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The Sirian Azurite Council & The God of the Wind राम & Parallel Universes ~ Theories & Evidence ~ By Elizabeth Howell, Space.com Contributor 12:18am ET April 28, 2016 ::::

राम Rama
The God of the Wind 
was the first human ever 
to ascend from the Earth 35,000 years ago. 
Known as "Lord Rama" in the Hindu tradition. 
Rama was one of 13 Ascended Masters 
who organized the incarnation of
Yeshua Ben Yoseph.
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The GA represents a smaller, specialized group, and primary task force, within a greater Guardian Organization called the Inter-dimensional Associations of Free Worlds, creted after the Angelic Wars. The GA is a co-operative organization through which an enormous variety of different interstellar, multi-dimensional and inter-time species and races work together to assist in the evolution of developing cultures throughout the multi-dimensional universe. Their mission is to protect and insure that species discover and fulfill their genetic plan of true spiritual enlightenment and multidimensional heritage as they were intended. Many members of the GA appear to be quite human, but they possess knowledge and abilities far beyond conventional human development. All the Guardian bloodlines on Earth are considered "Amenti Races".  There are many other species involved with the Guardian Alliance, from various hybrids created through intermixing of these species, to the vast, formless sentient conscious entities who direct the Guardian Alliance, entities that exist beyond the scope of dimensionalization.
The GA was formed as a task force to increase security in our time marix when the Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legions created the Anunnaki race l to destroy the Oraphin-Angelic Human lineage & races of the Emerald Covenant. Specializes in propagation of the Emerald Covenant and serves as the governing body of Emerald Covenant Star League Nations. The GA is directed by the Yanas, MC Eieyani Master Council of the Elohi-Elohim Emerald Order Breneau, the Christos Founders Races and the IAFW. The GA is the administrative body of 12 GA Signet Councils. Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils is appointed by the Yanas and IAFW to serve as Primary Guardians of one of the 12 Universal Star Gates (SG's) in the Universal Templar Complex. Under the Guardian Alliance (GA) there are 12 smaller “Signet Councils” that serve as Primary Guardians of each one of the Primary Star Gates in the Universal Templar Complex of out Time Matrix. Because the 3 Lyran Star Gates (D-12 Aramatena, D11- Aveyon and D-10 Vega) are the primary passageways between the Primal Light Fields and the lower Dimensional Density Systems, they are the most important and in greatest need of protection. D-12, D-11 and D-10 (Star Gates-12, 11 and 10) allow the Yanas and Breneu Founders Races to enter the Time Matrix form the Energy Matrix for assistance.

As the representatives of the 3 Lyran GA Signet Councils are composed of members of the original Christos Founders Race lines that seeded the life-field in the Time Matrix, the 3 Lyran GA Signet Councils as often referred as the “Royal Houses.”

Signet Council 12: the Council of Aramatena-Lyra. Star Gate-12
Signet Council 11: the Council of Aveyon-Lyra. Star Gate-11
Signet Council 10: the Council of Vega-Lyra. Star Gate-10
Signet Council 9: the Council of Mirach-Andromeda. Star Gate-9
Signet Council 8: the Council of Mintaka-Orion, Star Gate-8
Signet Council 7: the Council of Epsilon or Sirian-Arcturian Coalition, Star Gate-7 
Signet Council 6: the Council Azurline-Sirius B, Star Gate-6
Signet Council 5: the Council of Alcyone-Pleiades. Star Gate-5
Signet Council 4: the Solar Council of D-4 Sun. Sol Star Gate-11
Signet Council 3, 2 and 1: 
The Amenti Planetary Templar Security Team and Inner Earth Melchizedek Cloister Priest of UR. Universal Star Gates D-3 Earth-SG-3, D-2 Inner Earth-SG-2 and D-1 Parallel Earth-SG-1. The Universal Star Gate 1 through 6 in the densities 1 an 2 (dimension 1-6) systems operate under the direct supervision of the Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani Master Council (“Sirian Azurite Council”) of Density-5 and has maintain a biological presence in regions compromised by the chaos of Fallen Angelic Legion conquest.

C.H. = Cuba Havana  ~ May 3, 2016

F.P. = France Paris ~ March 3, 2015

"Emerald Covenant White Sun Symbol" 
~ Han Trainer Signet Council 

I joined the Korean Soccer Team Fans from
The Lower&Upper Normandy in France.
@Basse&Haute Normandie.
C.C.C.C.T. = C.C.F.T. = Chinese Character For Tiger
YUgoslavia = Q+HUgo via lava fff = Q+HU vv lava ira
虎 ( HU / hŭ ) Chinese Language
:::: Han Trainer Signet Council :::: 

A = a = 1
B = b = 2 = 1+1
C = c = 3 = 1+1+1
D = d = 4 = 2+2
E = e = 5 = 2+2+1
F = f = 6 = 2+2+2
G = g = 7 = 2+2+2+1
H = h = 8 = 2+2+2+2
I = i = 9 = 2+2+2+2+1
J = j = 10 = 2+2+2+2+2
K = k = 11 = 2+2+2+2+2+1
L = l = 12  = 2+2+2+2+2+2
M = m = 13 = 2+2+2+2+2+2+1
N = n = 14 = 2+2+2+2+2+2+2
O = o = 15 = 2+2+2+2+2+2+2+1
P = p = 16 = 2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2
Q = q = 17 = 2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+1
R = r = 18 = GAIA = FFF
S = s = 19 = RA = LG
T = t = 20 = ARA = GAL
U = u = 21 = GGG = CHJ
V = v = 22 = HCCH = EQ
W = w = 23 = MJ = AV
X = x = 24 = LL = ES
Y = y = 25 = EEEEE = EOE
Z = z = 26  = MM = CW
The Greek Sigma Symbol 
is the 
Mathematical Symbol 
for a SUM :::: Die Summe (deutsch) :::: D.ie 53+me
The 'founding fathers' of Europe: 
DNA reveals all Europeans are related to a group 
that lived around Belgium 35,000 years ago 
:::: M2 p. = M.B. presents
 ~ Native Instruments MASCHINE 
~ M.B.+B.iH. = Martin Buttrich+Barcelona iHannover

Parallel Universes: Theories & Evidence

- See more at: http://www.space.com/32728-parallel-universes.html#sthash.7yreKUv8.dpuf
Parallel Universes 
~ Theories & Evidence ~ 
By Elizabeth Howell, Space.com Contributor 
12:18am ET April 28, 2016
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:::: M.I.+CH+A+EL = 26+C.C.C.P. = S.M.C.P. = S.J.C.C.P. = P.C.C.J.S. = Soo Joo Coco Chanel Park

The 'founding fathers' of Europe: DNA reveals all Europeans are related to a group that lived around Belgium 35,000 years ago

  • Experts analysed data from humans who lived 45,000 to 7,000 years ago
  • Genetic data shows all Europeans come from a single founding population
  • This population occupied northwest Europe 35,000 years ago before being  displaced when another group of early humans arrived 33,000 years ago
  • The original group then re-expanded across the continent 19,000 years ago

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B.B. = Beltane Book @www.ancient-origins.net 
Armenian+Greek Heritage = A.+G. H. = P. = Powerful
Белый север Африки. Берберы @WalpurgisnachtPost01May2016
XP = PX = T.A.S. = The Armenian Stonehenge
Քարահունջ և Քարենիշ 
is a prehistoric archaeological site near the town of Sisian, Armenia.

"According to estimates, the Armenian Stonehenge (Karahunj, Qarahunge, carahunge, Zorats Qarer) has a history of 7500 years. It's discovery has sparked a scientific debate in astronomical and archeological circles. September 2010, Oxford University sent an expedition to investigate the historical monument.

Note: The Cygnus (or the Swan constellation) are still visible from Qarahunge, although the absolute positions of the stars have changed as well as the relative position of the constellation. Simple way to check this is to use these +39° 33' 6.12", +46° 1' 44.33" coordinates in an astronomical program like stellarium or celestia.

Stars & Stones 2010:
Oxford University Expedition to Qarahunge, Armenia. History Channel 
- Ancient Aliens - Unexplained Structures - Armenian Stonehenge.

The richest collection of petroglyphs is presented here.

With English and Russian Subtitles.

Our utmost gratitude to our sponsors: The AA Paton Fund; The Oxford University Expedition's Council; Royal Geographical Society (with IBS), Andrews Bequest Fund; and grave/memorial maintenance services in Armenia." ~ http://gerezman.com

Stars & Stones 

2010 History Channel 

Unexplained Structures 

Armenian Stonehenge

# Mihran Vardanyan (PhD, Oxford, Christ Church)
# Nicholas Howarth (PhD, Oxford, Christ Church)
# Vladimir Cherny (PhD, Oxford, Christ Church)
# Gegham Serobyan (Bachelors, Oxford, Oriel)
# Vaneni Dadoyan (BA,MA, UCL)
If you were planning your vacation in Turkey again but don't really like the way things go politically right now, you might consider beautiful Armenia, with incredible landscapes, fascinating historical sites and impressing luxury hotels. Didi you know? On my list for sure.

You need that ocean?
Go Greece and watch the Turkish coastline from a romantic beach bar in one the Dodecanesos islands."
~ Lara Lamberti S. May 3, 2016 ~ 
 B.B.Global Wolves = 4+G.W. = N.S.A. = Nova Srpska Analitika
p+p = m.s. = s.m. = p.m.c. = c.m.p. = crew member photo

This Here I.S.+is 1 of the
songs that I listened to during my
"beltane fire dance ritual"
this year :D

111 T.D.U. 333 555 999

111 T.D.U. 333 555 999
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