Sunday, May 8, 2016

#FeelTheTru2016 & Semin Ra und B.S.E. & #BSE = #BlackwingSushiExopolitics & Happy Mother's Day + Muttertag + Dan Majke 2016 Osmi Maj + The Fifth Element Music Video 1997 RyoDrake Productions + Seal's Kiss from a Rose "Batman Forever" version & Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Yunasai = M.C.E.O.Y. = B.S.O.C.I.M. = Blue Streets Of Chefchaouen In Morocco

Hello American New Agers :)
I am one with you like all the dollars your government steals 
from you :D
My suggestion is to kill all Luciferians today in a massive
Mother's Day Ritual 2016
& I do not care if they are Jews or whatever... often they also pretend to be Christians or Muslims or Knights Templar or Teutonic Knights or Jesuits & anything they want only to be able to continue to lie & make cash & maintain a bit of their power they daily lose & people are stupid & don't get it. Sad, but true.  Illuminati is their favourite Label+Term & you'll find Luciferians in the banking system & in politics & in the movie industry & in the music industry & in the fashion industry & in secret services around the world & in the arms industry a.k.a. military industrial complex & in the mainstream media & everywhere where you have positions to manipulate huge amounts of people. Great Britain & the U.S.A. are filled with them, but you'll find them in some European countries too of course & their favourite state is the Vatican. They love Washigton D.C. & the City of London & the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main & Switzerland & Israel of course.  

The Melchzedek Cloister Emerald Order 
& The Emerald Convenant are oriented towards the 
Source of Creation/Source a.k.a. God/Goddess a.k.a. Prime Creator 
or what Muslims call Allah & Luciferians of the Luciferian Covenant 
want to lead us away from Source.
Luciferians are Luciferians! Period!
I wish you a nice Sunday :D
 "For a lack of vision the people perish." ~ Taurus' Quote = T.Q. = The Queen

Greetings from  Temerin's
#1 The Glitch Mob fan
Hopi tunnels to inner earth 
Uploaded May 7, 2016

"An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy."
  ~ #19 Spanish Proverb = #S S. P. = #SS+16 ~
Angelic Goddess Sara Sampaio with a sweet little fox = A.G.S.S. = 46 = SOL

Blackwing Sushi Exopolitics
is my new nickname on facebook :)

Bovine spongiforme Enzephalopathie, kurz BSE, (deutsch: „bei Rindern auftretende schwammartige Rückbildung von Gehirnsubstanz“) oder umgangssprachlich auch Rinderwahn genannt, ist eine Tierseuche. Die tödliche Erkrankung des Gehirns vor allem bei Hausrindern wird vermutlich durch Prionen (atypisch gefaltete Proteine) verursacht.


  Sretan ti osmi maj draga moja mama :)
Mother's Day / Muttertag / Dan Majke
dad's sister & dad & me & mom 1981 
@home in Schützenstr. 13, List, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Deutschland.
mom & me & carola & sema 1980 
@home in Schützenstr. 13, List, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Deutschland. 

Vladimir Gvozden 1988
iLove this remix & Drum'N'Bass a.k.a. Jungle is a music style that I listened to a lot in 1994 & 1995 & iHave been @ the Fugees live concert in Hannover in 1996 @Hanomag's Music Hall & I.T. was fantastic :D iLove this Band :) 
In 1991 I was & still am a big fan of the Berlin's PopRockPunk Band Die Ärzte & iHad RedHair myself from March 1991 until late summer 1991 & in fall/winter 1994 iHad Rasta pigtails for 2 months & in both cases iHad big trouble with my dad, because  he  did not like that :) LOL.
Ich bin Meister Eder's Pumuckl
May 27, 2012 @Faustgelände Hannover Linden Nord before I was at the live concert of Jahcoustix
This are 2 versions of Natas Decks that I am aware of & iHad the one with the small Black Cat & not the one with the Black Panther. In the late 80s+early 90s I was a Skater myself & I.T. was a great time especially every summer & I got to know any corner of Hannover this way & when I made my Taxi Driver Licence in 2001 I did not have to learn a lot, because I knew any street of Hannover since my time as a Skater :)

When Orinoco Flow & Buffalo Stance where ranked high in the German Pop Charts in the late 80s, I had a discussion about music with Nenad Prović (*December 10, 1974), who also lived in the Hamburger Allee 32 with his sister Nada & his parents. I remember that he asked me which my favourite song is right now & I said Orinoco Flow & his was Buffalo Stance & I like them both of course :) ... & btw: because of Nenad I became a Die Ärzte fan in the late 80s because he gave me many recorded tapes with their music :D ... iLived there (Hamburger Allee 32, Hannover Oststadt) from late 1983 until June 1997.  
:::: Mother's Day ::::: 
:::: Honoring Our Many Mothers ::::
"10 suggestions to Honor All Our Mothers: for sons and daughters, for mothers, Mother Earth, Mother God. We are aware that to some people, Mother's Day seems to be a holiday concocted by the greeting card and floral companies, a cultural holiday dominated by consumer pressures. For those whose mothers have died or are distant, and for those who have never been mothers, the day touches other sensitivities. But we think any "problem" with Mother's Day is just because typically it is defined too narrowly. There are many mothers in all our lives and many kinds of mothering experiences.Here, then, for that very special day, Mother's Day, are spiritual practices to honor our many mothers."
Art by Meinrad Craighead
iLove The Strokes especially this album & iHave listened to I.T. so many times since 2001 & can't get enough of I.T. :D ...
iHave seen Gang Starr & M.O.P. live in concert in the Hansestadt Bremen, Germany in 1998 & it was the best Rap/Hip Hop concert that iHave seen in my life. The first one was in spring 1993 in Hannover with Advanced Chemistry from Heidelberg & MC Rene from Braunschweig  
... & after Das Bo's türlich türlich,
Sido's Strassenjunge was the first German Rap song that I really loved, because I could relate to the lyrics+the music :) 
& in January 2012 I fell in Love 
with MoTrip :D
Foto von Meister Eder's Pumuckl mit einer Göttin in ... in 1994
I bought Nas' Illmatic CD & I.T. I.S.+is still one of the very best Rap/HipHop albums that were ever released & iLove 2 listen 2 I.T. from time 2 time :) ... DAMN!!! That's 22 years ago now ... 1994 .... wow!!!!

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