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Die Welt & Kultur & Völkermord :::: Kirlian Aura Photography & Hand Map :::: AB = BA = B.A. = BayernAmberg :::: The Ptaal = T.P. = Tri Prsta @CityHall in Novi Sad & V.S. = Vojvodina Serbia ::::

Wörterbuch Englisch ← Deutsch: Völkermord

Übersetzung 1 - 5 on 5

NOUN  der Völkermord | die Völkermorde
SYNO  Ausrottung | Austilgung | Genozid ... 

Völkermord {m}
Völkermord {m}
hist. Rwandan GenocideVölkermord {m} in Ruanda
hist. Armenian genocideVölkermord {m} an den Armeniern
hist. Herero and Namaqua Genocide [1904 - 1907]Völkermord {m} an Herero und Namas

Kultur :::: Völkermord :::: 29.03.2010

Beim Sklavenhandel 

lernten Christen von Muslimen

In der Geschichte wird gern den Europäern die Schuld an Afrikas Elend gegeben. Doch als Kolonialmächte profitierten sie ab dem 17. Jahrhundert von einem System, das die Araber etabliert hatten. Über 17 Millionen Menschen waren bereits wegen muslimischer Sklavenhändler gestorben. 

 Kirlian Photography & aura photography is a fascinating subject.
:::: Entertainment Weekly :::: Jessica Derschowitz ::::
MTV Movie Awards 2016 winners list:
'The Force Awakens' takes top honor

Russia Today = R.T. = T.R. = Tri Ribice :::: 
1609,34 kilometer = 1000 miles >>>> rad+ius @Temerin [V.S. = Vojvodina Serbia] 
& Greek Mythology >>>> Sibylla Delphica & Philadelphia & The Oracle of Delphi ::::
 Nacho Libre +Jared Hess+Napoleon Dynamite ::::
Police Department = P.D. = D.P. = Database Performance ::::
:::: Stay wild. Moon child. ::::
& die Welt 
& die tollen Römer & brave Sklaven & wilde Slaven. 
Der Teufel steckt im Detail. 
AB = BA = B.A. = BayernAmberg
Am Bach & Am Berg bzw Ambach+Amberg

Philadelphia Pennsylvania = P.P.
R.T. = Romania+Transylvania
Philadelphia ist eine Stadt 
Mit 1.526.006 Einwohnern (Stand: 2010) 
ist sie die fünftgrößte Stadt der Vereinigten Staaten 
und die größte des Bundesstaates Pennsylvania. 
An der Ostküste ist Philadelphia nach New York City 
die zweitgrößte Stadt. Die Stadt liegt am 
Delaware River im Zentrum der


LOVE = 54 = T.O.O.D. = The Oracle Of Delphi 
W = 23 = A.T.2 = ApolloTalks2

 by William Cooper
July 27, 1990
from TheWatcherFiles Website


William Cooper was killed 

on November 5th 2001 

by "law" enforcement.

"The most toxic drug that has ever been licensed for long term consumption in the free world.... AZT is a prescription drug and according to the manufacturer itself it causes symptoms that are indistinguishable from AIDS. So I would say it is not arrogant for meto say that AZT is AIDS by prescription."
~ Dr Peter Duesberg

Philadelphia (Tom Hanks & Denzel Washington) is a great movie to inform people about the danger of AIDS/HIV, but the movie Kids (1995 American teen drama) is even much better. I watched them both in the 1990s in the cinema as a teenager & it was very helpful. I could relate more to the Kids movie, because it was more like my world of experience. I was a skater as a kid/teenager (only 1988-1991) & these "mixed race & black" friends from Brooklyn in this movie  also reflected the colours of friends that I had in when Kids was in the German cinemas. Such movies are good to shock people a little bit. I still remember that I watched the Kids movie with Manuel Knopf (*May 8, 1976), who was in the Ricarda-Huch-Schule like me & later he also studied EEIT @HsH & graduated a few months before me in 2007. Manuel's mother is German (white) & his father is from Senegal (black). Hannover is much smaller than NYC  of course, but dramas happen there too from time to time. Christian Zehle was my classmate for one year in the RHS too & a good friend of Manuel. In 1995 many people from the RHS & others were on Zehle's birthday party & a few weeks later he was killed. Dustin lived with Zehle in a flat in the Sedanstraße (Hannover Oststadt) not far away from me (also Oststadt/Hamburger Alle 32). Dustin was a cocaine dealer & he had much money at home. Tolga was also a former classmate for one year (RHS). The night Dustin & Zehle were killed, they had beef with Tolga & he killed them with a knife as far as I know. A few days later he was arrested & jailed for 7 years. Only 7 years because he was only 19 years old/young when it happened. Tolga was/is  a Turkish citizen (with partly Syrian origins as far as I know). A few times I shared my music CDs with Zehle & he gave me his: Electronic music & rap/hip hop & .... anyways ... enjoy the movie if you want ...

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