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Behold A Pale La Palette ÄTät@@ S.S. forces #CCT :::: #ElektrischesGefühl = #EG = #EuropäischeGemeinschaft :::: Shakti divine energy = S.d.e. :::: Hanseclub Frankfurt an der Oder + #DeutscheDemokratischeRepublik ÄTät@@ SorbischesTV ProGramM.Juden empört, denn Polen verbietet das Schächten ::::

:::: Clitoris Communications Technologies ::::
Our Musical Ode To The Clitoris
 I'm SO so so sorry :( guys & gays,
but I'm 
H.&M. = Heterosexual&Male
:) always have been & 
that's it!!!!! THX :)
The Cult of ignorance Communications Tech presents::::
YO yo iSIS ta meet me at da sun spot :)

The cult of ignorance in the United States:
Anti-intellectualism & the "dumbing down" of America

by Ray Williams
Sat, 07 Jun 2014 14:57 UTC
❝ Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure. ❞
~ J.K. Rowling ~

:::: The Origins of The Words Lune-Ball & Lunacy ::::
by Jason Christoff
French > lune > & > 
Latin > luna > & > tic it off bay bee
8.exe 8.exe 8.exe datei > German
Steinreich die alte hexe Frankenstein reich :) lol

"The words lune-ball or lunacy have to do with the French word for moon, being lune. Latin for moon is luna. The connection between the moon and unstable mental behavior has to do with the word Monarch or Monarchy, meaning Moon Arch. The ruling families honored the cycles of the stars, but focused in mostly on the night cycles where much covert activity could be planned and executed against an uninformed (and sleeping) general public. So when someone uttered an idea that was literally insane, a person would say, "you're a lunatic" meaning........what you just said sounds like something the ruling families (the Monarchy) would say. Those people were known as being clinically insane, people who kill others immorally for power, control, theft etc. Same then, same now. Also, you'll notice that the Royal family (and many other lunatic families we're hypno programmed into having passionate love affairs with) often use the symbol of the lion on their family crests. (the "crest" again is a symbol of the moon arch, the crest of the moon). This is where we get the phrase, "you're lying to me" or "stop lying to me". Lying = lion because this band of psychopathic bullshitters lie for a living and have lied their way into the situation we see today, down here on their human farm.Think they'll teach you that inside a school within Canada or any of the 54 commonwealth nations that these families rule to this very day? Of course not because you'll most often find a picture of the Queen hanging on a wall in the front lobby or main office, to let you know who's still running the show. Lion to the public for as long as the lunatics have been rewriting history books and selling those lies as fact to an uninformed, mentally dumbed down and bewildered public."
~ Jason Christoff ~
:::: Einstürzende Neubauten :::: Stella Maris :::: 1996 ::::
 In love is found the secret of divine unity. 
It is love that unites the higher and the lower stages of existence, 
that raises the lower to the level of the higher. where all become fused into one.
- Zohar, Bereshith to Lekh Lekha: Or, Book of Light
Unveiled >>>> A device used to power the
 Great Pyramid of Giza <<<<

I grew up (1983-1997) in the city center of Hannover, the Capital of Lower Saxony in Germany (Hamburger Allee 32 / 30161 Hannover) & our direct neighbours who lived on the third floor like me & my parents were/a.r.e. also from former Yugoslavia. Evica Provic is still a good friend of my mother & I saw her a few months ago in Hannover with her son. She has 2 kids: Nada & Nenad. Nenad gave me a tape with music by the German PopPunkRock band Die Ärzte in 1989 ("Die fette Elke+Westerland" were my favourites) & his mother was born on 24th December & every xMaSS in the 80s we had 2 reasons 2 party :) & I was always in their flat on christmas eve in the 80s & I remember that I got as a christmas present in 1989 the video game ZEDLA II for my NES, which I had since 1988. Evica (catholic) is from Babina Greda in Croatia & her (since 1994) Novica (serbian orthodox) is from Pale in Bosnia. In the Hamburger Alle 32 were also 2 Turkish families (one with 2 kids & the other with 3 kids) & a couple Persian+German couple  (without  kids) & a German Gay couple (without  kids) & in one flat were always different university students, but nobody really had contact 2 them, because every now & then someone else lived in this flat. The others were there all the time & it was a nice community :) ... on weekends my father drank moonshine from bosnia with one of the 2 Gays from time 2 time & it was always very interesting to hear them talk when they were drunk :) ... but the coolest guy was the caretaker of our builing. He was dirctly above us on the 4th floor & he had a Commodore Amiga 500 much earlier than me. I had a Commodore C16 since 1986 & one time I showed him my progams in the computer language BASIC, but I stopped doing that, because he  showed me his graphical rendering & progaming stuff very often & it was VERY advanced & I was fascinated how good he was/is. He was/is German like his wife, but unfortunately his wife had multiple sclerosis. That's why he always was at home & had much time for the graphical programing & randering stuff. He was her nurse & the caretaker for the building we lived in. They had no children & on the 4th floor was another German family without kids. I had a Commodore Amiga 500 since 1990 & in 1992 a classmate (Ricarda Huch Schule) gave me his 8 bit digitizer. In late 1995 I had my very first PC with a 75 MHz Intel Pentium processor & in 1996 I bought a Soundblaster AWE32 with 8MB RAM & it was possible to sample audio signals in 16 bit 44,1 kHz quality/CD quality that way. That's why I gave Martin his 8bit digitizer back in 1996. The MIDI port of the AWE32 was very useful, because I could connect it to my old (model: 1985) HOHNER MIDI KEYBOARD

Something (gold+)else now:::: 
I had Latin for 5 years in school (Gymnasium Ricarda Huch Schule),
but I forgot the most of it. 
Use it or loose it :)
VivaldiTech #SpringSystems GmbH
VivaldiTech #SpringSystems GmbH
VivaldiTech #SpringSystems GmbH

Performed by Itzhak Perlman 
with the 
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
+ Vivalditech Springsystems H. = +V.S.H. = +VHS
#HansHenning Ørberg 21.4.1920–17.2.2010
Woody Allen = Wood+25 Alle+14 
Holly Woody Toys & Phones ÄTät@@ ToyPhone14
:::: SEKundarstufe 1 + 11. Klasse ::::
+ kleines Latinum a.k.a. intermediate Latin certificate ::::
:::: SEK II ÄTät@@ IGS Hannover Linden :::: 
Art/Kunst Leistungskurs
Biology/Biologie Leistungskurs
History/Geschichte Prüfungskurs mündlich
German/Deutsch PK schriftlich :::: 
Allgemeine Hochschulreife '97 :::: ABI+t.ur 97
VW Nutzfahrzeuge in Hannover ::::
Student Internships · 1 September 2003 to 29 February 2004 ::::
VW Commercial Vehicles Hanover :::: Factory Maintenance Division :::: Test Bench Technology Development >>>> PLC Control Programing + Network Engineering ::::
ContiTech Luftfedersysteme GmbH in Hannover ::::
Student Internships · 28 February 2005 to 31 August 2005 ::::
ContiTech Air Spring Systems :::: Research & Development Division :::: Test Bench Technology Development >>>> Electronics Engineering + LabVIEW Programing ::::
I'm single & I have no children yet & I was never married 
in this lifetime, but I know that she's here on our planet 
:) & ohhh my goddess she's so sweet & mmmm :)
... & btw: My mother & me met Evica & Nenad by chance in the early 80s on the playground Welfenplatz for the very first time & in 1983 we moved from the Schützenstr. 13 (Hannover List) to the Hamburger Alle 32 (Hannover Oststadt): 

Fifth floor: Nobody >>>> Attic
Fourth floor: Germans 
Third floor: Yugoslavians
Second floor: A Turkish family & A Persian+German couple
First floor: Gays & Students
Ground Zero: Burak Korhan & his sister & his parents  
That's I.T. :)
I Love Burak Korhan
& I saw him by chance more than
a year ago in the subway station Kröpke  
& he wanted my mobile phone number. He's a gr8 guy.
... I did a lot of stupid shit with Burak in the 90s :D hihi
... Lets put it that way: it's not allowed by the "police" :)
... & btw: I still have 2 CD's by The Pharcyde (since 1993 & 1995) & these are my two favourite songs by them  ("Passin' me by" from the first CD that I bought in summer 1993 & "She Said" from the 1995 CD >>>> In The = I.T. <<<< late mid 90s I saw The Pharcyde live in concert in Hannover ÄTät@@ The Musiktheater BAD near the Herrenhäusergärten 

#EmeraldEarthElder = #EEE = #555

A device used  to power the Great Pyramid of Giza!!!

E.E.E. = A. E.4.5. = Albert Einstein4.5

:::: The Ark of the Covenant :::: 

"A device used 

to power the Great Pyramid of Giza?"

Silber+Mond+Juli+14 = S+M+J+14 = 56 = IS+IS
 Europäische Gemeinschaft = E.G. = Elektrisches Gefühl
There are millons or billions of races in the multiverse  &
some ET races are brainwashed arrogant idiots/bullies &
think they are "better" than other races, because
they have effective technologies.
That's my main point in all of this.
I hope you understand 
what I mean.
 "Dieser Artikel ist Pflichtlektüre -
 vor Allem für alle unbelehrbaren Merkel-Fans."
~ Lara Lamberti Sagliano
 06.03.2016 ~ 
:::: Alle fünf Minuten wir
ein Christ getötet :::: 
:::: Christenverfolgung ::::


Erdogan übernimmt kritische Zeitung

und dreht die Berichterstattung

Der türkische Präsident Erdogan hat die Berichterstattung in der zwangsverstaatlichten Zeitung Zaman gedreht: Die bisher kritische Zeitung musste am Sonntag Artikel veröffentlichen, die Erdogan in einem guten Licht erscheinen lassen. Die Linkspartei warnt die EU, sich in der Flüchtlingsfrage auf den von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel vorgeschlagenen Deal mit Erdogan einzulassen. 

:::: Shakti ::::

IS+is the female principle of divine energy, 
especially when personified as a supreme entity.

:::: SHAKTI is a radical force for change ::::

"For freedom without boundaries. It is the vital flow of living life itself. Surrendering to this the primal love allows you to experience the love that creates all life. This love is Vital for men and women to reclaim, to stand up and have full trust and confidence in who we are, and what we instinctively and passionately feel. With this awareness the whole world can change in a single moment."
 ~ S.S. = She Says ~

Albert Einstein
visited/visits California's Mount Wilson Observatory in
January 1931. Einstein's conception of space, time, 
& matter have shaped physics &
for the last century.

Aliens are controlling the Sun 

says evidence 

from solar observatory 

claims UFO researcher

D.D.R. = Da Do Ra

Intel, Cabal & Our Co-Creative Group Consciousness

Group consciousness is making a group decision right now.

'Aliens are controlling the SUN'

UFO hunters say

 they have spotted strange ships 

near the solar surface in latest bizarre claim

  • 6-7 years ago Russian scientist had claimed to see UFOs by sun everyday 
  • Images originally capture by Solar Heliospheric Observatory
  • Shows glowing orbs floating around the sun in different spots
  • Some claim they may be harvesting 'a rare and powerful element' 



Research Decodes Ancient Celtic Astronomy Symbols and Links them to Jungian Archetypes

- See more at:

Research Decodes Ancient Celtic Astronomy Symbols and Links them to Jungian Archetypes

- See more at:

research decodes 
ancient celtic astronomy symbols 
and links them to jungian archetypes 
March 04  2016

da da ra                   
oder Frank Furt arm+reich
+ed+for+ce+s am 
:::: Benton L. Bradberry
served in the U.S. Navy from 1955 to 1977 during the Cold War. He is a graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California with a degree in Political Science and International Relations. Bradberry’s generation was inundated with anti-German propaganda and “Holocaust” lore and he spent years researching “the other side of the story,” which is compiled in his book, “The Myth of German Villainy.” 





„Cumhuriyet“-Chef im Interview

:::: Erdogan will Sultan sein ::::

Weil seine Artikel Erdogan nicht gefielen, saß Can Dündar, Chefredakteur der Tageszeitung „Cumhuriyet“, 92 Tage im Gefängnis. Ein Gespräch über Flüchtlingsfragen und Menschenrechte, bei dem die türkische Polizei mithört. 

:::: Juden empört ::::

:::: Polen verbietet das Schächten ::::

Polen verbietet das rituelle Schlachten von Tieren. Die Juden im Land fürchten nun um ihre Kultur. Tierschützer argumentieren, Schächten verursache unnötiges Leid.
15.07.2013 17:52 Uhr 
“She was different now. Jed had made her different because he was more powerful than she was. He drew his power from a different source – not from hollowness but from wholeness. It was a grand, simple kind of power. It came from the knowing and accepting and loving of self that made the knowing and accepting and loving of everything else possible. It didn’t crush, but accommodated. He hadn’t taken away Big Mama’s power but given her a peaceful place to harness and transform it, to calm down and grow up, to move out of the woman she had been and into the woman she could be.”

An excerpt from “Fire Shut Up in My Bones,”
 a memoir by Charles M. Blow, 
who is also a 
New York Times Op-Ed columnist.

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