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:::: Nachweis von Gravitationswellen ::::

MSE Redaktion. Die perfekte Welle?

Artificial metatronic 10-Tree-of-Life of the Kabbalah exposed!
The Kathara 12-Tree Grid
> known as 'The Tree of Life'
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"I put a spell on you" 
~ 4 headed twin snakes ~

The artificial metatronic 10-Tree-of-Life of the Kabbalah
has two points missing > 8D & 12D

8D = Golden Ray Energies & Infinite Intelligent God-Source Energy

12D = White Ray Energies & Universal Consciousness Christos/Kryst Potential
re/ly :)
Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order

Después de 90 años, 

reaparece un barco extraviado

en el Triángulo de las Bermudas

El 16 de mayo de 2015, 

el servicio de guardacostas cubano 

acudió a la intercepción de una misteriosa embarcación que se dirigía hacia La Habana y no respondía a las advertencias radiales 

de la autoridad marítima. 

Cuban Coast Guard News
& Unmanned Ship @ Bermuda Triangle 
> Tramp Steamer SS Cotopaxi Reappears After 90 Years  ::::



by Lilya la Felore @ Zon Staff
Friday, 04 March 2016 15:33
Havana| The Cuban Coast Guard announced this morning, that they had intercepted an unmanned ship heading for the island, which is presumed to be the SS Cotopaxi, a tramp steamer which vanished in December 1925 and has since been connected to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. The Cuban authorities spotted the ship for the first time on May 16, near a restricted military zone, west of Havana. They made many unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the crew, and finally mobilized three patrol boats to intercept it. When they reached it, they were surprised to find that the ship was actually a nearly 100-year old steamer identified as the Cotopaxi, a name famously associated with the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. There was no one on board and the ship seemed to have been abandoned for decades, suggesting that this could actually be the tramp freighter that disappeared in 1925. An exhaustive search of the ship led to the discovery of the captain’s logbook. It was, indeed, associated with the Clinchfield Navigation Company, the owners of the SS Cotopaxi, but hasn’t brought any clue concerning what happened to the ship over the last 90 years. Cuban expert, Rodolfo Salvador Cruz, believes that the captain’s logbook is authentic. This document is full of precious information concerning the life of the crew before the ship’s disappearance, but the entries stop suddenly on December 1, 1925. On 29 November 1925, the SS Cotopaxi departed Charleston, South Carolina, and headed towards Havana, Cuba. The ship had a crew of 32 men, under the command of Captain W. J. Meyer, and was carrying a cargo of 2340 tons of coal. It was reported missing two days later, and was unheard of for almost 90 years. The Vice President of Council of Ministers, General Abelardo Colomé, announced that the Cuban authorities were going to conduct a thorough investigation to elucidate the mystery of the ship’s disappearance and reappearance. “It is very important for us to understand what happened”  says General Colomé. “Such incidents could be really bad for our economy, so  want to make sure that this kind of disappearance doesn’t happen again. The time has come to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, once and for all.”  The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely defined region covering the area between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, where dozens of ships and planes have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Popular culture has attributed many of the disappearances to paranormal and supernatural phenomena, or to the activity of extraterrestrial beings.  One explanation, even pins the blame on leftover technology from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. Despite the popularity of all these strange theories, most scientists don’t even recognize the existence of the Bermuda Triangle, and blame human mistakes and natural phenomena for the disappearances. The mysterious reappearance of the SS Cotopaxi has, however, already generated a lot of interest in the scientific community and could push some experts to change their mind on the subject.
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Source: worldnewsdailyreport

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“Here is this vast, savage, howling mother of ours, Nature, lying all around, with such beauty, and such affection for her children, as the leopard; and yet we are so early weaned from her breast to society, to that culture which is exclusively an interaction of man on man -- a sort of breeding in and in, which produces at most a merely English nobility, a civilization destined to have a speedy limit.” 
~ Henry David Thoreau ~

XP = 40 = T.T. = Thracian Tomb 
:::: ÄTät@@ Mezek  ::::
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Hey Mala Malena :) Srce Si Mi Zavela :D 

An Indigenous Approach 

to Healing with Water

Albert Einstein Begs 

His Daughter To Guard 

This Letter 

Until Society Is Ready 

To Accept His Words

March 5, 2016 Spiritual Awakening
 Scientific Method + Science 
& Exploration of ::::
Eye of the Owl ::::
:::: Antonio Vivaldi  :::::
~ Four Seasons ~
Budapest Strings
Bela Banfalvi


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