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The Red Woman ::: ISIS = 56 = A.O.T.T. = And Other Topics Today

The Red Woman + Die Rote Frau + Crvena Žena 
"Die Rote Frau" (im Original: "The Red Woman") ist die erste Folge der sechsten Staffel von Game of Thrones und die einundfünfzigste der gesamten Serie. Sie wurde von David Benioff und D. B. Weiss geschrieben, Regie führte Jeremy Podeswa. Die Erstausstrahlung der Folge fand am 24. April 2016 auf dem US-amerikanischen Bezahl-Sender HBO statt. Im deutschsprachigen Raume erfolgte die Erstausstrahlung am 25. April 2016.

Mosaic Mask Of Quetzalcoatl 

M.1 = Mystica 1 
 H.O.E.D. = Homemade Organic Energy Drinks 

#GreenRenaissance = #GR = #Y = #Yunasai

(althochdeutsch für Gemisch) ist ein Gemisch aus metallhaltigen Erzen, Kohlenstoff und Zuschlagsstoffen, die zur Gewinnung des Eisens aus dem Erz im Hochofenprozess benötigt werden und durch Sintern in einer Sinteranlage­ aus den Bestandteilen gewonnen wird. Gelegentlich werden die kohlenstoffhaltigen Heizstoffe (meistens Koks) auch zum Möller gerechnet, da sie als Reduktionsmittel bei der Eisengewinnung dienen.


Beispielsweise wird Eisenerz zusammen mit Koks und von der Beschaffenheit des Erzes abhängigen Zuschlagsstoffen wie z.B. Kalk bei der Eisengewinnung im Hochofenprozess eingesetzt. Bei der Beschickung eines Hochofens folgt je eine Schicht aus Möller auf eine Koksschicht. Der Koks dient im Hochofen sowohl als Reduktionsmittel des Erzes als auch als Brennstoff. Die Zuschlagsstoffe im Möller verringern den Schmelzpunkt der Erze und dienen als Flussmittel bzw. als Schlackenbildner. Ihre Zusammensetzung richtet sich nach der Beschaffenheit des Erzes. Silikatreiche Erze werden mit kalkhaltigen Zuschlägen zu Möller verarbeitet, kalkhaltige Erze mit Silikaten. Der Zuschlag dient auch dazu, die Eisenbegleiter Schwefel und Phosphor zu entfernen. Dazu verwendet man unter anderem Kalkstein, Salz, Sand oder Flussspat. Das Mischen der Zuschlagsstoffe nennt sich möllern.

I'm a fan of my grandfather's sister Ana
& I'm a also Nas fan since 1994
& a Trentemøller since 2004
& the #1 Camille Rowe fan forever :D

:::: John Morgan ::::

Trading Germans

Trading Germans is a Romanian documentary which details the clandestine sale of the Germans of Transylvania by Romania's Communist regime to West Germany during the Cold War. While it illuminates an obscure chapter of modern European history, it also contains lessons which anyone concerned with the future of European identity would do well to heed.

Resistance Movement = R.M. = Read More 

Mosaic Mask Of Quetzalcoatl
15th-16th Century AD
From Mexico
Mystica I 
The Beginning 
:::: The Mystica Trilogy Book 1 :::::
 $4.50 :::: Kindle Edition :::: Books by Lara Lamberti
Lara Lamberti 
was born on March 21, 1967 in Marseille, France. 

Lara Lamberti grew up for a part of her childhood in Berlin. She was born to a family of artists. Her parents were musicians: the father a composer and conductor, the mother a concert and opera singer. Many well known artists were born in this family as well: musicians, painters, designers, ballet dancers, writers and actors. As a teenager, Lara settled in Italy where she started her acting career at age sixteen. She quickly became well known in Italy and abroad. Lara has worked in Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Australia and the United States. ... 
Read More ÄTät@@

for example 1 Movie = f.e. 1 M. :::: Red Sonja = R.S.
as Gedren's Handmaid (L. Lamberti / Lara Naszinsky)
Tundra Toyota Tacoma = T.T.T. 
& VW + CarDesignAwardsChina @ BusinessInsiderIndia 
& Majestic Vehicles = M.V. & M.J. = J.M. = John Morgan 
& Red Ice Radio &  Open Permaculture School & ...

Make This: Organic Energy Drinks

Bottled energy drinks are loaded with sugar and unwholesome ingredients. Guess what? There's a healthier alternative hiding in your kitchen. 

 10*15 = 90*1,66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666...
According to I am
Legolas Greenleaf, the Prince
of the Woodland Realm.

Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of the Woodland Realm.
Legolas was a Sindarin elf who was part of the Fellowship of the Ring in the Third Age. As he was the son of the Elvenking Thranduil of Mirkwood, Legolas was a Prince of the Woodland Realm (Mirkwood), a messenger, and a master bowman. With his keen eyesight, sensitive hearing, and excellent bowmanship, Legolas was a valuable resource to the other eight of the Fellowship. His age was never stated by Tolkien. Legolas was well-known for becoming friends with the dwarf Gimli, despite their long held differences. It is not known whether Legolas was Thranduil's only son, or whether he was heir to his father's crown. ...
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 M.J. = J.M. = John Morgan
:::: April 15, 2016 ::::
Esotericism on the Right & Plague of Modernity 
"John Morgan was one of the founders and is Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media, a publisher which has established itself as the leading outlet for the European ‘New Right’ school of thought in English, and has published many other books relevant to the dissident Right and traditionalism more generally. Morgan is also co-editor at the new Right On website. He currently resides in Budapest, Hungary. John returns to Red Ice to engage in an assessment of the modern Rightist discourse in Western Europe and the US. He begins with an overview of his intellectual and spiritual journey through esotericism, the occult, existentialism, philosophy, and ancient mythology, which eventually connected him to the conservative revolution of the European Right. We discuss the deeply fractured state of Western civilization that seems to stem from a disjointed awareness of heritage and tradition and lack of spiritual veneration. We consider how this lost kinship has primed the conditions for Islam, whose strength lies in a deeply rooted belief system extending beyond pragmatic politics, to again descend upon the West. John sights this escalating conflict as a deep urge within the human psyche to seek out the authentic and go beyond the prescribed programming of this era of material prosperity and egocentricity. Then, John talks about his first years in business with Integral Tradition Publishing in India, a venture that materialized out of his rejection of modernity with its inherent nihilism and a desire for a broader understanding of the enduring culture and identity of the East. In the members’ hour, John shares how he ended up in Hungary with the new incarnation of his publishing company, Arktos Media. We get a glimpse into the uniquely traditional characteristics of Hungarian culture, its resistance to globalization, and the leadership of Victor Orban that has been very outspoken against the current invasion of Europe. John talks about Hungary’s 2014 election, which resulted in 45% of the votes for moderate right party Fidesz ad 25% for the more radical right party Jobbik. He touches on the basic rejection of liberalism and interest in traditionalism that both parties represent, and addresses accusations that Jobbik harbors “anti-Semitic” sentiments. Further, John makes some comparisons between Jobbik’s strongly socialist, anti-capitalistic stance and the greatly conflicting picture of socialism in America. We look at the significance of spirituality in serious traditionalist subcultures like Fidesz and Jobbik and how this differs greatly in the ideological focus of Western Europe’s mainstream Right. Then, we analyze the extreme emphasis that has been placed on IQ scores and genetics by White Nationalists of the American Alt-Right, and we explore how Europeans across the board can embrace a sense of cultural identity and pride without getting hung up solely on race. At the end, we address how to engage in the metapolitical battle to redefine and restore Western culture."
~ Henrik Palmgren Red Ice Radio

March 2016 Truck Sales 
Sunny Spring
April 6, 2016
Truck Trend  

:::: 2016 Toyota Tacoma ::::
:::: 2016 Toyota Tundra ::::

Car and Driver mag. 22.12.2015
~ 2016 Toyota Tundra ~
by Alexander Stoklosa 
Volkswagen Aqua Concept Car Design

This Volkswagen Hovercraft Concept 

will blow your brain to bits

Hochgeladen am 01.04.2011
The Strokes' official music video
 for 'Call Me Back'. 

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As featured on Angles. 
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More from The Strokes
You Only Live Once:
Last Nite:

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S.L. = Song Lyrics ::::

Wait time is the worst
I can hardly sit
No one has the time
Someone's always late

I look for you
And you look for me
Wooah, oh, oh, oh, oh


Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Claims
To Have Teleported DNA From One
Location To Another

... & btw:
My grandfather's sister Ana lived
her entire life in Laminci (North Bosnia) 
where my father was born May 9, 1950.

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