Thursday, April 14, 2016

Map of the Emerald Earth Elders+Mystic Pizza @Helsinski University & Ismo Dunderberg >>>> Professor of Religious Studies :::: #100*#9+#144 @Goodmorning L.A. >>>> Moon E.T. Secrets & Mining Trenches & Industrial Processing & Towers & Camouflaged Entrances & UFOs &... © (U.S. Navy via AP) In this image released by the U.S. Navy, a Russian SU-24 jet makes a close-range and low altitude pass near the USS Donald Cook on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in the B.S. = Baltic Sea @Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet P.C.+G.A.+me with 11 Levels :D fuck yeah fantastic :) & Babylonian Geometry Tablet 0000 = B.G.T. 000 = I.T. 00

Release :::: The Unseen 12"
 Artist :::: Detroit in Effect
Track :::: R U Married
Year :::: 1997
iLove Rumi = LR = RL = E+E+E+E+E+E = 5+5+5+5+5+5 = 5*6
killary hlinton I.S.+is the warmongering cillary

President Killary Klinton

Would The 

World Survive Another President Clinton?

Wednesday April 13, 2016

Pizza Pizza + Ein Stück vom Himmel Originaltitel: Mystic Pizza
oft verwendete Alternativtitel: Pizza, Pizza & 3 Girlfriends
ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1988. Der Regisseur war Donald Petrie, der mit diesem Film debütierte. Zu den Darstellern gehörte die damals noch unbekannte Julia Roberts; in einer Nebenrolle debütierte im Film Matt Damon.
Andrea Bocelli's Moon River 
From "Breakfast At Tiffany's"


George Soros Releases Plan 

to Increase Migrant Population Across Europe 

the rothschilds = t.r. = r.t. = s.s. &8& jewish mafia agent obama
ISIS(L)'s REAL NAME I.S.+is DAESH!!! Period.




:::: G.I.. = Goddess Isis ::::
 "The end of the path is
The understanding that
No path is necessary.
Then, one walks freely."

~ Wu Hsin ~
:::: Russian jets in repeated 'aggressive' passes of US warship ::::
:::: American Free Press ::::
:::: 14.4.2016 ::::

:::: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Inner earth glows like in the movie Avatar ::::

 iLove Egypt 
Sarajev+ska/ski/sko #M1 
Sirius Lovers+Organic Gardening+1+1+1+A = S.L.+O.G.+1+1+1+A = 57 = SION = S.S.S. = Sirius Star System :::: 
#InformationTechnologyGirls = #ITG = #ImmortalTechniqueGirls :::: 
#BEOGRAD = #52 = #SMGM = #MGMS = M.G.M.S. = Mishqi Gate Mosul Syria ::::


New Studies

Give More Proof

Organic Foods Far Superior

for Health & Wellness

by Waking Times

April 11, 2016 

Ein Eunuch (griech. εὐνοῦχος eunouchos, von εὐνή eunē Bett und ἔχω echō hüten, bewachen) ist ein Mensch männlichen Geschlechts (Kind, Jugendlicher oder erwachsener Mann), der einer Kastration unterzogen wurde. Das Phänomen kam zu fast allen Zeiten der Weltgeschichte in vielen Kulturen vor. Teilweise wird oder wurde Eunuchen auch der Penis entfernt. An vielen Höfen früherer Kulturen besonders in Byzanz und im Kaiserreich China waren zum Hofstaat gehörige sogenannte Palasteunuchen sehr begehrt und geschätzt. Da bei diesen die Kastration in der Regel schon im Knabenalter vollzogen wurde, haben jedoch viele von ihnen, insbesondere bei hohem Blutverlust, diesen Eingriff nicht überlebt und sind schon als Eunuchen-Neulinge verstorben.


The Rolling Stones performing
    Brown Sugar   
live in Texas
:::: D'Angelo's song number 4 ::::
 :::: B.S.A. = Brown Sugar Album ::::
:::: Me & those dreamin' eyes of mine ::::
I bought this Album/CD when I.T. was released in 1995 
& I still love I.T.
& have I.T. :)
... enjoy :D

 Missy Elliott feat. Pharrell Williams
W.T.F. !!! = Where They From!!! 
O.V. = Official Video
Goodmorning N.Y.C.
Our Philosophy = O.P. = 31
#100*#9+#144 @Goodmorning L.A.
& b.t.w. #144 is the
number of my "friends" 
on facebook now :)
GoodMoan+ing Denmark :D
:::: Dark Horse News :::: 
Muslim Migrants Attacking,
Sexually Assaulting,
and Raping Women 
and Children 
All Over 
M.I.+N.D. deep like a ...

13.4.2016 :::: "Our second part of our series dealing the elegant theologians and poetic philosophers known as the Valentinians. Founded by the enigmatic and brilliant Valentinus of Alexandria, the Valentinians threaded a fine needle between Gnostic heresy and Christian orthodoxy, adding new dimensions to both sides that changed the course of early Christendom. We take an intimate view of their creeds, practices and scripture. We comb the Nag Hammadi Library and beyond for a thorough inspection of the Valentinian flavor of ethereal Gnosticism; as well as explore the various Valentinian schools that frustrated Orthodoxy for centuries, from the cult of Marcus the Magician to the followers of Ptolemy and his grandiose cosmology. Lastly, we study the cultural habits of the Valentinians who navigated the unpredictable Greco-Roman world and later the Christian Empire." ~ M.C.
Astral Guest — Ismo Dunderberg, author 
of Beyond Gnosticism: Myth, Lifestyle, and Society in the School of Valentinus  
& The Beloved Disciple in Conflict?: Revisiting the Gospels of John and Thomas
as well as Professor of Religious Studies
ÄTät@@ Helsinski University.
Uploaded April 13, the year of our Demiurge 2016  ::::
38 hundred years ago, 
on the hot river plains of what is now southern Iraq, a Babylonian student did a bit of schoolwork that centuries later would change our understanding of ancient mathematics. The student scooped up a palm-sized clump of wet clay, formed a disc about the size and shape of a hamburger, and let it dry down a bit in the sun. On the surface of the moist clay the student drew a diagram that showed the people of the Old Babylonian Period (1,900–1,700 B.C.E.) fully understood the principles of the “Pythagorean Theorem” 1300 years before Greek geometer Pythagoras was born, and were also capable of calculating the square root of two to six decimal places. ...
:::: Resitance Movement = R.M. = Read More ::::

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