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Selected Music :::: 'Solar/Anechoic' Offers Stunning Views Into The Architecture Of Sound And Sun



Offers Stunning Views 

Into The Architecture Of Sound And Sun

14 June 2013

by AJ Artemel

A solo exhibition by photographer Alastair Philip Wiper, Solar/Anechoic, takes as its subject two of the most visually compelling realms of scientific architecture: solar arrays and anechoic chambers. Through a series of gorgeous portraits, Wiper explores the textural and compositional virtues of these spaces and allows viewers to virtually inhabit them themselves. The anechoic (echo-free) chambers are located at Denmark’s Technical University and have played a key role in sound experiments and product testing. The cones on the walls absorb sound by softly reflecting it at chaotic angles such that it cannot be recorded (or heard). Not only does it prevent sounds from getting out, it also blocks exterior sounds from entering. The effect is that of an infinite space, since sounds are often recognized due to their interaction with spatial boundaries. When boundaries are removed (or muffled), the space seems boundless. The exhibition also contains photographs of resonance chambers, which perform in precisely the opposite way from anechoic chambers. ...

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The Gnostic Society Library = T.G.S.L. = #TGSL = #58 

Three Ring Magnetic Motor = T.R.M.M. = M.M.R.T. 

Pyramidal Structures Near Western Cuba ~ by Graca Pimentel 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) 

+ Tap Into Empowerment (TIE) 

+ G.S. = Gaia Sunday ~ 17.04.2016

Ellen Allien Boiler Room Berlin Set 27.8.2015
01. Annechoic - Uncertainty
02. Dan Farserelli - Running Thoughts
03. Garry Todd - Transending
04. Garry Todd - Motlines and Thoughts
05. ID
06. Baba Stilitz - Lil High
07. Garry Todd - Time Goes On feat. Nat Page
08. Deetroit - Ufeelit
09. Portable - Continue
10. Dax J & Gareth Wild - Revok (Q Phase Rmx)
11. Suburban Knight - The Groove
12. Nick Newton - Screamer
13. Darko Esser - Juice
14. Abayomi 001 - Abayomi 001
15. Pariah - Orpheus
16. Ramadanman- Glut
17. Bambounou - Eachother
18. Houze-De Houze - Houze-De Houze
19. Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee
Drums'N'Sounds'N'The 2 Sides of the Brain
Bpitch Control boss Ellen Allien 27 August 2015

The Sun Toucher = T.S.T. = 59 = S.R.B.I.J.A.
If you divide 1  by
(that's 999 quattuordecillion btw), 
the Fibonacci sequence neatly pops out.

Creation & Ancient DNA Manipulation &
Indigo Children+Adults
~ M. Tsarion ~
"Everything is dual; everything has poles; 
everything has its pair of opposites; 
like and unlike are the same; 
opposites are identical in nature, 
but different in degree; extremes meet; 
all truths are but half-truths; 
all paradoxes may be reconciled."
— The Kybalion, Chapter X
 Unseen Forces: M. Tsarion ~ Emerald Isle


One of my top favourite 2004 releases 

& I still Love I.T. & like 2 listen 2 

I.T. from time 2 time :)

The Hacker feat. Perspects 

Flesh & Bone

Label::::Different ‎– DIFF 1036, PIAS France ‎– 451.1036.130 

Format::::Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, MaxiSingle 


ReleaseDate::::24 September 2004 

Style::::Vocal Gothic Techno, Electronic Body House Music

A Flesh & Bone
Featuring  Perspects
B Stormy Weather

heading h = heading 8 = head+38 = isis = momo = si si  = om om


fossil forests 

unearthed in Arctic Norway

19 November 2015
New discovery could be the cause 
of a massive reduction in atmospheric CO2 levels hundreds of millions of years ago.

"Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities. And not just material possibilities, but also possibilities of meaning, of feeling, and of intuiting. You choose everything you experience from these possibilities, so quantum physics is a way of understanding your life as one long series of choices that are in themselves the ultimate acts of creativity."
~ Dr. Amit Goswami ~
 M.I.R. = More gorgeous soul words from Ivy Rose
"We are all Creators.

Creators of our realities.
Creators of timelines.
Creators of embodiment; 
of frequencies; 
of art; of music; of structure; 
of ideas; of words; of worlds.

I am filled with gratitude for all that you create to cultivate more beauty, inspiration, grace, ease and love on dear mama Gaia during these times of amplified polarization and shedding of the veils.

I am overjoyed and humbled to be sending this mala creation to a dear siStar in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

May we use our co-creations as subtle tools of high frequency amplification and activation; 
to create greater ease 
and flow within our journeys.

May we remember that we are the ones 
we have been waiting for."

#wegotthis #everythingisgood #ascension #1111
MI Rose = Marshall Ivy Rose
The Goldeneye Estate Magazine
Goldeneye Estate = G.E. = L. = Love
Goldeneye is the original name of James Bond novelist Ian Fleming's estate on Oracabessa bay on the northern coastline of Jamaica. He purchased land adjacent to the renowned Golden Clouds estate in 1946 and built his home on the edge of a cliff overlooking a private beach. Constructed from Fleming's sketch, the modest three bedroom structure was fitted with wooden jalousie windows and a swimming pool. Fleming's visitors at Goldeneye included actors, musicians and filmmakers. The property now operates as Goldeneye Hotel and Resort, an upmarket retreat consisting of Fleming's main house and several cottages.


Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Veröffentlicht am 17.04.2016

Native American Zodiac And Its True Meaning About Your Personality

:::: April 15, 2016 :::: 

Während meines EEIT Studiums war
war der TI-89 (zweite Generation) der
Taschenrechner meiner Wahl & ich
war immer mehr als zufrieden.
Das Leibnizhaus war ursprünglich ein 1499 erbautes Renaissance-Bürgerhaus in Hannover, das nach dem Philosophen Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz benannt ist. Er bewohnte das Haus von 1698 bis zu seinem Tod im Jahr 1716. Das Gebäude wurde 1943 während des Zweiten Weltkriegs bei einem Luftangriff auf Hannover zerstört. Zwischen 1981 und 1983 wurde an anderer Stelle ein rekonstruierter Neubau mit der originalgetreu nachgebauten Fassade errichtet.


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz noted with fascination how the I Ching hexagrams correspond to the binary numbers from 000000 to 111111, and concluded that this mapping was evidence of major Chinese accomplishments in the sort of philosophical mathematics he admired.

(Chinese: 三星堆; pinyin: Sānxīngduī; literally: "three stars mound") is the name of an archaeological site and the previously unknown Bronze Age culture for which it is the type site. Sanxingdui is now believed to be the site of a major ancient Chinese city in what is now Sichuan, China. The Bronze Age culture which was first discovered in 1929 and then re-discovered in 1986 when archaeologists excavated remarkable artifacts, that radiocarbon dating dated as being from the 12th-11th centuries BCE. The culture that produced these artifacts is now known as the Sanxingdui Culture, and archeologists are identifying it with the ancient kingdom of Shu. The artifacts are displayed in the Sanxingdui Museum located near the city of Guanghan.

The Independent Logo = T.I.L. = Texas Instruments Latina

Huffpost Politics = HP  = Hewlett Packard

The Gnostic Society Library = TGSL = SCIENCE = EMERALD 

Jung and Gnostic Tradition

The Red Book Lectures
Lectures and Writings by Lance Owens

The Zurich Lectures: Jung and the Tradition of Gnosis

Remembering Sophia

The Shores Of Faery = T.S.O.F. = BERLIN = RAVEN
J. R. R. Tolkien: An Imaginative Life
A Series of Three Illustrated Lectures
Presented by Lance S. Owens, MD
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  Gnosis Archive

Vom Winde verweht = V.W. = W.V. = ZEN
Bernie Sanders Introduces
Run The Jewels
At Coachella

Bernie is so hip rn.
04/16/2016 10:52 pm ET 

Crna Hronika


Dragan Ranisav (40)

izrešetan na kućnom pragu.

Još jedan zločin.

Dragan Ranisav rekao majci i verenici da ide da preparkira automobil, a kad je izašao iz kuće, nepoznati napadač ispalio je nekoliko hitaca iz pištolja u njega i pobegao

RUMA - Dragan Ranisav (40) ubijen je u sačekuši na uglu ulica Atanasija Stojkovića i Partizanske u Rumi.

Winds of Andromeda

October 19, 2014 - March 15, 2015

"The all-new Ford GT supercar is officially available to order. Ford announced today that it will begin taking order applications for the GT on, a dedicated website that'll also allow anyone to configure the Blue Oval's upcoming supercar. Ford is only accepting 500 orders, which covers the allocation for two years (250 units each year). Official pricing has yet to be announced, but the automaker estimates a starting price of $400,000 before taxes and destination. Once a potential customer submits their application, they must then select a GT-approved dealership in their area. If that customer is among the lucky 500 selected, they will then go through the Ford GT Concierge Service, which includes a more tailored purchasing process from the dealership. The concierge service will also be available through ownership of the GT. For now, the GT will be offered with eight paint colors including white, blue, red, and yellow. Ford has already shown off the GT in multiple shades at various auto shows around the world. Customers can also opt for contrasting stripe treatment.As previously reported, the GT will be powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that will make at least 600 hp. It'll be mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. A number of Ford GT race cars have been busy testing this past year and four GTs are slated to race at this summer's 24 Hours of Le Mans."
 by Erick Ayapana

 LOVE 2.0 = 56 = OM OM  = SI SI

Zeldalink = Z. = M.M. = Magnetic Motor

Pyramidal Structures Near Western Cuba
Graca Pimentel

"Pyramids under the waters of Cuba were discovered by two scientists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki. They found the ruins of ancient buildings for about a mile below the sea and considered them to be Atlantis.

They found sphinxes, stones that arranged like Stonehenge, and a written language engraved on the stones.

Why it was not discovered before?

The U.S. government discovered the alleged place during the Cuban missile crisis in the sixties, Nuclear submarines cruising in the Gulf (in deep sea) met pyramid structures. They immediately shut down the site and took control of him and the objects,in order that it will not come to Russians hands.

A whistleblower from the army,that used to serve in Montego Bay said they are still working on the site and recover objects and instruments (including those who still work) since the 60’s.

This area in Cuba was above water 10,000 years ago…"
The Morien Institute 
interviews Dr. Weinzweig 
and you can read more about this HERE:

sometimes Tulum Pueblo
is the largest community in the municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is located on the Caribbean coast of the state, near the site of the archaeological ruins of Tulum. The community had a 2010 census population of 18,233 inhabitants.


Charlotte Was The First City In America

To Declare Independence From England

Each year, Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) celebrates ‘MecDec Day’. A celebration of Charlotte being the first city in America to declare its independence from England. In 1775 the 13 British Colonies in North American were contemplating a break from Great Britain. As word of the Boston Tea Party spread through the North Carolina Colony, people in Mecklenburg County decided to have a meeting, it was led by Colonel Thomas Polk, commander of Charlotte’s Militia. A total of 9 local militia groups were represented. The decisions of this meeting would be binding for all Mecklenburg citizens.On Friday, May 19th, 1775, as they were meeting in the courthouse at Trade and Tryon St, an express rider gave news that British soldiers had shot and killed fellow British citizens in the battles of Lexington and Concord. They then wrote five resolutions that now make up ‘The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence’, declaring that they had separated themselves from Great Britain. The five resolutions stated that Great Britain had; “wantonly trampled on our rights and liberties and inhumanly shed the innocent blood of American patriots at Lexington”, that we “dissolve the political bands which have connected us to the Mother country”, we declare ourselves “a free and independent people,” and “The Crown of Great Britain never can be considered as holding rights, privileges, immunities, or authority therein.” 

View the complete text of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence here.
It was then read from the courthouse steps at noon to a large gathering of Mecklenburg county citizens. Everyone knew about the meeting, and the news of Lexington and Concord increased their interest. Since the decisions would be binding on all of the citizens, people came from all over North Carolina. They then decided to revise the declaration to make it more organized and coherent and they appointed a committee to revise it. By May 31st ‘The Mecklenburg Resolves’ was complete. This new document was less emotional, more logical, and much better organized. 

On June 1, 1775 Militia Captain James Jack (statue pictured above, in front of the CPCC main campus) rode to Philadelphia to give both documents to the Second Continental Congress. The representatives from North Carolina read and approved the documents. However, at that time, the rest of Congress was approving a petition to the King asking for reconciliation. The citizens of Mecklenburg County were the only free people until the rest of America declared their independence on July 4, 1776.

" În apa cu mal a mlastinii sunt Lotuşi, dar sunt şi... Crocodili...
Umbrela e a ta, dar Ploaia... este a tuturor !
Porcii vânează totdeauna în grup. Tigrul vânează singur.
Lumina zilei care trezeşte Vederea, orbeşte bufniţele.
Răbdarea este cea mai frumoasă rugăciune.
Perlele nu au nicio valoare în deşert.
Franturi de Intelepciune indiana.
Cu drag."
~ Irina Stroe ~

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) + Tap Into Empowerment (TIE)

EFT is rooted in energy psychology, applying Ancient Chinese medicine theology, which focuses on the body’s energy grid. The energy grid utilizes pathways and nodal points through which your chi, or life force, flows. This theory states a traumatic event, negative psychological conditioning, or other experiences can cause a disruption in your energy flow through a blockage or imbalance, prohibiting the proper flow of chi; when your chi is imbalanced or blocked, mental and emotional illnesses, disorders, and issues will arise.

Chart For Emotional Freedom Techniques:
This chart illustrates the Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Tapping points and it is a brief introduction to EFT Tapping. This Emotional Freedom Techniques Chart shows all of the points that I use. I use more points than most practitioners do because, unlike most EFT practitioners, I monitor the state of each point (each meridian) as it is tapped. In this way I can identify whether or not the meridian has an energy disruption within it. If it does, then we tap the point until the disruption clears. If the energy disruption does not clear with EFT tapping then some other action may be required first. This is where other EFT Practitioners can encounter difficulties, or where doing EFT for yourself may not work, or where people who say that EFT doesn’t work for them might get their evidence.If you can do this energy monitoring technique you can sometimes achieve better or faster results with Emotional Freedom Techniques because you are not totally dependent upon the client to tell you verbally when a series of tapping on something is complete. Instead, you get feedback directly from the client’s system as to when it is complete, thus giving valuable information in addition to the subjective response of the client.

Digital Synthesizer by Roland. GAIA SH-01
With its massive sound, hands-on ease, and affordable price, the GAIA SH-01 is a high-performance value with old-school charm. The triple-stacked engine puts potent virtual analog synthesis under your fingertips, yet the control panel is so fun, friendly, and inviting, even first-timers can create great sounds. The signal flow is simple to grasp, with logically arranged knobs, sliders, and buttons. Hands-on control and fat sound make this little powerhouse a joy for music students, songwriters, session players, and live performers of all styles and skill levels.
 * Huge sound with three virtual analog engines onboard, each with a dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LFO
* Layer up to five simultaneous effects, including distortion, Flanger, DELAY, Reverb, low boost, and more
* 64-voice polyphony for massive sounds without note drop-out
* Fun, hands-on control panel that's great for instant gratification, and for learning synthesis
* Lightweight, compact body with 37 full-size keys
* Runs on AC or battery power for portable convenience
* D Beam, arpeggiator, and Phrase Recorder onboard
* USB ports for saving user patches to USB flash drives, and for audio/MIDI connection to computers

Grimes Reveals That Numerous

Male Producers Have Demanded

 Sex From Her

A. in S. = Archaeology in Syria


 In Gölmarmara Lake of Turkey’s Aegean province of Manisa , archaeology excavation findings are about to bring to light the late Bronze Age (1600 - 1200 B.C.). The international excavation team consisting of 42 archaeologists from U.S., Europe and Turkey’s universities have been working on the Kaymakçı Hill in the water basin since 2013, following a 10-year-long research process. The latest findings discovered during excavations on Kaymakçı Hill in Manisa’s Gölmarmara Lake basin: “This area is four times larger than the ancient site of Troy in Çanakkale and the largest late Bronze Age settlement that has been found in the Aegean region. When the work is done, we will take a very significant step toward promoting Manisa to the world,” said Yaşar University academic Professor Sinan Ünlüsoy, the deputy head of the Kaymakçı Archaeology Project.

Excavations conducted by an excavation team formed by 42 archaeologists from leading U.S., European and Turkish universities are continuing to shed light on the unknown about the late Bronze Age (1600-1200 B.C.).

The project is being headed by Koç University Archaeology and History of Art Department members Christopher H. Roosevelt and Christina Luke.

A big castle, where the ancestors of the Lydians lived, was recently discovered in Gölmarmara’s Hacıevler neighborhood by the international team. The settlement, which is mentioned in the sources of the Hittite Empire, is located on a hill known as Kaymakçı.

For the excavation work, İzmir’s Yaşar University is providing educational support for students from various Turkish universities.

Manisa’s Salihli district and its vicinity, which is a historical treasure, offer golden opportunities for archaeologists. While excavations have been continuing in Sardis, the capital of the Lydian Empire, other works in Kaymakçı aim to shed light on the region in the pre-Lydian era. In a doctoral thesis on the Bintepe tumulus, where the Lydian kings are buried, the head of the excavations, Roosevelt and Luke, reached the preliminary findings in 2001 and made surface surveys there in the summer months for the next 10 years,” Ünlüsoy said.

They, together with me, got permission for excavations as part of the Kaymakçı Archaeology Project in 2014 and started solving the secret of the castle from 3,500 years ago. The findings revealed that there were six castles in the Marmara Lake basin in 2000. They were within walking distance. The Kaymakçı castle is the largest of these castles,” the professor said.
Cand Roata-si aminteste ce Punct a fost odata,
Cand Cubul se topeste in unghiuri de uitare,
Cand Numarul se-ndoaie sub greutatea Firii,
Atunci e Ceas de veghe. De zar. De Ridicare.

Calator in aceasta himera de lume,
Cu stigmate de ceruri si pasari- Scrisori,
Ne plutin nemurirea, ne sorbim din Fiinta,
Respiram curcubee din sarut si culori.

Holograme de arbori, in corole crescute,
Intre cer si pamant, intre tine si eu,
La rascrucea de timpuri, Piramida-i un flutur,
Cu manta de lumina si privire de vultur.

Sunt Geana-n Piramida, Simbol din alte timpuri.
Sunt slova incrustata in carti cernute-n site,
Veniram peste vremuri, in grup de Raze- Cete
Ne botezam Lumina in scari de ne—Cuvinte.

In sfera dintre aripi, deschide-s-a o Usa.
Prin ea, patrunde Cheia, un sacru Legamant
Pecete intre inimi, fereastra de plonjare
Cometa ce uneste…un Cer si un Pamant…"

Roata, Irina Stroe
#BObo B.O. = Black Orange
"One should not despise what one has received,
nor envy the gains of others. 
The monk who envies the gains of others 
does not attain to meditative absorption."
~ Buddha ~

Green Fireball Seen 

in Sky Over Illinois, Midwest: 


Twitter lit up with reports of a meteor 
or fireball streaking across the sky and seen
 in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky. [Updated]

By April 16, 2016 11:59 am ET

Ruins of the
Gate of All Nations

Farvahar Relief in Persepolis. The Farvahar (Persian: فروهر) also known Far-e Kiyani (Persian: فر کیانی) is one of the best-known symbols of ancient Iran (Persia) and Zoroastrianism. It is very popular among Iranians.


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