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 Are Zebras Black or White? 
Live interview 
on the 25th Chernobyl Anniversary
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I bought the
Liquid Swords CD
in 1995 &
B.I.B.L.E. is/was/will be always
my favourite song of this album.
By Patricia Cori

"I have been studying the latest discoveries of pyramids emerging in this time of extreme change – this happening on our planet, of course, but also being discovered upon other worlds. I believe there is a purpose to these important discoveries that has to do with intergalactic travel and our imminent re-connection with beings from beyond our world.

From the valley of pyramids in Bosnia, only recently unveiled thanks to the vision and dedicated work of archeologist, Dr. Semir Osmanagich, to the underwater pyramid off San Miguel island in the Azores (silenced by the Portuguese Navy who are ‘investigating’ and dismissing as optional illusion), to that fascinating mound on Ceres pyramids on ...Mars... in the Aristarchus Crater of the Moon: pyramids, pyramids, everywhere.

As visionary scientists, engineers and mathematicians work to unravel the mystery of their position, purpose and creators, one thing remains certain. The Giza Plateau or, more specifically, the Great Pyramid (last of the Seven Wonders of the world), is positioned on Earth as the epicentral point from where sacred temples such as Stonehenge and other pyramids and stone circles are positioned in extraordinary mathematical alignments.

It seems so undeniably clear that Giza was determined to be the center of the Earth by alien explorers. But if not by visitors from beyond, then who? What great and incredible wisdom and technology of the ‘human variety’ has been lost to us for far beyond recorded time?

Now that more of these powerful structures are being evidenced on other planets and moons, one can only guess that, by the nature of these higher geo-mathematical formulas, there may – indeed, there MUST – be a planetary alignment grid as well, that somehow connects them all.

I’ve always suggested that the ultimate demonstration of intelligence is represented in mathematics, ratio and form. For decades now, we crop circle explorers and researchers have been bringing forward these aspects, which have been designed into the formations. Otherworldly visitors, consciousness, imprinting designs to communicate with us? Or perhaps brilliant (and uncannily capable) humans, stomping about in the fields leaving their mathematical genius in crushed crops?

Whatever the answer to this riddle, one thing is certain – the incredible knowledge utilized by whomever to locate and build pyramids and sacred temples on Earth’s surface had to be based on a galactic perspective that defies any explanation we have been given in our limited understanding of true Earth history.

Despite the intervention of those who want to break the energy – it cannot be, because it is designed and created with that galactic vision and knowledge of interplanetary alignments, form and mathematical resonance.

Time is passing – Egypt is calling. Are you ready to take yourself to that extraordinary place – the center of Earth’s surface: the point of entry of immense galactic energy – the Sirian meridian? We will soon be united for the extraordinary journey of discovery, which I promise you is conducted like no other – described by most of those who have traveled there with me to be a “life-changing experience.” Through the Stargates of Egypt, October 11-22, 2016: Sacred Egypt like you’ve only dreamed it!

In the meantime, pay attention. Something amazing is unfolding – pyramids appearing, energies from them, such as the Bosnia period, being measured with fascinating discoveries, and now more appearing outside of the Earth.

For an in-depth presentation of these observations,
I recommend you take a look at the following video 
by Carl Munck 20 years ago

(a bit difficult to follow completely, 
but fascinating in scope): 

The time of awakening 

is indeed upon us. 
Let’s take a giant leap, 

~ Patricia Cori ~
For program information please visit

"You are the honored guest.
Do not weep like a beggar
for pieces of the world."
~ Rumi ~

"Toniná is located at an altitude of 800 to 900 meters (2,600 to 3,000 ft) above mean sea level in the Chiapas highlands of southern Mexico. The site was built on a platform covering 6 hectares (650,000 sq ft). The principal architecture is located in the acropolis, which takes up seven south-facing terraces on the northern side of the platform, rising 71 meters (233 ft) over the plaza below. This site has more right angled geometry between most structures than what we see at most Mayan sites. The first pyramids here were constructed in the first epoch, 300 to 700 CE. In the 900's at its peak, Toniná stood majestically as one of the grandest of all cities in the Mayan world. A recent discovery here has been reported as the largest pyramid in Mexico. Still under excavation, this huge pyramid is the size of a small mountain and can be seen here in this album." #‎Maya‬ ‪#‎NewPyramid‬ ‪#‎discovery

Valery Uvarov
invited me today 28.3.2016
as a facebook friend
and I just want to say
thank you dearest Mr. V.U. :)
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NOUN  illuminate | illuminates
VERB  to illuminate | illuminated | illuminated ... 

SYNO  to illume | to illuminate ... 

illuminate {adj} {past-p} [archaic] [enlightened]
to illuminate [brighten with light] [also fig.: enlighten]
beleuchten [auch fig.]
to illuminate
to illuminate sth. [(help to) explain, make understandable]
etw. erklären [erhellen, veranschaulichen]
to illuminate [brighten with light] [also fig.: make understandable, clarify]
erhellen [hell machen] [oft auch fig.: deutlich machen, erklären]
to illuminate [(help to) explain, elucidate]
to illuminate
to illuminate [light up, spotlight]
anstrahlen [beleuchten]
to illuminate sth. [light up; decorate with lights]
etw. illuminieren [(festlich) erleuchten, anstrahlen]
art hist. to illuminate sth. [decorate (a page or initial letter in a manuscript) in brilliant colours]
etw. illuminieren [(mittelalterliche Handschriften) ausmalen, mit Buchmalerei versehen]
so!+ur+c.e. >>>>
Gwen Stefani 
Scores Her First No. 1 Album 
on Billboard 200 Chart 
Keith Caulfield 
 Immortal Technique 
Point of no return 
Music Video

A Perfect Sphere 'CME' reveals a BIG 'dark object' behind the Sun
A Perfect Sphere 'CME' 
reveals a BIG 'dark object' 
behind the Sun 

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