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Manuscript reveals Isaac Newton's recipe for magical "philosopher's stone" :::: The Megalith Map = T.M.M. = 46 = SOL :::: &btw: SOL is Latin for SUN :::: KGB+17 & Russia Today+Location Map Western L.A. & Defense News @XP = PX = T.T. = Texas Today

Isis Unveiled
A Master-Key to the 
Mysteries of Ancient 
& Modern Science 
& Theology
published in 1877, 
is a book of esoteric philosophy 
& Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's first major work 
& a key text in her Theosophical movement.
James Clerk Maxwell 

was a Scottish scientist in the field of mathematical physics. His most notable achievement was to formulate the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation, bringing together for the first time electricity, magnetism, and light as manifestations of the same phenomenon. Maxwell's equations for electromagnetism have been called the "second great unification in physics" after the first one realised by Isaac Newton. With the publication of A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field in 1865, Maxwell demonstrated that electric and magnetic fields travel through space as waves moving at the speed of light. Maxwell proposed that light is an undulation in the same medium that is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena. The unification of light and electrical phenomena led to the prediction of the existence of radio waves. Maxwell helped develop the Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution, a statistical means of describing aspects of the kinetic theory of gases. He is also known for presenting the first durable colour photograph in 1861 and for his foundational work on analysing the rigidity of rod-and-joint frameworks (trusses) like those in many bridges. His discoveries helped usher in the era of modern physics, laying the foundation for such fields as special relativity and quantum mechanics. Many physicists regard Maxwell as the 19th-century scientist having the greatest influence on 20th-century physics. His contributions to the science are considered by many to be of the same magnitude as those of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. In the millennium poll — a survey of the 100 most prominent physicists — Maxwell was voted the third greatest physicist of all time, behind only Newton and Einstein. On the centenary of Maxwell's birthday, Einstein described Maxwell's work as the "most profound and the most fruitful that physics has experienced since the time of Newton".


Angelic Irish Goddess Stella Maxwell 
Late Lunch :::: Penne with Tuna,
Plum Tomatoes, and Black Olives.

Manuscript reveals 

Isaac Newton's recipe for magical 

 "philosopher's stone"

Das Wappen von Burgdorf in der Region Hannover :::: Niederdeutsch Bortörp
I highly recommend this book.
I bought it & read it in 2008.
Kegel {m}
Zapfen {m} [eines Nadelbaums; im Auge]anat.bot.
Tannenzapfen {m}bot.
Hütchen {n}sports
Konus {m}
Tubus {m}tech.
Innenring {m}
I bought the LCD Soundsystem Vinyl Album a 
few weeks after it was released in 2005. LCD
Soundsystem is an American DancePunk act.
Some CD editions contained two discs: 
The LP itself with new songs & a
second disc featuring singles 
released since 2002.
I still vividly remember a discussion in 1999  with a  German
Village Girl, 
from the area around Burgdorf near Hannover, who started to work for the music department of a radio station in big city in North Germany & when I said, that I also like TripHop stuff since 1994 (Massive Attack & Tricky & Portishead), she wanted to play the smartass & said to me that this genre does not exist at all & that only people who don't know anything about music use the word 'TripHop' & I did not reply at all & only thought "WTF! What a dumb cunt. It's just a name/genre-label & some kind of music-definition for melancholic songs from the Bristol area in England with slow beats that are usually used in R'N'B/Rap/HipHop music you stupid pussy!"
 :) LOL

I was raised & taught by my parents to treat every human being with respect, but what they did not tell me & what I realized later in my life is, that towards assholes you have to be an asshole. It's as simple as that & the worst thing is when people project they own inner bullshit on others & think they "know it all" & start to get completely disrespectful. I don't like arrogant people at all, because in most cases they only hide their insecure little ego behind their arrogance.
Disc 1
00:00 1) Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
05:17 2) Too Much Love
10:59 3) Tribulations
16:04 4) Movement
19:10 5) Never As Tired As When I'm Waking Up
23:59 6) On Repeat
32:02 7) Thrills
35:45 8) Disco Infiltrator
40:41 9) Great Release

Disc 2
47:16 10) Losing My Edge
55:09 11) Beat Connection
01:03:17 12) Give It Up
01:07:12 13) Tired
01:10:46 14) Yeah (Crass Version)
01:20:08 15) Yeah (Pretentious Version)
01:31:14 16) Yr City's A Sucker
 W.C. mmmm = White Cat beograd

:::: Der Domino Effekt+M = D.D.E.+M = D.D.R. ::::
 My all time favourite from Cologne IS+is 
A:Change Works+B:Domino
... & regarding Dvaita Vedanta & Advaita Vedanta 
I have to say that within the infinite one consciousness 
which we call God/Allah/Source/PrimeCreator 
there is a Duality & I.T.'s the 
Luciferian Covenant (Archons/Demons/FallenAngelics)(Dark Side)
versus the
Emerald Covenant (Aeons/Angels/Yunasai)(The Good Guys)
:::: & btw: I'm a real sweatheart & a real smartass.

"Could the Ancient Gnostic writings be right about the  

Archons?" ~ РОССИЯ


Holy Forrest+Unholy Holly+Wood+Today I'm an Elephant 
#antiworldtour + ロレアルパリ 
"Thank you Tokyo for having me. See you next time" 😘 :::: 
Polska Reiterkowski Dude = P.R.D. = Public Relations Department
190 = RA*J :::: RAJ means Paradise in SerboCroatian
Harmonic Universe = H.U. = U.H. = Unsere Heidi 
+ Precious Angels with Silver Wings 
~ respectively ~ 
Russian Psychic Army = R.P.A. = 35 = A.N.S.A. = Andromedanska Nova Srpska Analitika
  Snowdrop Flowers = S.F. = Y. = Yunasai
Defense News @XP = PX = T.T. = Texas Today :::: 
 @KGB+17 & Russia Today+Location Map Western L.A.
Kwame Opam T.V. @BBr2QXY © Provided by The Verge ::::

omg :D Sara I fell in Love with Luigi today!!!! He's so sweet :)
... & btw: your photo without Luigi is so sweet & sexy that I had to make it my background pic on my computer today :D
190 = RA*J :::: RAJ means Paradise in SerboCroatian ::::
 3*Mercedes Benz 190 Diesel in the late 1980s ::::
 Yeah that was my dad's taxi fleet :)
:::: In the late 1980s my dad had 3 Mercedes Benz 190 Diesel Taxis ::::
Since 1983 he had 3 W123 Taxis
just sayin' :)
 My all time favourite Mercedes Benz
 is the W123. Engineers
know why.
Jan Ott was born and raised in rural Westfriesland in North-Holland, and later settled in Germany. In 2009 he began studying the Oera Linda Book (OLB), a controversial Frisian manuscript that became well known in the 1870s and had a revival in the 1930s. He has been blogging about the OLB since 2011 and made a one-hour video in English, German, Dutch, Norse and Frisian, debunking the main claims of the hoax-theory. Ott is working on a new English translation, which will be published together with a new transliteration and scans of all 190 pages. ... ÄTät@@ http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2016/03/RIR-160328.php  
 "Working on my summer body, yo!" 
says Russell Straight in TexasToday. 
A self-described "... rugged B movie villain, 
an antihero of the new age, 
like Hitler & Swayze & Trump & Travolta..."
I'm an Emerald Covenant Warrior 
from North Bosnia & my one & only real name 
is+was+will always be Vladimir Gvozden since 1977 
when I was christened in the Serbian Orthodox Church 
in Bosanska Gradiska, BiH, Yugoslavia.
 Tonight on the Richard Dolan Show:
First hour: HYBRID WARFARE. 
What it is, why it is so important, and why it is U.S. policy.
 John F Burroughs on Hillary Clinton, 
UFOs, and Project Condign.
This conversation will go into much fresh territory.
 From 8-10 pm Eastern, at http://kgraradio.com
KGRA-dB Radio

 DOdo #LAla #Nn 
#Aa #NDnd 
#BObo #OKok #Ss
 #Aa #BObo #UTut 
#UFOufo #Ss


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