Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Angelic Panther Lillies & Kate Rose Watch The Lara Vitchcraft Movie Today & Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart & Mystica Lara L.S.+V.S. double birth day party sun day to day

 Alfred Lambremont Webre's 
Sunny Sunday Sunshine 
update today 20.03.2016 
& Bully Boys 
& The Tiger Lillies 
& The Lords of Summer 
& Obama arrives in Havana for historic visit 
to former Cold War foe REUTERS 20.03.2016 ::::

"Hi All! 
Welcome to CANNABIS
A Holy Grail of Healing, Consciousness, and DNA Evolution, which is an open space for individuals to explore the science, health, healing, consciousness, DNA evolution, sacred, historical, social, lawful applications of cannabis.
Published research as well as personal experience is welcome and are considered lawful sanctuary under Universal and Earthly laws.
Please feel free to post and comment on research and articles and personal stories etc., and to invite invite friends and networks to join.
Thank you.
In Light, Alfred wink emoticon
VIDEO: Scientific discovery of cannabis healing - CBD THC
THE CURE FOR CANCER Free pdf 120 pages Pdf link.please share.
I bought this book on Kindle, recommended by my acupuncturist and I recommend you download it as well.…/…/B00UEKX4Z4
FAQ - CBD CAPSULES IN THE USA - Here is a link to a company that looks good and sells CBD capsules in the USA:
FAQ Here is an FAQ on CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid that does not have THC and does not give a high and has the healing properties.
Current Cannabidiol Legal Status
If you live in the US, the legal status is clear. Cannabidiol made from industrial hemp is legal to purchase and consume in any state. However, if you obtain Cannabidiol from medical marijuana, you must be located in a state in which medical marijuana has been legalized.

:::: REUTERS :::: 20.03.2016 ::::
Obama arrives in Havana 
for historic visit 
to former Cold War foe 
Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart
Dean Grenier Remix
The Glitch Mob
Happy EarthBornDay 2 The 2 Goddess

Lara Lamberti Sagliano Author of The Novel Mystica
& Vitalina "Vita" Sidorkina Russian Fashion Model
 Spring is in the Air 
& we symbolically honor the
Space between the Seasons.


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