Saturday, April 2, 2016

Linguistic characteristics of Non-coding DNA: Modern Evidence for a Library of the Ancients by Graham Hancock & All You Zombies by The Hooters & My 2.4.2016 update & History & Archaeology & Prehistoric+Ancient Wonders

Vazdušna Luka Ragusa 
& NordSerbisches Propagandaministerium Vojwodina
+ Flughafen Temerin
:::: Topics Today = T.T. ::::
All You Zombies
 by The Hooters
Marshal Auguste de Marmont, 
Duke of Ragusa during French rule 
& एक हिन्दुस्तानी  
& The Territory of the Republic of Ragusa 
+ Vazdušna Luka Ragusa >>>> Zrakoplovom
 iz Agrama za Ragusu 2001 <<<< Moj Put 
:::: Demi Moo. Levato 
a.k.a. Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Entrepreneur + Philanthropist 
Demi Lovato on T.V. now :) yeah :::: 
T.V. = Temerin Vojvodina :::: 
A Pleiadian "Vida Alien Link" 
& "The Mission" by the Ural 13 Dictators ::::

 I Love Temerin = ILT = 41 = PAHANA

Habsburg Exposed 
& A Pleiadian Vida Alien Link 
& Parisienne beauty 
& @ #TDB 
& The Dulce Base+A. Merkel, G. Soros, H. Clinton 
& "we the people" in the year 2525 

A. Merkel, G. Soros, H. Clinton, B. Sanders 
& "we the people" in the year 2525

April 2 +2016 Sat+urNday@11:11am
Parisienne beauty: oil on canvas
 12" x 16" (30.48 x 40 cm)

Exhibitionism + The Rolling Stones 
opens on Tuesday 
@ London’s Saatchi Gallery!
 It will be the world’s largest ever 
touring exhibition to be staged, 
and the first ever immersive exhibition 
on the Rolling Stones. 
It will rock your socks off!
Get your tickets here:

:::: CODE :::: JB+III ::::

Caught in the Game
Who's Planet is this?
The Secret Activity
R&D and the Military Industrial Complex
Surviving the Future
The Transamerican Underground Subshuttle System, (T.A.U.S.S.)
Overt and Covert Research
Each Base has its own Symbol
Inside the Dulce Base
The Town of Dulce
Mind Manipulation Experiments
Better Living Through Bio-Tech?

Pleiadian "Vida Alien Link" Today 

& btw: My mother's dead sister was Vida Buric
& she was                     
blonde & had blue eyes.
She died near 
Ruma, Vojvodina, Serbia
with her workmates. 

Ruma (Serbian Cyrillic: Рума) is a town and municipality located in Vojvodina, Serbia at 45.00°N 19.83°E. In 2011 the town had a total population of 30,076, while Ruma municipality had a population of 54,339. 
The House of Habsburg
or House of Austria,
was one of the
most influential royal houses 

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