomous corporation is already here

M45 Truck Trend
& Gnostic Themes+Science Daily
& Off+ice Disc+us+sion #I0+J+IpmZi8
<<<< March of the Titans >>>> The Rise & Fall of Caucasian Civilization 

Prague is the most

Gothic city on earth 


14 = N = B.L. = Brian Lohnes
May 5, 2016 @ XP = PX = T.T. = Truck Trend
The new Volvo D13 With Turbo Compounding Pushes Technology 
& Efficiency in Trucking

Truck Trend = T.T. = Time Travelers 

5,000-Year-Old Unlooted Tomb of Thracian Warrior is Biggest Find of the Year in Turkey

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Why are so many movies 

going Gnostic? |315|

Miguel Conner explains why movies like Snowpiercer and The Lego Movie rely on Gnostic themes. 


Cells carry 'memory' of injury, which could reveal why chronic pain persists


:::: March of the Titans ::::

The Rise & Fall of 

Caucasian Civilization

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The world's youngest 

self-made billionaires

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Black Bukowski's Art of
W.A.R. & Peace & Love & Light

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