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We Were 4:::: BassGuitar +Drummer +PCSamplerSynthKeyboarder +DJ +Test: Are you aware of your shadow self? :::: Scientific Method + Science & Exploration of :::: te W.U. = bka Wiesbaden Update >>>> Space Mystery Traced 2 u.k.o. = university kitchen ovens :::: United States Air Force Times Project B.B. :::: Sinead O'Connor's IRA Today & I.R.A.14 & Ancient Persia & Alexander's Greek Empire & The Front Lines In The Ukraine Today & Photos From Inside Chemtrail Planes Like You’ve Never Seen Before :::: Right Hand Path 14 ::::

W.W.4:::: = We Were 4::::
I was in a band only one time for a very short while in my life. It was from early 1997 until late summer 1997. We had a Drummer (Helge) & A BassGuitarPlayer (another Helge/we called him BassHelge) & a DJ (Sascha) & I was the Keyboarder/PC+Sampler & we used the analog mixing console that "BassHelge" :) brought in our small HobbyStudio & he also gave me his own Synthesizer (Analog Waldorf Rack) for a while, because I only had an old Hohner Keyboard (since the late 1980s/I learend to play Keyboard in a music school in Hannover for 3 years in the late 80s) & I didn't have a Sampler in 1997. I used my 75MHz Pentium PC with a AWE32, because it was possible to sample 8MB in 16bit 44,1 kHz quality with this AWE card & you could buy it for only round about 400 DM,- back then. Results in such a quality were only possible with professional Samplers back then & in 1997 their price was between 4000,- DM & 20.000,- DM ... Yes, very expensive & today you only need a good Notebook/PC with good software :) ... honestly now, Helge was a GENIUS as a live drummer & everyone who heared him playing said that & he was also more or less the "integrating factor" who brought the 4 of us together for a short while in 1997. As a live Keyboarder I was more like "middle class" or worse :) ok ok live I was NOT GOOD = BAD ... yes, I was more the "technology freak" in our "band". Sascha (DJ back then) & Helge (Drummer) were more or less the two "devils" who opened the electronic-music-pandora-box for me in the 1990s & I'm eternally grateful for that. I was the very first time on a Techno-House-Rave-Party in 1993 & in 1994 Sascha gave me a few very good Drum'N'Bass (a.k.a. Jungle) MIX-Tapes (by DJs from the UK) & in 1995/1996 he bought his own two 1210 Technics+AdjMixer & he was my main info-source regarding electronic music in 1996 & 1997. He often made MIX-Tapes for his friends I liked them very much, but in 1997 I became more & more selective & started to go to Record Stores myself, but I always said that I never ever would like to be a DJ when people asked me. In 2004 I had the Native Instruments (NI) Traktor Software & it was fun to make mixes for myself a few times at home. I love it to make experiments with sound technology+software. I had the Native Instruments Generator software in 1998 & I was facsinated :) & btw: in the 90s you couldn't check out Google (The Internet) daily to see what's new regarding  music releases in these genres. It was still pretty much still  something like  an "underground" thing & to get really good stuff even if it was already very popular in Germany. You simply had to love it & develop you own sensibility for such music, but I always "stayed in touch" with my first & second love + a third one.

1.) AlternativeRock+PopPunk  > 1991 
2.) Soul+Funk+Jazz+Rap+HipHop > l.a.te 1992
3.) Anything & Everything That I Like
& in the late 80s as a kid I often recorded the radio pop charts with tapes :)

E.E.I.T. made our life much easier & it's a very good development, that different technologies changed the music creation spectrum for the better. I still follow a few German magazines (the monthly magazine KEYS was & is my absolute favourite & I bought many issues since 1995) to see what happens in that area, simply because I love it to see progress there. Something else sparked my mind now: I absolutely can't stand it any longer when I hear some of these so called "new agers" talk negative about technology or science... where would humanity be without technology?... & why don't they sell their computers & phones & live on trees? OR: should we all live in a caves nowadays or what? :/ SMH!  I started  in 1986 with a Commodore C16 & in 1990 I had a Commodore Amiga 500 + a 8bit digitizer in 1992, but I stopped to create my own music & sounds in late 2007 & sold my equipment to focus on my spiritual path. I already made a long music/sound creation break between 2001 & 2004 & to be honest, I never invested very much time to make my own music, because I always had other stuff to do, even if I Love music more than anything else, but everyone has his/her personal priorities in life & that's good that way. Since 2000 I had a EMU e6400 ultra Sampler & YAMAHA 01V digital mixing console & a huge motivation was when I bought the good "old" (1995) second hand CLAVIA NORD LEAD #1 in spring 2004, but I sold it in late 2007. I also sold my Sampler and YAMAHA, because I didn't need them anymore & btw: analog mixers sound much warmer & better.

::::Here's my old stuff (1997-2007)
I didn't add here any of my 
1993 (Breakbeats)
1996 (Drum'N'Bass) 
btw: DrummerHelge loved them :)
& in 1997 I discoverd the funky minimal stuff from Cologne (nowadays they are the KOMPAKT "empire") & Jürgen Paape's REVAL on PROFAN sounds fresher & better than a lot of stuff that came much later. Anyways :)

:::: only 4 tracks ::::  
maybe you'll enjoy it ...
maybe not  :)
I truly don't care who likes that 
& who doesn't :) 

:::: I have 2 YouTube channels & I
added music that I mixed with
 NI Traktor in April 2006 to
the following video ::::
Spring 1997  I bought the
:::: Dig Your Own Hole ::::  
CD/Album by
Their only T.C.B.Album that
I have & I still Love it :)

"Das ist eine Ska band aus W.A.R.schau + Tagesschau"
nun folgt die
TagesSchauM heutige Offenbarung:
>>>> sowohl der neuen polnischen Königin, 
als auch der neuen portugiesischen Königin <<<< 4 Reiter der Offenbarung
& #EIei #NEne #GUTEgute #FEEfee #AMam #SEEsee 
& Das BlauGrüne Polnische Schild & Engelhafte Polnische Göttinen 
+ The Political Art Of David Dees
::: Bluish Green P.I. of V.W. p.p. = B.G. Philosophical Interpretations of Very Weird puzzling passages :::: 

"You are an aperture 
through which the universe
 is looking at and 
exploring itself."
~ Alan Watts ~
& nun :) ROTE SCHILD
 Polnischen Hauptstadt :D 

“There are two great systems in the body of man: the tree of life, which is the arterial with its roots in the heart; and, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, i.e. the nervous system, which has its roots in the brain. These two “trees” are physical manifestations of a complicated network of branching energy currents in the aura or superphysical bodies.”
— Manly P Hall: How to Understand Your Bible: A Philosopher’s Interpretation 
of Obscure and Puzzling Passages ::::

uploaded on 17.02.2016
Nora Cupcencu & Her Art :)
She lives in Bucharest, Romania.
 :::: Eye of the Owl ::::

"The most important point is 
To accept yourself 
& stand on your two feet."
~ Shunryu Suzuki ~
:::: Test :::: 
Are you aware of your shadow self?
Ever have moments 
when you react in a way
 that's out of character? 

This could be your shadow self at work. 
To better understand what 
your shadow self is 
and how it works within your life, 
take this quick test :)
Pollurua en Paclas, Amazonas, Perú.

El sitio de Pollurúa, está ubicado en laderas de fuerte pendiente que descienden abruptamente desde los territorios del distrito de Paclas (provincia de Luya, región de Amazonas, Perú), hacia la zona de Churuja, en el fondo del valle del Utcubamba. Esas laderas abismáticas, ubicadas en la margen izquierda del río Utcubamba, están llenas de matorrales donde destacan algunas formaciones rocosas que afloran en medio de la vegetación arbustiva. 
The photo above is my only one that I edited with photoshop!
It was taken in 2007 shortly after I graduated @ the HsH (FHH back then).
:::: Hannover Niedersachsen 27.5.2012 ::::
...& btw: I always use Samsung's smart phones :)
:::: April 13, 2012 ::::

I have dark brown hair
& green eyes with a little 
bit orange in the middle.
+ 195 cm + 93 kg now + 
The photo below shows that I have already a little bit grey hair, but that already started when I was only 19 years old. That's the truth & it's not my problem who believes professional liars & who doesn't :)
:::: May 31, 2015 ::::

Scientists Discovered That

The Universe Grows

Like A Giant Brain

 Hello World. 
I'm something like a "Serbian Fox Mulder
from Ha+n+n+ov+e+r. N+i.c.e. 2 "meet" U.
ok ok :)
I only a blogger :( 

Strange Signals

Are Coming From Space,

And Repeating

:::: This is the first time 
we've encountered a repeating signal like this ::::
By Mary Beth Griggs Posted Yesterday at 11:36pm 

FRBs :::: Mystery repeating radio signals discovered emanating from unknown cosmic source

Space Mystery 

Traced to university kitchen ovens

:::: The Consciousness Energy Form of Love ::::
DNEVNIK.temerin v.s.
Thoughts are a certain form of Consciousness Energy. They are as real the screen you see right now in front of you, but they are more powerful than any form of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). The truth is that the strongest power on our planet is the Consciousness Energy form of Love in a Human Heart combined with a Soul on Fire. Yes, that holds the biggest possible form of Energy on planet Earth. You can call it Passion. Be careful what you wish for & think & imagine. That's all for now. THX :)
:::: 04 March 2016 ::::
DNEVNIK.temerin v.s. by Vladimir Gvozden

:::: Project B.B. = P. Blue Book ::::

130,000 pages of US Air Force's UFO files 

declassified, hits the web ::::

Stephen Losey

Wed, 20 Jan 2016 10:17 UTC

Thorsten Benner 
ist Direktor des 
Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin. 


08. Februar 2016

:::: Europas einsamer Hegemon ::::


ist nicht der Grund 

für Deutschlands Flüchtlingspolitik. 

Emerald Isle = E.I.  = 14 = N
The ancient poetic name
for Ireland IS+is
Emerald Isle 
:::: Royal Oak #23 ::::
:::: Released :::: 7.7.2014 ::::
A Side :::: Butterflies 
B Side :::: This Is The Place
"If Love is always the answer
then forget the questions
and just BE Love."
~ Mardy Bryant ~
:::: Archeology Hub ::::

1,300-year-old fortress-like structure

on Siberian lake continues to mystify experts

Friday, February 19, 2016 3:44 am 

Right Hand Path 14 = R.H.P.14 = 56 = ISIS

A Butterflies 7:29
B This Is The Place 5:58

EXPOSED! Photos From INSIDE Chemtrail Planes Like You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

March 4, 2016 Awareness + Health 

Russell "Texas" Bentley

:::: The Truth about Ukraine 

from the Front Line ::::February 25, 2016

Hello Dearest Planet Earth :)

 Pahana a.k.a. Bahana 


The Green Black I.T.


m.i.s.s.+ing :)


& I'm P.B.B. now 2 

+ I enjoy

the convergence

of science & spirituality


Scientific Method + Science & Exploration

Stopping Killer Asteroids 

costs less than you think.

But NASA has dithered on detection 

& deflection for more than a decade. 



March 03, 2016 3:00pm CET

Vulnerable children 'sold as prostitutes &

plied with drugs and alcohol' by 22-year-old

woman who 'pretended they were her sisters'

  • Amanda Spencer, 22, befriended vulnerable girls on Sheffield streets
  • Gave them drugs and alcohol before introducing them to a series of men
  • Girls, some as young as 12, were then sexually exploited, court told
  • Woman pretended girls were her sisters when she introduced them to men
  • Spencer denies 38 offences relating to prostitution of eight children


I have 144 facebook "friends"

 now :)

... & in summer 2012 I deleted

more than 800 :) LOL  

I had 143 today,

but a Bluish Green "Wolfish Man" 

from the capital of Poland invited me now. 

THX :)


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